20 Places To Get Best Desserts And Sweets In Visakhapatnam

20 Places To Get Best Desserts And Sweets In Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, known to be as city of destiny is the right destination for a blend of various cultures and traditions. It is the best tourist place to visit and also a home of best Desserts in Andhra Pradesh. Of all the Dessert restaurants and Sweet shops, top 20 are listed below:


Jack Frost

Jack Frost is one of the best Dessert parlour located at Siripuram behind HSBC. This restaurant is best known for Milk Shakes, Sundaes and Desserts. This place is ideal for friends and family to hang out. The best things to taste in this restaurant are Black Forest Fantasy and Jack Frost Special.



Ice Age

The Ice Age is one of the favourite restaurants of Vizagites. This cafe is a one-stop destination for best Ice creams in Vizag and is located at Dutt Island, Siripuram. The dishes on the menu are very attractive, especially for kids with their unique names.


Food Ex

Food Ex is one of the popular places visited by the people in Visakhapatnam. This is located at Asilmetta near Sampath Vinayagar Temple. Food Ex is the best place to find large range of Pastries and all kind of fast foods and is mostly visited by teenagers.  The Desserts are worth the money.


Pastry, Coffee N’ Conversation

As the name itself suggests, this café is a perfect location to have a nice time with delicious Pastries and Coffee. It is a well- known restaurant in Vizag, located at Dutt Island, Siripuram. This restaurant is an apt food place-cum-a Coffee shop which also offers a wide variety of Sandwiches, Pizzas, Rolls, Beverages.


Cream Stone

Cream Stone is one among the must visit Ice cream parlours in Vizag. This restaurant has been located at Balaji Nagar, Asilmetta. This place is known for its ambience and responsive staff. The best part is that we can have a wide blend of different flavours of ice creams with loads of toppings. The Desserts are a bit costly but are worth it.


Bakers Hub

Bakers Hub is the right place in Vizag for all baked products. This restaurant is located at Siripuram. At Bakers Hub, we can relish the fudgy and chewy Brownies as well as delicious Cakes. The best one to try would be hot Chocolate Fudge. Last but not the least the Cakes from this bakery are some of the best ones which just melt in your mouth.


Bean Board

Siripuram has another best cafeteria ‘Bean Board’, which is vibrant in Coffee culture. Despite being a coffee shop, this restaurant offers best Desserts. The Cheese Cakes are a must to try. Along with these, one can find surfing boards set in a unique manner in the café, depicting the owner’s interest in surfing and adventurous sports.



Radisa is the best place for Chocolate lovers. This bakery is being located near Waltair club, near Waltair Uplands. This place has a wide range of Chocolate dishes making everyone’s mouth yum with its mouth-watering Desserts.


Sai Laddu Gopal

Sai Laddu Gopal is the best destination for sweets in Vizag. This restaurant cum sweet shop is located at MVP Colony. Also, they have lots of varieties of Pastries, Street Foods and Pizzas. Any Sweet at this shop is utterly delicious, fresh and just melt in your mouth.



Pastry Chef

This cafeteria offers one of the best Pastries in Vizag.  Other than Pastries the Brownies are also delicious and make you feel yum! Costs are bearable. This cafe is located at Murali Nagar, Madhavadhara.



Snow Dunes

Snow Dunes is located at Dwaraka Nagar and offers many types of Ice creams and Pastries. Including this, it also has Smoothies, Milkshakes, Pizzas and more on the menu. The best items one can relish at this place are Chocolate Truffle, and Kheer flavoured ice cream.



Honey Dew The Sweet Bay

This is one of the correct locations in Vizag to get best Sweets. This shop is being located at Jagadamba junction. The best ones here are Rasmalai and Khaju Katli. To be honest, the Rasmalai here is simply delicious, soft and juicy. Though the shop is small, it is often busy.



Sri Sivarama Sweets

This is one of the favourite sweet shops in Vizag since ages. The Kalakand and the Badam Milk are best here. This sweet parlour offers a wide variety of Indian sweets and is a perfect place to purchase sweets and savouries for festive occasions. This shop is being located at Jagadamba Junction.



Yallop Gourmet

Yallop Gourmet is being located opposite Governor’s Bungalow at Siripuram. This restaurant has a clean and good looking environment with an impressive ambience. This cafe is a pocket-friendly place. This place offers some good stuff of Pastries, Ice-creams, Puffs and what not. Along with Desserts it also has a must try continental breakfast items on the menu. The best are the Choco Doughnut and Hot Nutty Brownie.


Fresh Choice Bakery

If you have a great love for baked foods, then you must stop at Fresh Choice Bakery. This place offers one of the best pastries with good quality. It is the right place for friends and students to chill out. This bakery is being located at Balayya Sastri layout. Along with Pastries and Ice creams, it also offers a list of fast foods.



Swagruha Foods

Swagruha Foods offers some of the best home-made Sweets and Snacks. This shop is being located at Madhurawada. The top one on the menu is Paneer Jalebi. The quality is good, and the smell of pure Ghee always prevails in the shop.


Sarvani Utsav

This restaurant cum sweet shop outlet is located at Asilmetta. This shop has a big list of Sweets and Savouries on the menu. The must try one is the Date Pie. The native Indian Sweets are simply excellent.


Ice Birds

This small café is a perfect spot for students to hang out. The best to try at this place would be ‘Smoking Walnut Brownie’. This is situated at MVP Colony. Alongside Pastries and Ice creams it also offers snacks like Nuggets, Burgers, etc.


Tisona’s Cake

Tisona’s cake is the best place in Vizag for Plum Cakes. It is one among the oldest bakeries in Vizag which offers a good variety of Cakes and Pastries. Also, it offers a good list of Snack and Biscuits.



Bezawada Home Foods

Bezawada Home Foods is one of the traditional Andhra sweet shops located in Vizag at Akkayapalem. The best among all the sweets available here are Kaja, Badhusha and Laddu. Along with the native sweets, they also sell Pickles and other savouries. The cost is also reasonable.