20 Unique And Uncommon Dishes All Over The World

20 Unique And Uncommon Dishes All Over The World

I believe the love for food is the most sincere, honest and well-reciprocated love of the Universe. The world has got a variety to serve in the territory of food, flavours and spices. There are myriad such unique dishes of the world that will churn your desire to visit these countries once just for the sake of dishes it serves..

 1. Chicken Rice

Singapore, the fantasy land of most of us, serves a great preparation called Chicken Rice. Water is boiled; Chicken is stuffed and then placed into the boiling water. On another pan, garlic, ginger is fried and then rice is added and stirred until toasted. Chicken is then removed from heat and chopped and placed over the rice preparation. It tastes yummy.

Chicken Rice

 2.Buttered Popcorn

Americans are fond of popcorn so we all know which country owns the recipe of the buttered popcorn. Popcorn’s buttery flavour has always been fundamental to us. Movie theatres and our story books would never be complete without the luscious coating of butter over popcorn.

Buttered Popcorn

 3.Som Tam

‘Som Tam’, does it even hit us that it is a Thai Green Papaya Salad? Not really. Once you are in Thailand you have to try this ‘Som Tam’ being a salad does not require your time in cooking too, just pound it well.

Som Tam

 4.Seafood Paella

The word ‘Paella’ means a great, tasty solution for the leftovers. So Paella can be a solution to the leftover of any food. Set a frying pan on fire and then sugar and salt are added to it. Rice is then mixed with this and the leftover seafood is brought and added to the rice and boiled. Spread wine and have it hot and spicy.

Seafood Paella 1

 5.Chicken Parm

Charm Parm that traces its birth in Australia is easy to cook and always a pleasure. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone cheese is topped with a breaded chicken breast. Sounds yummy, isn’t it? Give it a try for sure then.

Chicken Parm

 6.Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is the best thing to serve with pancakes, French toast, oat wheat and porridge. The uses and advantages of ‘maple syrup’ do not end with it. Sometimes it is used as a sweetener, an agent in leaking or also as a flavouring agent. It originated in Canada and is made from Xylem sap (most of the times from red maple or black maple).

Maple Syrup


Have you heard of ‘Monk Fish’? Definitely yes! Who does not know about the giant monk fish? So, Ankimo is a Japanese preparation made from the monk fish’s liver. The liver is nicely rubbed with salt and then the veins are removed from it. The liver is steamed well and served with ponzu sauce.



We all love noodle soups. Don’t we? Pho is a famous delicacy from noodle soup, became renowned after the Vietnam War and was spread by refugees. It includes a preparation of rice noodles with either beef or Chicken. ‘Pho’ was mainly sold by street vendors during dawn and dusk.



Ireland is the birth land of the simplest yet lip-smacking delicacy known as Champ. ‘Champ’ is known by myriad names in different areas. It is a regular dish made from ingredients like mashed potatoes, scallions along with butter and milk.


 10.Nam Tak Moo

‘Nam Tak Moo’ is a dish from Thailand. The term ‘Nam Tak’ according to the Thai language means waterfall. It is a preparation using pork whose blood still runs out from it after slicing it. Pork is first cooked, and then spicy sauce and various herbs are mixed with it. This is the simplest way of cooking ‘Nam Tak Moo’.

nam tok moo

 11.Egg Tart

Pastries attract the love of all age groups. ‘Egg Tart’ also commonly known as ‘Egg Custard’ belongs to the group of our so loved pastries. It is a dessert from Hong Kong made using flour, butter, sugar, milk and egg. Serve these hot and your taste buds will always remain a fan of it.

Egg Tart 1


‘Redang’ is a platter from some ethnic group of Indonesia. It is an aromatic and appetising recipe of meat. It belongs to the main course category. It can be made from the meat of lamb, goat or cow. Coconut milk, ginger, galangal, chilli, turmeric, garlic, shallot, lemongrass are also added to this spicy meat preparation. It is served hot or at room temperature.


 13.Peking Duck

‘Pecking Duck’ is a wonderful serving from Beijing which is a duck dish and is being made from the imperial era. Duck is said to have a usually soft skin, and this stands as a strong reason for this being so popular and wanted. The duck is slaughtered after 65 days and then roasted in an oven.

Peking Duck

 14.Kalua Pig

Amazing, that is the compliment this dish named ‘Kalua Pig’ deserves. It is an awesome pork preparation from the US. The cooking of pork involves the cooks to be set at a very high, most of the times to a dangerous temperature. This dish is marinated in Kailua liqueur, but it does not adopt the sweetness of the liqueur whereas it is very salty.

Kalua Pig


‘Arepas’ which has ‘Arepa’ pronunciation in Spanish. ‘Arepas’ is mainly a dish to have during breakfast. It is accompanied with cheese for an improved taste. A dish made of ground maize dough or also sometimes of cooked flour. Flour is mixed using water and salt and prepared as patties which are fried or grilled or sometimes even baked.



France gifted us with this traditional recipe to make the preparation called ‘Croissant’. Butter is one of the deciding ingredients in the making of this dish. Yeast leavened dough is used to make it. ‘Croissant’ is a crescent shaped, popular and yummy viennoiserie pastry. It is an old age platter right from the time of antiquity.

croissants 1


‘Pasta’ is the basic material needed in making ‘Lasagna’, an Italian dish. There are plenty of variations of this pasta based dish from one region of Italy to another. Pasta, cheese, sauce are the mandatory inputs needed in making ‘Lasagna’. It is pointed in the list of world’s most unique dishes because it ranges from its preparations using vegetables to meat, fish or seafood.


 18.French Toast

You can call ‘French toast’ to be a dish well-known for its variety of names like Spanish toast, German toast, Eggy toast, Bombay toast, Gypsy toast. The bread had been the only staple food for most of the cultures since eternity. French toast is made using bread, milk, eggs and also cream sometimes. It is a quick and easy preparation.

French Toast


It is a traditional dish which combines various kinds of meat which are cooked mostly on open fire. Asado is a preparation which originated from the lands of Argentina. So, get up go grab the meat preparation.

Carne Asada 35


You might be thinking how to spell it, right? Stop pondering on its pronunciation and explore this chutney’s spicy and smoky flavours. It is a chutney made from red ant eggs, sounds creepy, right? But once you taste them you won’t feel it anymore. It is eaten by a tribal squad of Chattisgarh. You can always add this spicy chutney to some boring meal

Chaprah 1

A lot has been discovered in the world of flavours, spices and we have become so experienced in the culinary skills but there is yet to know, taste and learn a lot more in the arena of food. Uniqueness is always appreciated. The dishes above are famous and unique, so will be probably loved by all.