20 Best Restaurants of Rajasthan


Rajasthan being the largest state in the country is known for its exotic style and pleasing guest strategy. So, let’s look upon some of the best restaurants in this beautiful place.  

1Chokhi Dhani

It is the hub of Rajasthani cuisine for the last 25 years. This group has strong foothold due to its leading food services since last two decades. It has original Rajasthan flavor as it’s situated in the heart of it, the capital city Jaipur. It has a unique hospitality management as all the arrangements in the restaurant are in the Rajasthani culture that is from dressing up of chefs to the style of serving food.  


2Sheesh Mahal

It is a palace of glass and mirrors, ranked 45th among 709 restaurants in Udaipur. It has various domes, arcs which add flavor to the heritage site. One will easily get amazed with work on tiles and mirrors in it. It has amazing interiors with marble-work, silver-work, mirror-work and also has a surplus of colored glasses.


3Revolving Restaurant

As the name suggests, it revolves on its axis. One can view whole Jaipur just by sitting inside it. It is also known as rotating resort. The building remains as it is, only the floor that revolves giving the panoramic view to the guests.


4Samode Haveli

Rajasthan is not only famous for its wealth and beauty but also for its rich cuisine. It is the 200-year-old landmark in the capital city, Jaipur. Every inch of this resort is covered with frescoes, in addition to a gorgeous courtyard, pools and especially the traditional dinner. The evening glow of sparkling candles adds up a magnificent touch to this royal palace.



If one was to pick that one thing besides fort and palace in the blue city, Jodhpur, it would be the serving of desi ghee. It is known for its grand plate comprising of 29 dishes cooked in different flavors. It is also the best place for meat lovers.


6Brown Sugar

With wood interiors, it is another chic café in the capital city, Jaipur. It has many varieties like pizzas, cakes, and Nutella pancakes. Ingredients are served together in a different combination. It is a hotspot for the young lot.



It attracts a large number of guests because of its windowed walls and high ceiling tents which enable customers to enjoy the mesmerizing view of old bazaar. Everyone can enjoy wholesome spicy Dal Tadka with a great view of Jaisalmer desert life that add up a regal charm to it. Best moonlight romantic dinner can be relished here in its dim light.


8Jal Mahal

Good food is better than fast food. One can easily ease out in this place with the right and humble attitude, the best food is served in the Jaipur state.


9Aravalli Lakeview

Have you ever wonder taking dinner on the side of the lake? Now, your dream can turn into reality as in this restaurant in Udaipur; you can enjoy dinner with the bonus of soft breezes of the lake.



This centrally aired, a multi-cuisine restaurant has the capacity of 125 people which will give you a nostalgic memory of old Indian families. One can take the meal on a comfortable sofa in his family in the blue city, Jodhpur.


11Dragon House

Some restaurants are multi-talented and so is this in the pink city, Jaipur. One cannot enjoy only dinner. From the evening till the night or from the dancing till the meal, it has every facility for you.


12Raj Bagh

Situated near the famous Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur. This place, beside giving you the marvelous dinner area provides you with the phenomenal ride in royal vehicles.


13Jagat Niwas Palace

Classy rooftop with a superb view of the lake on its one side and street view on the other side, this place is worth to visit when you visit Udaipur.


14The Oberoi Vanyavilas

Covered in the natural beauty of the wilds, this is the India’s leading luxury jungle resort situated in Jaipur.


15Jaisal Italy

The combination of foreign and India is found right here. Italian-inspired menu with the authentic recipes of organically sourced ingredients is what this place is all about. It has a wonderful variety of veg. as well as non-veg. pizzas. It will give you the pleasure of being in Jaisalmer with its traditional village made seats.


16Spice Court

It serves up the fabulous array of Rajasthani cuisine, set up in the pristine courtyard. It will leave your tongue deep in flavor as you will taste its Lal Mass and Keema Bati stuffed with spices. No one else can greatly exemplifies Jaipur as this place.


17Padmini Restaurant

Though to call it unique, this place is famous for its Chittorgarh fort but the variety of cuisine served here in Mughal style to the vegetarian food is breath-taking.


18The Fragrance Of India

It has the aroma of India which will drag you towards it. Enjoyment places for kids will attract you as it will give you some alone time with your love. Situated in Ajmer which will benefit you to visit the most famous Pushkar lake and the biggest Muslim holy place in India.  


19Rani Mahal

It has auras based on stones and gems placed in it. In fact, each room is carbon copies of each other. It gives you the sense of royal prince and princess. Management of this resort in Jaipur will leave you dumbfounded because of its shahi avatar. It is 550 years old resort.


20Devi Niketan Heritage Hotel

Its room and building provide the facility of a 4 or 5-star resort. It is a treasure of Jaipur. It has a touch of temples in it; one can perform all religious activities with peace in there.


These are just a few delightful places in the heart of Rajasthan. One should must give a exotic visit to all these beautiful places.