20 Popular Foods To Eat In Punjab

20 Popular Foods To Eat In Punjab

Punjab is a land of good hearted people and even better food. Most dishes in India are now eaten in every region however these are some food which are known to have originated in Punjab. And there are some dishes which are not of Punjab origin but is widely eaten by the Punjabis. And if ever in Punjab these are 20 food to try.


Aloo Parantha

If you’re ever in Punjab and you need a good healthy breakfast. Go to the nearest Hotel or Dhaba and ask for  a plate of Aloo-Parantha and you will not be disappointed. Served hot with butter on top, this is one must food to try.



Butter Chicken

The king of chicken dishes and rightfully so. This dish was originated in Punjab and still today; butter chicken is loved and eaten by the Punjabis. A perfectly cooked and tender chicken with thick creamy gravy with loads of butter. This is a dish loved by all.



Chole Bhature

When you need a quick and tasty snack, what do you do?. Go to any Dhaba/Hotel nearby and enjoy a plate of Chole-Bhature. This dish is found in almost every corner in Punjab. The Best thing about it? You will always get it hot and ready to be eaten.



Masala Channa

Made with chickpeas and smart combination of masalas, the chickpeas are cooked till it is soft and smooth. Masala Channa smells and taste good. Give it a try.



Saarso Ki Saag

If you ever want to experience a real Punjabi dish, Sarson Ka Saag is the right choice for you. One of the most popular and known dish of Punjab, and a good vegetarian dish. This food suits for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarians. Made from mustard leaves and spices, this dish is best eaten with Makai Ki Roti.



Tandoori Chicken

When in Rome, eat like the Romans. And when in Punjab, eat like the Punjabis. How to best eat a Tandoori chicken? Eat it using your hands. This dish is for all the non-vegetarians out there who would like to eat something spectacular and memorable. Moist, red and spicy; Tandoori chicken is the bomb.




After all the eating, you crave for something cool and sweet to quench your . And what best to satisfy that? A tall glass of Lassi will definitely do that. There are the un-sweetened version of Lassi too but if you need a good cool drink. The sweetened Lassi is for you.



Palak Paneer

Colourful and tasty, Palak Paneer is a great dish for a fulfilling meal. It is a great vegetarian dish for people who don’t eat meat and even for those who do. The combination of the Palak and Panner is just so right that eating this dish will make you want more.



Amritsari Kulcha

A food named after a city, Amritsar. It is one of the most familiar food item of Punjab. Anybody searching for a quick and decent meal can straight up order a hot plate of Amritsari Kulcha.



Shahi Paneer

If you like Paneer and you like Butter Chicken. Shahi Paneer is what you should try. The gravy is almost similar in taste to that of the Butter Chicken Gravy. Made from tomatoes, cream, butter and spices. It is a dish made with love.



Dal Makhani

One of the most amazing dishes made from lentils, in my opinion, and also one of the tastiest,. It is Dal Makhani. The texture is soft, creamy, not too thick, not too runny with just the right ingredients and amount of spices. Dal Makhani is a must try dish.



Punjabi Dal Tadka

A good way to eat Dal is this Dadka style which means to temper. The aroma is exquisite, and the texture is mushy and soft. This Dal is to die for.



Paneer Tikka

The barbecued meat version or the tandoori chicken version for vegans. It is Paneer Tikka. Prepared by skewering blocks of spice marinated Paneer in a skewer and roasting it in a Tandoor or a Grill, this dish can be eaten straight out of the skewer.



Makki Ki Roti

If you want to appreciate Makki Ki Roti, have it with Sarson Ka Saag. As the name suggest, Makki means Corn and Roti means Bread. Made from corn-flour and baked on a tava, this roti has an interesting texture and taste.



Amritsari Fish

Fish covered in spices and batter and deep fried in hot oil. The dish from Amritsar called The Amritsari Fish. This dish is nothing short of fabulous and taste great. And with a little bit of lime juice squeezed on top, this is a match made in heaven.



Rajmah Chawal

Sounds almost too simple yet this is one food which will satisfy you. Rajmah Chawal is a standard food eaten by the people of Punjab. The hot plate of food is in Dhabas and small food courts where you can get a quick, stomach filling meal.



Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

It is a dish to try because you’ll love it. The gravy is made from Curd and the Pakoda made from Gram Flour or Besan. Tangy and spicy with balls of Besan floating like meat balls. This is a dish best eaten with roti or boiled rice.



Punjabi Mutton Masala

If Mutton is what you’re craving for, this dish will set the right tone for you. Punjabi food is known for its rich and spicy gravies and this Mutton Masala is the best example of blendind Mughal/Persian cooking with  Punjabi cooking. Extravagant and rich, Mutton Masala is a winner.



Mango Phirni

Phirni is basically Kheer made with almost the same ingredients but to not try the mango flavoured phirni would be a setback. It is a dessert that is made with love.



Paneer Parantha

A Parantha filled with Paneer and served with butter. Punjab is well known and overlooked, at the same time, for its Aloo Parantha. There are many variations of Parantha besides the aloo-filled version such as gobi, mooli etc. So give Paneer Parantha a try with a big knob of butter.