20 snacks that make cricket matches even more exciting

20 snacks that make cricket matches even more exciting

Cricket matches are an amalgamation of heady adrenaline, excitement and enjoyment. Be it the test matches that last for days or the one-day matches or the T-20s or the IPL matches, cricket is the favourite pastime of all Indians. Any match, in which our country is participating, is a day when all the households are gripped in the fervour of the excitements of the day. The day becomes a lot better when it is accompanied with tasty snacks that are great to crunch on while the overs go by and the anticipation for the result of the match builds on.

1 Aloo Chaat

With the zingy taste of the spices and lemon, aloo chaat is an amazing dish made from potatoes. The potatoes can be roasted or just boiled. One can even pour different kinds of chutneys over the chaat to enhance the taste of the entrée. Easy to make, aloo chaat also tastes yummy when combined with curd.


2 Bread Pizza

Pizza like toppings on toasted bread makes bread pizza a yummy and simple dish to prepare. Bread pizza can have a great many numbers of variations in toppings. The snack is very filling as well, so it works as a pretty decent meal while watching the match as well.


3 Samosa

The classic version of snack is filled with potatoes, vegetables and spices. The newer fusion versions have various types of fillings like chowmein, eggs, fish, cheese and even chocolates and pastries. Whatever the filling might be, samosas are an awesome snack that can make the evenings of cricket matches better. Usually served with dips and chutneys samosas can be also tried with other combinations like chole or made into chaat with curd.


4 Cheese Sticks

Deep fried string cheese sticks may sound like thousands of calories served on a platter, but it is worth it when it is being served as a snack on cricket match day. For those who are health conscious, one can use low-fat cheese and combine it with vegetables like spinach. The cheese sticks taste very yummy with ketchup.


5 Fried Rice

Rice tossed with lots of veggies and Schezwan sauce makes a healthy and delicious snack. For the non-vegetarian option, bacon bits and chicken pieces added to the rice make it a yummy entrée.


6 Chilli Potato/Paneer/Chicken

This wonderfully easy to prepare dish comes in three variations. One can combine the chilli with paneer, potatoes or chicken. Preparing chilli potatoes with a side of honey works well and brings out the flavours of the dish which makes it excellent as munchies for the tense overs of the match.


7 Bhel

This is a very healthy snack made with puffed rice (mamra), tomatoes, onions and various types of chutneys. It is effortlessly prepared and is very filling.


8 Cheese Bread Omelette

The creamy layers of cheese take normal bread omelette to another level. Combined with spices and garnished with coriander, it is a yummy snack which is a must try. To make this snack even better, you can add different types of cheeses like mozzarella and cheddar.


9 Chicken Wings

Chicken wings with hot sauces are a dish that is a favourite with all the people. Order it from KFC or your local restaurants and dig into it as the cricketers hit sixes and fours. You will be left licking your fingers with this absolutely tasty meal.


10 Nachos

This Mexican snack, when loaded with toppings like guacamole, salsa and drizzled with cheese, is exquisite. You can even make an Indian version of these chips with toppings like paneer and corn. This is a perfect dish to serve if you have called your buddies over to see the match.


11 Kathi Roll

If you want to dig into something that is satisfying but is not very heavy on the stomach, Kathi roll is the answer to your question. With fillings like aloo tikka or paneer tikka for vegetarians and chicken or mutton for non-vegetarians, Kathi roll is a famous dish from North India. Grab it while you anticipate the victory of the team you are rooting for.


12 Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka with mint chutney is an appetising starter and a perfect snack to eat while the match is going on. Skewer the paneer, tomato and capsicum pieces on a barbeque stick and have it marinated with the chutney.


13 Sev Puri

A fusion of bhel and Pani puri, Sev puri is the most amazing snack made flavourful by the various kinds of chutneys. Just take care, not to choke on the huge puris in the excitement of cheering your team in the excitement of the match.


14 Cutlets

Deliciously made from a mixture of potatoes, carrots and peas, cutlets work well with chutney or ketchup. Cutlets can be made from other fillings like chicken or paneer.


15 Pakodas

You name it and there exists a pakoda for it, onions, chilis, bananas, etc. Tamarind or mint chutney with pakodas are the best snacks for an excitement filled the evening with your buddies watching cricket matches. The dal pakoda tastes amazing with fried green chillies.


16 Dahi Vada

Vadas with sweet curd, roasted jeera, pomegranate, coriander, chilli powder and coriander make a cool and yummy snack. You can add green grapes too if they are in season then. The sweet taste of the curd, coupled with the spicy zing of chillies makes it a perfect entrée to eat as you jump up and down with excitement as the wickets of your rival team pile up.


17 Fries

Fries are perhaps the only dish in which there are innumerable permutations and combinations. You can make fries from potato, sweet potato, chicken, etc. And you can top these fries up with loads of things, jalapenos, mushrooms, cheese, sauces, salsa, etc in whatever way you want to. The diversity of fries is sure to keep everyone happy, as they can choose what kind of fries they want and with what topping or dip.


18 Masala Corn

Simple to make and delicious in taste, masala corn only requires boiled corn, butter, salt and pepper. For a spicier flavour, one can add chillies or to bring out a zing in the corn, squeeze some lemon on it.


19 Vada Pav

If you are a Mumbai Indians fan, then eating vada pav as your team plays is a must. With the perfectly crispy vada and the chilli garlic chutney, vada pav is the perfect companion for the cricket matches that is all about zeal.


20 Sandwich

Sandwiches, be it stuffed with vegetables or chicken, is a snack that is nostalgic and takes one back to childhood. Relive the same fervour for your cricket team as you once had a child, while biting a sandwich.