Top 20 Village Food Items Which Are Healthy And Tasty

Top 20 Village Food Items Which Are Healthy And Tasty

1.Vegetable Sambar From Kerala

The one who wish to live healthy should take vegetable in their daily diet. In South India, the dish is made of complete vegetables along with the lentils. It is named as the Sambar, which accompanies with the idly, dosa, rice, and Pongal, etc. It is present in all the occasions as the vegetarian dish.


2.Ulundhu Kali

Ulundhu Kali is one of the healthiest foods in South India. It is made of urad dal, which helps your body to enhance digestion and it is regarded by the ancient people as the power house of protein. Mostly it is given to women to stay strong while their adolescent age and during pregnancy. Jiggery and gingili oil accompany kali for its taste.


3.Pumpkin Curry

Pumpkin Curry can be the vegetarian dish if it is made of only pumpkin and curry leaves. If you like to prepare non vegetarian pumpkin curry, then add chicken as per your taste. It is the famous dish in the Himalayan region, Karmi Village. Bell pepper, sesame seeds, kaffir lime leaves, unsweetened shredded coconut are the extra ingredients to add flavor to the dish.


4.KandanThippili Rasam or Long Pepper Rasam

It is one of the dishes which is healthy and tasty village food, which is not available anywhere. It consists of medicinal leaves, which can cure fever and cold. Ancient people use the food as medicines, and this is one among them. It is mostly preferred by South-Indian people. Kandanthippili is the herb, which is the main ingredient for the rasam.


5.Jira Aloo And Baingan

It is the potato dish, which is famous in Hacra village, Rajasthan. For this 1st potato should be fried in hot oil. Aubergine cubes are the next main ingredient for this dish. Garlic, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, tamarind are the flavor enhancing ingredients of this dish. To add the tangy taste to the dish one tomato is added at the last while cooking.


6.North Indian Village Style Vegetable Curry

The dish consists of many spicy ingredients that make the curry tasty and spicy. You can use any vegetable as per your taste.  The preparation of the dish varies from village to village. Coriander leaves, cloves, cardamom, etc. are the flavor enhancing agents.


7.Buttered Roti

It is the simple lunch served at Haryana. The rotis combined Kaadhi Pakoda, Boondi Raita, and onion on which the lemon is spreader. The chapatti is stuffed with the butter, which gives the unique taste to the dish. Everyone who visits village can have traditional and healthy foods anytime.


8.Kambu Koozh

It is also known as Bajra Pridge. It is the famous village food item in Tamilnadu. No one in cities has the opportunity to taste this unusual dish. It is healthy and tasty food, which makes the body cool during summer. The Kambu can be made as balls and left in water overnight. The water can be drunk at the next morning, which is healthy and helps to prevent stomach ulcer.


9.Masala Peanut Tomato

It is the Village fast food. We are running around fast food centers to have unhealthy foods. But people in the village are also have fast foods, but the ingredients in the food are completely healthy. The preparation is very simple, and you can try it in your home to taste this delicious item. Chopped tomato, peanut, and some chat masala are enough to make this item, which is famous all over India.



It is one of the South-Indian foods, which is loved by all in villages. I love this food, and the meaning of Kootanchoru is mixing of all kind of vegetables, lentils with rice. It is the favourite dish among village children, and they used to prepare this by themselves along with their friends. They used to prepare this dish by gathering the ingredients which are available in their home.


11.Kara Kathirikai

Kathirikai is nothing but the brinjal. The village people love to eat fiery and healthy dishes. It is one of the spicy and yummy dishes. The ingredients used to make this dish are finely chopped onion, brinjal, tamarind juice or paste, and the highlight of the dish is dry red chillies. To cook the dish basic ingredient oil and salt has to be used. Here the brinjal is directly heated by placing on the flame.


12.Dharwad Peda

Northern Karnataka has the small place called Dharwad, which is famous for sweets. Among them, Dharwad peda is more famous and is available in small shops in that region. Khoya, ghee, milk are the ingredients of this peda. The sugar is spread over the peda to make it tasty. It is also used as the garnishing agent in this peda. To enhance the aroma of the peda green cardamom is used.


13.Ragi Adai

Ragi is the healthiest ingredient, which is most commonly available in the village. Nowadays after knowing the importance of ragi, many people started cooking ragi. But it is originated in villages, where they use ragi to make adai. Adai is the form of dosa which is little bit thicker than normal dosa. Coconut chutney accompanies the adai to give taste.



It is most common food item in India. It is mostly taken during lunch in Hacra Village, Rajasthan. Lentils, tomato, cumin seeds, garlic, onion, and chili are the ingredients to make this simple and tasty dish. It can either take along rice or chapatti.



The main ingredient for making Maavilaku is raw white rice, powdered jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder. The mixture can be used to make maavilaku dosa, sweet, etc. It also plays the major role in festive occasions. It can be made into lamps during temple festivals. It accompanies with raw coconut if it is taken as such without cooking.


16.Sooji Kheer Pudding

Margarine, semolina, milk, and almonds are the ingredients to make this pudding. First, the margarine and semolina get heat in the pan. Then it gets immersed in boiled milk along with the sugar. The mixture gets boiled for nearly 5-7 minutes. Then solidified form of the pudding is ready to serve after some decorations are done.



It is the famous snack in India during olden days. But nowadays this is the rare dish, which can be found only in one or two villages. It is the sweet which makes the festivals more special. It decorated the plate and filled the stomach with heavenly taste during the festivals like Holi and Sankranti in North-India. It is a general snack in South-India. This Malpua has the crispy taste at the end, while the interior is soft to eat.


18.Appu’s Lemon And Ginger Juice

It is the tasty juice, which is available in the Kerala Backwaters region. The lemon juice is simple to make, and along the juice ginger and cardamom gets added. The cardamom and ginger get squeezed before adding into the juice. It is good for health, and when you feel tired, you can take this juice.


19.Mango Phirni

Rice flour, mangoes, milk are the main ingredient for making Phirni. It has the taste of mango, and several dry fruits in the dish give extra taste to the Phirni. To cook this dish nearly 30-40 minutes is needed.


20.Prawn Mappass

The preparation steps for this dish involve mixing the prawn in turmeric and salt. Prawns are marinade for 30 minutes by adding onion, cumin, cardamom, ginger/garlic paste. Then the mixture cooked in the heated pan to get prawn mappas.