20 Sindhi Dishes Famous All Over The World

20 Sindhi Dishes Famous All Over The World

Sindhi community is the major part of India. Since they don’t have their State or a particular region likes other for example Gujarati- Gujarat, Marathi-Maharashtra and so on but they are successful all over. In every field they have their name written. As far as the food of the sindhi’s are concerned it is getting famous day by day. The dishes which they make are unique in taste as well as in the names. The spices which they use are general and regular, but the way of using different vegetables and spice are unique in itself. The taste of the Sindhi dishes is just AWEOSOME.

1.Seel Bhaji

The seel Bhaji is the sabzi of which sindhi makes all the time. It is made up of the vegetables like onion, Lady Finger, Bingil, besan ki kachoori, Carry, etc. All the vegetables are mixed and putted into the pressure cooker and cooked. The main vegetable of the Sabzi is onion. The onion is put in the large quantity to make it tastier. The texture of gravy is very thick that is cannot be served with rice it is served with the butter roti or Dodha (sindhi bread made up of rice flour).


2.Dhoda Palli

Dhoda is the Indian bread which is made up of rice flour. The soft bread is cooked with half hand on the tava. It is served with many Sindhi sabzies like seel bhaji and palli. The main with the dhoda is served the palli. Palli is made up of spinach and tomato. The two vegetables that are Spinach and tomato are boiled and blended. Then they are cooked for few minutes. To make it tastier, the Imli is added. The taste is so good that no can control him/her without eating it.


3.Sai Bhaji

The perfect combo of taste and health. The Sai bhaji is also a sabzi which sindhi makes regularly. It is made up of the ingredients like spinach, tomato and chane ki dal. All the three things are soaked in the water for few hours. Then they are cooked in pressure cooker. Then after that it is blended with the grinder and the texture becomes thin. It generally served in dinner with the rice and papad. It is also served to the guest occasionally.


4.Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi Biryani is the non-veg. dish made up of Basmanti rice and meat. The sinshi biryani is like shahi biryani. It is generally made in winters to make the body warm. The dish is very rich in the spices. The meat is cooked alone and the rice too. After they are cooked, they both are mixed and steamed for 2-3 minutes. It includes a large amount of garam masala. And served hot with papad and pickle.


5.Mithi Koki

Mithi Koki is the Indian bread which is made up of whaet and sugar. As the name of the dish is Mithi Koki, it is clear that the bread is sweet in taste. To balance the taste of the sugar, it is served with pickle and papad. It is generally made at the time of Sindhi’s Festivals. It is also given as prashad at times. It is baked on the tava and also contains lots of time while cooking.


6.Vaishnu Bhaji

The word Vaishnu means the veg. The Vaiishnu Bhaji is made up of the mix vegetables. All the vegetables are cooked togeather. The vegetable usually served in sindhi weddings. It is the traditional form of mix veg. The texture is in the middle not much thin or not much thick. It is served hot with the butter roti or dhodha.


7.Dhaarun Ji Chutney

The Dhaarun Ji Chutney Is Dhaniya Chuttney. With every snack the Dhaarun ji chutney is mandatory. It is made fresh all the time when there the need. It is made up of fresh green corianders, fresh green chillies and onion. For the better taste, the carry is optional to be there. It is served with Bhajiya, bhel, samosa kachoori, etc. It is the versatile dish served with all.


8.Bheeya Ji Tikki

Bheeya Ji Tikki is made up of the Lotus Stem. The stem of Lotus is washed properly. Then it is sliced from between and the stuffing of coriander and chillies are spread and then coated with besan flour and deep fried in olive oil. And it is served with dal chawal, sai bhaji chawal etc. It is a side dish served with the main course. In complementary, the green chutney is also served with it.



Majoon is the sweet dish and very popular in Sindhi. The dish is made up of crushed coconut and a large amount of dry fruit. it is generally given to the girl at the time of her marriage. The Majoon is also mostly made in winters to keep a body war. It contains large amount of desi ghee which is also good for body. It is served at room temperature and garnished with dry fruits over it with silver coating.


10.Mongi Mithai

By the name, it is clear that it is a type of Sindhi sweet dish. The simplest sweet dish gets ready in 15 minutes is Mongi Mithai. It is made up off the besan flour, khooya and sugar syrup. The besan,suge, and khoya are mixed together and cooked for 10-15 minutes. After getting cold the pieces of mongi mithai is done and served like a barfi.


11.Bhee Aloo

Bhee is the stem of Lotus flower. It is made up of Bhee and Aloo. The puree of tomato is made then the boiled bhee and aloo is put into it, and the pressure cooler starts. The texture of the vegetable is not much thick or thin. It is served hot with the butter roti or dhoda. Generally, the bhee is the seasonal vegetable so when it is available it is made.


12.Dal Pakwaan

Dal Pakwan is the most popular Sindhi dish. the Pakwan is made up of the besan flour and deep fried in the olive oil. The Pakwan is always crunchy and hard. Then comes the dal, it is made up of moong daal with the combination of tomato and onion. It is served with the mint chutney to make it more inviting. The dal pakwan and chutney altogether make a happy plate. The plates contain all the things like proteins, taste and health.


13.Mithi Bhori

Mithi Bhori is a type of shake which is generally eaten in breakfast and evening refreshment. The dish Mithi Bhori is made up of only two ingredient that is the simple chapatti and the sugar. The Chapatti is crushed with hands, and the sugar is poured according to the taste. The mixture is stir with the two table spoon of desi ghee, and the dish Mithi Bhori is ready. It is served hot with the garnishing of dry fruits over it.


14.Chaap Chola

Chaap Chole is the famous recipe o sindhi’s available on the steet food. The chaap means the cutlet made up of potato and chillies. It is deep fried in the olive oil. The chole are boiled in tomato and onion with some of the Indian spices like salt, long, red chilli powder. In the plate, one chaap is kept, and the chole are poured upon it with the imli ki chutney and masale. It is garnished with onion and green coriander upon it and served hot.


15.Sindhi Kadi

Sindhi Kadi os famous worldwide. The Sindhi Kadi is made up of the besan and the vegetables. It is also the combination of health and taste. Each and every vegetable is boiled and put into the kadi to make it healthier. It includes the vegetables like Lady Finger, Bringil, Potato, Kachaloo, Capsicum and all the seasonal vegetables available in the market. The texture of the Sindhi Kadi is very thin. That is why it is served with the jeera rice.


16.Tri-Daali Dal

The most Nutritious and protein contain dish is Tri Daali Dal. By the name, we understant that it is the mixture of three dals which are very rich in protien. All the three dals are moong, udad and channe, they are mixed and cooked together. The texture of the dal is medium but it is served with the roti or dhoda. It is good for the kids to eat tri daali dal.



Tayri is a sindhi sweet dish. Which is very popular as prashat. At every occasion or the celebration, trheTayri is made. The tayri is made up of the rice and sugar syrup. The very easy recuipe to make. It is made from the normal rice only the difference is that while cooking the rice the sugar is put in the preassure cooker. The texture of Tayri is just like the biryani, but it is sweet. It is served with the fried aloo and papad.


18.Sindhi Aloo

The simplest aloo recipe of all time. The dish is made up of the only papato with the simple Indian spices and shallow fried in the oil. The dish is generally served complementary with others, but it has its own value. The food is not complete without it. It goes with all means all  like Tayri, seel bhaji, dhodha palli,  buryani etc.



Sindhi is known for Papad. The roasted papad, fry paper, masala papad are all the type which they eat regularly. Without papad, the food of Sindhi’s is not completed. The papad is also made in their homes. They do not eat the papad available in the market. Papad increases the value of food always.



Allo Kachaloo is the best dish to eat in lunch with the curd. Kachaloo means the arbi, a sabzi which is easily available in the market. The both veggies are deep fried with the Indian spices. And served hot with the roti and also like complementary.