Top 20 Lip Smacking And Delicious Sandwiches



Chicken Tikka Sandwich

Is there anyone in India who doesn’t love Chicken Tikka Masala? The answer to this question surely has to be a big NO. Chicken Tikka Masala is something on which one can feast on anytime. Its juicy, spicy and a bit of crispy. The well marinated chicken with spices is simply amazing with its aroma. So, for a quick taste of Chicken Tikka, we have Chicken Tikka Sandwich. This has the qualities of Chicken Tikka and softness of bread.


Samosa Sandwich

If anyone asks me what would I love to have for an evening snack, then my only answer would be Samosa. Samosa is very yummy and crispy at the outer with potato and spice filling at the centre. Samosa Sandwich is nothing but a grilled Sandwich with Samosa between the bread slices. It’s equally delicious as the Samosa. In fact the Samosa Sandwich is a must try for people who are bored of the regular Samosa.


Sev Puri Sandwich

Sev Puri and Pani Puri are the loveliest roadside snacks to munch on anytime. The mixture of various flavours in form of chutney, the crunchy Puri, soft ragda and slight salty sev- this combination wins everyone’s heart. Sev Puri sandwich is one such things which brings with it oodles of tastefulness. The Tamarind Chutney and Pudina Chutney when applied on the top, just adds to the taste.


Bombay Masala Toast Sandwich

Bombay Masala toast sandwich is the only dish which represents Mumbai and its street food perfectly. It is perfectly sweet, crispy, spicy and tangy like the people of Mumbai and so it gets its name as Bombay Masala Toast Sandwich. The slightest crispy toast and the soft and spicy potato filling along with Pudina Chutney is surely a delightful treat.


Chocolate Sandwich

CHOCOLATE SANDWICH – don’t believe your ears? I am right! Chocolate Sandwich is one of the highly demanded sandwiches by many. It’s a cheaper form of rich and tasty Chocolate Cake. Available at most of street vendors, Chocolate Sandwich is delightful and sweet. One bite of this Chocolate Sandwich and we just crave for more and more. Mind your diet people.


Cheese Chilli Sandwich

Salty cheese and spicy chilli- what an amazing combination! Cheese Chilli Sandwich has a very simple recipe with just chilli, cheese and bread. Hot melted cheese with hot spicy minutely chopped chilli – a single bite and our mind just steps into a different world. The inside of the Cheese Chilli Sandwich is also a delight for our eyes with calm creamy white and fresh green color.


Noodle Sandwich

Chinese food has a huge craze amongst young minds. The piping red hot sauce which they mostly serve on demand is my favourite. The filling of this Sandwich consist of noodles with a lot of vegetables like green, red and yellow capsicum. Some sellers also add sprouts to the mixture to increase the nutritional value of the Sandwich. Extra delight to this Sandwich is delicious Chutney and Sauces.


Vegetable Sandwich

The Vegetable Sandwich is the simplest of all sandwiches. While most of the sandwiches are served as toast, Vegetable Sandwich can be served as toast as well as plain. It is also known by the name Bombay Vegetable Sandwich. This Sandwich has slices of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cucumber, beetroot and any other vegetable that one would like in their sandwich.


Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom filling in this sandwich mostly has a chickeny flavouring. So, this sandwich can be a very good option in vegetarian category for non-veg lovers. The spicy juicy mushroom filling, stuffed in bread along with butter and cheese is just yummy for your tummy. This sandwich when served with the minty Pudina Chutney tastes at its best.


Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

On special occasions, the non vegetarians feast on chicken while the vegetarian have something special for them- it’s is nothing else but Paneer. Paneer Bhurji is a mixture of sliced onion, tomato, spices and scrambled eggs. This Bhurji when packed in between the breads represents a cracking surprise packed in these bread slices. It’s mouth-watering and at the same time eye pleasing.


Corn Cheese Sandwich

Corn and cheese – the most heavenly combination for foodies. I love this combination as the Pizza topping, in the Pasta mixture, so why not try it in a sandwich? The Corn Cheese Sandwich will have the saltiness and creaminess of cheese along with the sweet juicy flavour of corn. Corn when served with spicy chutney and lemon tastes delicious. I am quite sure, once the corn cheese mixture is ready, you will add some Chutney to it and eat as a chaat without bread.



Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

All chicken lovers have atleast once tried the Tandoori chicken. The perfectly marinated chicken in spices, curd, chutney and slight lemon juice, gives it a nice flavouring of all types. Tandoori Chicken with Chutney is a very lovely pair. Why not add bread to this pair and make it a group of three? The Tandoori Chicken Sandwich is simply a delightful experience – a must try for everyone.


Peas And Potato Sandwich

Peas and Potato Sandwich sounds something unusual to our ears. The Alu Matar Sabzi is loved by many but I have never heard about the Peas and Potato sandwich. This is a special kind of sandwich which speaks for itself. Not many know about this sandwich but it has a mixture of peas, potato, curry leaves, spices and lemon juice – a perfect treat for evening snack.


Egg Bhurji Sandwich

Like the Paneer Bhurji Sandwich, the Egg Bhurji Sandwich is the mixture of lots of vegetable and some scrabbled egg. The quantity and variety of vegetables greatly depends on one’s choice and mood. The Bhurji Pav is famous on the streets for its quick and easy making. Egg Bhurji Sandwich is the same thing with just the variation of bread instead of Pav.


Garlic And Manchurian Sandwich

Spicy hot vegetable balls or Chinese Manchurian are blowing the streets by its taste. The smell of finely chopped garlic mixed in a spicy curry enhances the taste of Manchurian. Garlic and Manchurian Sandwich has started to make it on the list of people’s evening snack item. Its tasty and mouth- watering.


Cheese Bread Sandwich

Melted cheese packed in soft and crispy toasted bread. Yumm!! A slice of cheese bread sandwich gives us a feel of cheese burst pizza as, as soon as you take a bite the cheese burst out of its covering of bread. The string of cheese that we get on taking a bite is just heart filling


Sada Bread Butter Sandwich

Even though this is a very simple recipe, it is sweet and has a permanent place in every foodie’s heart. This is something we look forward when we are in a hurry or when our stomach is craving for food and we for laziness. Sada Bread Butter Sandwich is just salty butter applied to the bread and toasted to give it a crunchy punch.


Fish Tikka Sandwich

The list of sandwiches has something or the other of everyone’s choice, so why forget the sea food lovers. For the sea food lovers here we have the very special Fish Tikka Sandwich. Fish Tikka in the sandwich has bones removed or bones which can be eaten. The fish is well marinated with lemon, salt and spices to give it the perfect flavouring.


Open Bread Pizza Sandwich

This is a means of escape for all the mother of the world who wants to keep their kids away from Pizzas. The only solution is why not making a healthy PIZZA at home. So here it is an Open Bread Pizza Sandwich. A slice of bread, topped with pizza sauce or Chutney with vegetables as the topping and handful of cheese is all it contains.


Chocolate Fruit Nut Sandwich

This sandwich is same as the Chocolate Sandwich, the only addition being the ingredient being some fruits and nuts. It can be said to be a sandwich cake with the perfect combination of fruits and nuts with chocolate. This is a very easy to make dish for someone who doesn’t love cooking but is a whole hearted foodie.