20 Recipes Famous In Madhya Pradesh

20 Recipes Famous In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the Herat of India and very rich in its tradition. The tradition includes food also. As we talk about the capital of Madhya Pradesh that is Bhopal is sought of Muslim influence that is why the non. Veg. dishes are very famous there. And as we come to Indore side the street food is preferred more. It is also the state of Maharajas and Rajas, so that is why the rich oil and famous Indian spices are used in food. Madhya Pradesh overall in known for the hospitality. It is different from other State because the Madhya Pradesh is in centring of India so all the cuisines from other state give its essence. Let’s look at the famous dishes of Madhya Pradesh.

1.Khasta Kachori

Kachori is famous street food all over the but in Madhya Pradesh there is something special that is the Kachori is not only Kachori, it is Khasta Kachori. When you eat it the crunchy sound occurs is the proof that you are eating the famous Kachori of Madhya Pradesh. The stuffing is made up of the onion, moong dal and Indian spices. It is well known breakfast of the place like Indore, Bhopal etc. It is served with two types of chutneys that are green and red.



Malpua is the legendary sweet dish of Madhya Pradesh. It is made up wheat flour and sugar. And deep fried in oil and dipped in Chasni. It is served hot with garnishing of dry fruits upon it. It is fluffy and very yummy. In some places of Madhya Pradesh it is served with moong dal and sliced onion to make it the combination of sweet and salty. It is the famous festival dish in Madhya Pradesh especially in Holi and Diwali it is served to the guest. In some houses it is made every week and served to the members.


3.Seekh Kabab

Seekh Kabab is a non-veg. recipe very much trendy in Madhya Pradesh. it is grilled and made up of the Keema, onion and Indian spices. It is very famous in the weddings which prefer non veg. It is like a snake to eat before the dinner and lunch. It is generally preferred in the winters because the meat keeps the body warm. It is mostly eaten by the Muslim’s as they originated it. It is served hot with chutney on seekh and garnished very well to attract food lovers.


4.Bhopali Gosht Korma

As by the name of the dish it is clarified that is made up of Ghost that is meat. It is a dish of Maharajas and Rajas; they mostly prefer it in parties and jashans. The Bhopali Ghost Korma originated from the capital of Madhya Pradesh that is Bhopal. It is made in the spicy gravy of Indian spices and served hot with the butter roti and sliced onions. The dish is very rich in spices; the main thing of the dish is its spiciness.


5.Palak Puri

The perfect combination of health and taste is Palak Puri. It is made up of the wheat flour and palak that is spinach. When the batter gets ready it is deep fried in the olive oil and served hot with aloo ki sabzi or pickle. It is also made in navratari’s to break the fast and also given to the kids in there Tiffin. Palak Puri is good to eat because the Palak contains nutrients which are very essential for the body to grow. And it is very good for the growth of kids.


6.Dal Bafla

In Rajasthan the Dal Bati Churma is famous likewise in Madhya Pradesh. The dal bafle is well known dish. Almost both are same but the difference is of churma, instead of churma in M.P. the bengan ka bharta in desi ghee is served with dal bafle. It is served with green fresh coriander up on it and the small bowl of ghee is given complementary to show the dish rich.


7.Sukhi Sabudana

Shukha Sabudana is the dish eaten in the fast it is falahari dish. It is different from sabudana Khichdi. The texture of the dish is very dry. The sabudana is soaked overnight because eat is difficult to soften it. It includes the ingredients like peanuts, aloo and green chillies and served hot to the person who keeps fast but it is so tasty and healthy so that those who do not have fast also eat it because it is delicious.


8.Sabudana Khichdi

The famous Sabudana Khichdi of Madhya Pradesh is famous falahar all over in India even in world. It is somewhat like sukhi sabudana the main difference in both is that the sukhi sabudana is fully dry and the sabudana khichdi contains some gravy within it. Both contain same ingredients in them but the only difference is of texture. Both things are eaten at the time of fast to have some energy and sabudana is the good source of energy.


9.Papad Ki Sabzi

Papad is eaten in all over India but the Papad Ki Sabzi is originally originated from Madhya Pradesh. It is made up of the roasted or fried papad. It contains the ingredients like tomato, onion and Indian spices. The papad ki sabzi can get ready in 10 minutes. It is the dish served hot any time in few minutes. It is low celestrol sabzi because the roasted papad get mixed with the healthy tomato and the combo becomes great. The texture of the sabzi is very thin can be served with rice and roti both.



The Indoori Poha is famous in all over the world. It is also known as the potato poha. The people come from different regions to taste the poha of Madhya Pradesh. It is bit sweet in the taste that is why it is unique from the poha of other region. It is eaten in breakfast as well as in the refreshment in evenings. It is served hot with the sliced onion and sev. In complementary the jalebi is also served with it to make it the perfect combination of sweet and saline.


11.Bhutta Ka Khees:

The recipe made up of Bhutta that is corn and the dish has two main unique things first one is that it is extremely good for the health. Corn provides the great amount of vitamins and mineral to the human body. And the second uniqueness is that the taste of the dish is awesome not easily available outside of Madhya Pradesh. The famous street food of M.P. Bhutte Ka Khees is made up of the grated corn and the veggies and shallow fried in the butter to make it crunchy. In common words it can also be named as the corn grated bhel. It is served hot with any drink.



Jalebi is the sweet dish which is given complementary to every snake in Madhya Pradesh. It is available in every 10 minutes far on the streets of M.P. The jalebi is made up of the wheat flour and sugar and deep fried. After it become crispy it is dipped in the sugar syrup known as chasni. It is available in different flavours like Cesar jalebi, mava jalebi and many more. It is very famous sweet dish eaten with many things like poha, samosa. These all things are incomplete without the jalebi on the street of M.P.



The deep fried potato snack os Samosa . It can be fried as well as baked. But the fried one is more tasty and suited in the street food. Formerly it is fried only. The cover is made up of Meda flour, water and jeera. And the stuffing contains the ingredients like potato, peas, green fresh coriander, green chillies, salt and spices. The stuffing is fried in butter or olive oil to make it consistent. And then samosa is deep fried in the olive oil. It is served hot with the red and green chutneys. The combo of samosa is with two things that is tea or jalebi.



Ghujiya is again a sweet dish very much popular in the state Madhya Pradesh. It has its own importance like it is made in the festival Holi and Diwali and served in the form of Prashad. It is made up of the meda flour and the stuffing contains the khooya and the dry fruit. It is also dipped in the sugar syrup which is known as chasni. It is also available in different flavours like cesar, pan etc. It is served at both room temperature and hot. And also garnished with dry fruit and cesar upon it.


15.Kaju Barfi

Kaju Barfi is also known as Kaju Katli in other regions. As the name says it all it is made by the kaju. The Kaju is dipped over night in water or milk to get softer and softer and then blended with kooya. It is baked at the low temperature in the specific shape. It is served with the silver decoration on it to make it more and more attractive. It is also available in different flavours like pan, Cesar etc. In every occasion the Kaju Barfi is always compulsory to be served to the guest. And most of the people are mad about the Kaju Barfi.


16.Special Thali

The special Thali f Madhya Pradesh is famous all over the world. The special thali unclude many dish which are famous in M.P. It is full pack combo of best dish available. It is the small tour of Madhya Pradesh food. Special Thali includes the dishes like Dal Bafle, Samosa, Kachori, Butter Roti, Bhutte Ka Khees, Dahi, Papad, Papad Ki Sabji, Biryani and the sweet dishes like Besan Ke Laddu and Kaju Barfi and the drinks are not left over the Shahi Shrikhand. It is Blockbuster of dishes of M.P.


17.Carrot Peas Pulao

The sweet, simple and healthy dish of all time is the Carrot Peas Pulao. It is made up of Basmati rice Carrot and Peas. It is generally served with dal makhani or dal fry. It is the simple dish gets ready in 10 to 15 minutes. The Basmati Chawal is soaked for some time and then it is boiled. It is your choice that you want to add more and more veggies in it to make it healthy and tasty but the originally it is made up of only two vegetables that is carrot and peas.



Imarti is the form of Jalebi but the texture is very heavy. One Imarti is equals to five jalebi. The Imarti is also made up of whete flour and deep frie then it is dipped in the sugar syrup. It is severed in many different ways like with the combo of Imarti Rabdi, Imarti Malai etc. It is mostly kept in the weddings as the form of sweet dish. The Imarti is sweeter than jalebi.


19.Kopra Patties

It is a desi style of Patties. Kopra patties are like the stuffed potato balls. The stuffing of Kopara Patties is made up of coconut and potato. The different taste is of coconut. It is served hot with the green chutney of dhaniya. The stuffed balls are dipped in the besan flour and deep fried in olive oil. It is well known street food of Madhya Pradesh.


20.Shahi Shikanji

It is different form of Shikanji. It is not made up lemon. The special thing about the Shahi Shikanji is that is it is made up of the milk, dahi and dry fruit. It is very rich in the dry fruits. In every sip there are large amount of dry fruits. It feels like you are drinking any shahi drink. It is also available in the flavours like gulab, mango etc.