20 Top Restaurants of Rishikesh

20 Top Restaurants of Rishikesh

Rishikesh is not only famous for its spiritual and adventure part but, also for its exotic hangout places. This place is purely vegetarian by law. Here is a list of some exquisite restaurants of Rishikesh.

1.The Sitting Elephant

Ranked as 1st theme based restaurants among the 129 restaurants in the trekking place. The entire décor has been designed keeping the trait and attributes of elephants in mind. It is surrounded by hills on three sides with the stretch of 5km holy Ganga flowing along it. One could easily witness an illusion which depicts an elephant sitting in the midst of nature.


2.Bistro Nirvana

It is a food paradise with a serene ambiance. It is away from the hustle-bustle of the town. If one gets tired from the trekking to the high bank’s region, then Bistro Nirvana is the best place where you should head to. It also offers you the yoga and Ayurveda elements in its garden.


3.Devraj Coffee Corner

Hidden near the foot of Laxman jhula. It is the best place to taste the European food in Rishikesh. One can also see the unending view of Ganga and glimpses of the main temples. It has the same atmosphere like the one offered by other restaurants in the vicinity.


4.Little Buddha Café

Ranked as 10th among 129 restaurants of the place. It is situated in a busy locality. The imitation of this place is like of the funky tree house. It has the best international food with the tables overlooking the Ganga river.


5.Pyramid Café

It is like a shape of a pyramid and is run by a small family who is very friendly in nature. It gives you the benefit that you will be getting home-cooked food while remaining far away from your home. It provides you the homely feeling also by giving you double bed with attached bathroom.



It is a purely vegetarian restaurant. It offers free Wi-Fi to the guests. They serve Bread toast, cutlet, and Lassi. It is a good option for breakfast.    


7.River Rain

It is on one side of the Ganga river. It offers vegetarian food that varies from Mexican, Chinese, Italian to Israeli. Honey Hut is another branch of this restaurant. They also offer internet, and they are the best stress buster.


8.60’s Café

It is also a theme based restaurant just like the sitting elephant. The imitation of Beatles offering café fare is done in here. It has a dramatic terrace view.


9.Ganga Beach

It is situated on the banks of Ganga and is known for its delicious light refreshments. It serves multi- cuisine menu in a garden setting.


10.Ramana’s Garden

It is made up of fresh and organic ingredients. It has outdoor seating arrangement with a stunning view. The thing which differentiates it from other places is a contribution that you make to the orphanage as you dine here.


11.Café Delmar

The view of Ganga and the ashram from this two story place is breathtaking. It has a pool table for indoor enjoyment. It is extremely hygienic and spacious place. It has the best vegetable Biryani as well as the Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Thai food which will leave you speechless.


12.German Bakery

It is the oldest bakery in Rishikesh. It has a calm ambiance with all fresh fruit bakery items in it.


13.Freedom Café

Whenever we go anywhere, we look for a comfortable restaurant where we can get a good quality of food. The Freedom Café is the place where you will not only get the best food but the positive vibes as it is situated on the banks of river Ganga. It is famous for its Italian and Chinese food.


14.Chetsang Café

The clatter of sizzling pans and chopping knives raises the expectations that something mouthwatering will soon be placed on your table. With innovative twists in International and Indian dishes, the food seems fresher than anywhere else.


15.Oasis Restaurant

With candlelit tables and lanterns hanging inside the garden makes up the best view here. It has exotic music going everywhere which will make your day. To boost your taste buds, this is the right place strike.


16.Mama Mia

It has the best mushroom soup in Rishikesh. This place is very cozy with delicious food; it also offers great tea and coffee for busting the stress of trekkers.



It has bohemian lanterns with the view of river Ganga and the bridge. It has a hippy’s atmosphere which offers the array of hot and cold drinks to the guests which is easily affordable.


18.Tulsi Restaurant

The dim light and music here sets the mood. It is one of the best places in Rishikesh to dine. The hospitality and the ambiance make this restaurant even more popular.


19.Madras Café

Now immensely popular, this restaurant was once a hole-in-the-wall. It has unforgettable mushroom curry that capitulates this place into such fame. The chilled lassi at Madras café is a huge hit and popular among many. It has a huge range of uttapams and thorans. It is the perfect place to eat at with friends on a typical windy evening.



It is one of the best restaurants, as a local family cooks all its food giving it an authentic touch. This place is hidden at a lane’s end and is a bit difficult to find. The owner takes less than 30 minutes to prepare any item and that’s the best thing above all.