Top 20 Oil Fried Snacks

Top 20 Oil Fried Snacks

Refreshments are meant to be a part of human diet either nutritional or healthy. They are also considered to play a significant role in one’s eating habits. It adds another flavor if a little amount of chili, if an extra amount of masala is added, and if it is fried in oil, it gives an additional taste of the snack. Here it goes the 20 oil fried snacks to have a pleasant bite on a rainy day for everyone at home.


Vazhaipoo Vada        

We all know the usage of a banana tree and its various purposes like medicinally and for a number of reasons for edible reasons. The process of making this vada goes like making typical vada, additionally, the flower of the banana tree is added, and is fried in oil as it is a rich source of fiber in the human diet. It is also a nutritional snack for everyone to taste it.


 2. Murukku

As usual, it is an ordinary snack, which can be tasted either in shops or made in homes occasionally for festivals. The rice flour used for this murukku is rich in protein and the crispness of this snack after frying it in oil, is a satisfying snack for all types of people to have a taste.



Tapioca Chips

These varieties of dishes are very easy to be prepared at home. After making them into slices of desired shapes, fried in oil and after mixing with a little amount of chilli powder gives the best snack to be served for everyone on a vacation when there is nothing to have a bite.



 Peanut Pakoda

As we know, there may be a variety of snacks that can be prepared using peanut. Roasted peanuts, along with the mixture of groundnut mix, a little amount of chilli powder for an extra flavor, when mixed and fried in oil, gives a fresh taste of peanut.

peanut pakora


Sweet Somas

It is a sweet dish, which can be tasted by everyone. The stuff inside this snack is usually some powder of fried dhal, coconut, required amount of sugar and cardamom. It is made into a shape of a semi-circle using a shape and fried in oil. It is also available in the market nowadays.



Curd Vada

Curd Vada is one of the different types of vada. The vada is made and put into a tray or basket filled with curd and a few amount of mixtures of sliced curry leaves and carrot. The more, the vada is soaked in curd, the better it tastes when tried.




We everyone would have tried this snack, during our school or college days. The dilemma we used to get, which side to start first. The perfect bite for all teenagers to eat this stuff, the stuff usually differs from vegetables, chicken, and paneer. The crunchy test of the outside part of the samosa along with the stuff inside is a perfect tiny meal for the day.



Egg Bhajji

Egg Bhajji is a snack which can fill your tummy. Cut the boiled eggs into two pieces mixing it with the paste of groundnut mix and bajji flour, just dip the boiled egg into that mixture and fry in oil. This snack can be effortlessly made at home for all people on a boring day.




It can be tasted either as a snack or a side dish for meals. The stuff inside it can be vegetable, chicken, paneer, and mutton. The stuff inside can be optional. Frying in oil gives a pleasant odor and taste for everyone who tries it.



Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon pakoda is a typical type of pakoda, which would have been tasted by everyone. Rice flour, required an amount of chilli powder and salt, then made into a shape of small pieces of ribbon and frying in oil, is a delicious refreshment for one to have a break from their usual snack.



Banana Chips

The following tiny meal is the chips, made up of banana. As we discussed earlier, this snack is made up of banana. Slicing banana into round pieces of the shape, and frying it in oil is the recipe. If coconut oil is used to fry, it provides a satisfying flavor for all categories of people.




Bonda is usually a round shaped snack fried in oil. Mostly, the stuff inside is vegetables and in some exceptional cases, it is an egg for people to have an amazing experience, on hectic loads of work at the office for busy people to have it either in their office canteen or shops.



Cauliflower Pakoda

Cauliflower pakoda is made from cauliflower, which is sliced into pieces; then it is dipped in a bowl which is filled with groundnut mix, required an amount of chili powder and salt. A yummy tiny meal for an evening.



Spring roll

A roll is a distinct form of refreshment, which is recently available in shops and it can also be prepared at home. The stuff inside is sometimes vegetables, chicken, mutton, paneer, and mushroom. The stuff inside differs from different kinds of taste of everyone.



Kara Sev

Kara Sev is a dish similar to murukku; here it is made into broken pieces of ribbon-like adding pepper to make this simple dish a delicious one.



Keerai Vada

This one is from the vada category, making it nutritional and also a crispy refreshment for everyone to have a pleasant evening at home. The word keerai depicts spinach; it is nutritional for human health and also considered to be the healthy snack for all types of people.



Potato Fried Chips

Chips are usually made in many vegetables as it is also an easy dish to be prepared. Potato being sliced into thin pieces, mixing it with the groundnut flour, with the coloring agent and chilli powder, is an attractive snack and it can also be eaten along with lunch.



Vazhakkai Bhajji

It is a regular dish, where we would have eaten in all our homes, hostels and canteen. The vegetable is sliced into different desired shapes namely, round, vertical and much more. It is dipped into the groundnut mix and bhajji mix and fried in oil. It is a refreshing snack for people who come home from a tiring work.



Sambhar Vada

This Vada is also similar to curd vada. The vada is made, and then it is made into soak in a basket or tray filled with sambhar. The more, the vada gets soaked inside, the tastier it feels when tried.



Onion Pakoda

Onion Pakoda is one of the easiest snacks which can be prepared in a short span of time. The things used here are onion, which is being cut into the desired shapes, groundnut mix and required an amount of salt and chilli powder. When fried in oil and tasted with sauce or it can also be used as a starter for lunch or dinner.