Top 21 Food Items Of Mumbai That You Need To Try


The food of Mumbai is the next best thing in Mumbai after Bollywood. Yummy food that is easy on pocket and which tantalizes your taste buds is found all over the city. The best thing about Mumbai food is that you can binge on them at any time of the day be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snacks or dinner Mumbai has something lip smacking to offer you every time. So here is the list of foods that are absolutely not a miss when you are in the city.


Kebabs At Sarvi

Originated in Middle Eastern countries this one delicacy for which Mumbaikars are crazy for mainly consists of chunks of Fishes or Meat that are marinated and grilled using a skewer. Among all the places in the city Sarvi is one place that serves the best Kebabs in the city. Sarvi has been at the Mohammad Ali Road since 90 years, while the place has no sign boards and looks fire damaged;the kebabs hanging from the smoking stalls looks like curtains. The signature Sheikh Kebabs, both Chicken and Beef are hot favourite among the customers. The Kebabs are crisp outside and melting in the middle which leaves one asking for more.


Vada Pav At Anand

Also called The Indian Burger, Vada Pavs are the lifeline of Mumbaikars. It is available all over the city but one place which is definitely a must try is Anand’s.It is prepared by mashing potato in which garlic and coriander is added, the mixture is then dip into peas chutney, which in turn is put between the well-buttered pav. When you take your first bite your mouth is filled with blend of hot butter and the tasty green chutney that is too yummy to be ignored.


Mysore Masala Dosa

Who says that that Dosas are best made in South India. The Dosas here can give a a tough competition to all the South Indian restaurants in the city. It is crispy on the edge and pulpy and soft towards the centre. It is not only the favourite place for college students but also for nearby residents of Breach Candy and Kemps corner.The taste is quite unique and will leave you to be one of their loyal customers after you have been there once.

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Pani Puri At Elco Pani Puri Center

Known as Golgappas in U.P and Phuchka in Delhi, Pani Puri is a very popular street food of Mumbai.The way it is made it very crafty and funny. The vendor pokes a thumb into the crisp fried round shaped Puri, fills it with Channa mashed Potato Onions and Sprouted Lentils, pours some sweet and sour mix of Tamarind and Jaggery chutney and then dips the Puri into Coriander and Mint Water. There is one catch while eating this. You have to eat one whole piece at once because you don’t want the filling dropping out of you mouths….Elco is definitely a must try for Pani Puri lovers and there is one more speciality about this place; they use mineral water to make the Pani for the Puris. So for all the hygiene cautious people also Elco should be your next stop.

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Mumbai is the birth place of Frankie which consists of flour wraps filled with Mutton, Eggs, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken and any other possibility you can (or can’t imagine). It is found on many stalls in the city but the best is found at The Jibbs Frankie which has its branches spread all over the city. The Stalls at the Chapatis also serve some Frankies.



Dabeli is again a variation of Pav of Mumbai. Also called Kutchi Dabeli or Double Roti It is made by mixing boiled Potatoes with Masala which is put between the Pav and garnished with onions, Pomegranate and roasted Peanuts. The best of this dish is served at the Kapil Dabeli Corner. This food joint is also in the Limca book of records for dolling out the fastest Dabelis.



It is correctly said “When in doubt, hug a Sandwich”.Well everyone is familiar with this one. It is quite a trivial breakfast snack for the Indians. The roadside Sandwiches of Mumbai are absolutely lip smacking.A number of variations can be found with Butter, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Grilled Roasted Egg,Mashed Vegetable and what not. The Sandwich Walas can fill almost everything between the Bread(obviously eatable) which is bursting out with flavours and variety.


Misal Pav

Misal is a spicy Curry prepared with Moth Beans and served with Chopped Tomatoes, Onions,Coriander, and Lime along with some Green and Tamarind Chutney. The highlight is the Farsan which adds crunch to the dish. It tastes best with the Mumbais favourite Bread Pav. This place sells the best Theekat Missal Pav for which people crave for.


Juices And Milkshakes

Being in business since 1940’s Bachelorr’s (with an extra R) is a definitive hangout for Smoothies,Shakes and Juices. The Cream and Strawberry Milkshake is classic but the Chocolate variations are also at par with it. One must try Classic Chocolate, Liquid Marble, Black Gold Premium along with the host of Fresh Lime and Lychee Juice.



Don’t go out of Mumbai without trying crabs! Although it is full of tourists and expiates, Trishna, located in the business district, serves the best crabs in the town.Even though the cuisine is primarily Mangalorean few dishes here also have Hyderabadi touch too. One can go with Butter Garlic Crab or with the Gassi Crab. Try eating your food with both the hands making your table a food mess and your mouth heaven of flavours.



After the tedious and tiresome shopping at the busy and overcrowded Crawford Market, one cannot resist the temptation of the Falooda at Badshah. It is a sweet dish presented in chilled glass, sometimes topped with a scoop of ice cream. This place is famous for its rose flavour but other flavours like Sitafal and Mango flavour are also a must try.

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Bhelpuri Stalls Outside The Chawpaty

Bhelpuri is a common Chaat of Mumbai which is loved by people of all ages. You can find the Bhelpuri stands outsides the offices, parks and movie theatres after 6 pm. Every Bhelpuri Wala has a unique way of blending and mixing the different ingredients. It is crunchy,sweet and sour in taste. With a Melange of Puffed Rice, Onions, Tomatoes and range of Masalas topped with Tamarind Chutneys and Papadi it is an enticing grub. So next time you are for a walk in

the city don’t forget to try one.


Bademiya Chicken Tikka Rolls

It is a shop on wheels located behind the Taj Mahal hotel. Located in the street shopping paradise you can get the view of gateway of India while the Chicken tikka sizzles your taste buds. The Meat is wrapped in steaming Roomali Roti and topped with Fried Onions. Any kind of Sauce or Chutney finds no place here because the juices from the fillings is itself very satisfying. It is a superb dish for the meat lovers.


Khichadi At Soam Babulnath

What comes to mind when we think of Khichadi?A smooth blend of rice and dal which is generally not a favourite food of everyone. Well this misconception will vanish once you visit the Soam, Babulnath. They serve many types of Khichadi but the four very famous are the Sabudana Khichadi, Moong dal, Palak Phada and Masala Phada amongst the others. The Curd and the Papad in addition are the icing on the cake. They also have a special section for the healthy eaters with less oil and spices.


Pav Bhaji And The Masala Pav

Pav Bhajis are also one of the beloved foods of Mumbai. The Bhaji is made by mixing Mashed Potatoes with Tomato Puree and other kind of Spices. It is steamy, spicy and tangy. The Butter and the Cheese Pav Bhaji is a must try here.


Kung Pao Potatoes, Momos At Kurries And Burries

Kurries and Burries is relatively a new one as compared to other shops at the Girgum Chowpaty but it has gained popularity among the customers for its vegetarian food. The food here is well crafted and is bad at disappointing you. It serves Asian as well as Mexican Desserts. What one must try is the Kung Pao Potatoes and the Paneer Chilli Wrap. This place is definitely worth a visit.


Bun Maska And The Mava Samosa

This place sells the best mouth-watering Pastries Tea Cakes and Cookies. It is frequently visited by people who come to collect packed bakery items for their homes. It is a perfect place for people who have a sweet tooth. The Irani Chai and the Cookies are a perfect combo for any evening.



Chole Samose

Known for selling the best Samosa in Mumbai, it is served here with Peas Gravy with Onion and Coriander to garnish it. What adds sourness is the lime juice that makes the item to be a complete blend of spiciness and sourness.


Eva’s Pizza At The Military Road

The Pizzas at the Evas are so influencing on your taste buds and easy on your pockets that you will forget the expensive Pizzas that you had ordered.The Pizzas are exotic in taste and extremely pocket friendly. The Cheese Pizza is a must try here. So next time you are craving for Pizza don’t just order one come here and take a bite.


Sahibaan Chinese Thali Surprises

Not really a street food of Mumbai but this place calls for your visit if you want to fill your stomach without emptying your pockets. The place has surprises for you after you find it. Its Thali consists of Soups,Fried Rice starters, Manchurians, Ice Tea, all of it in great quantity.The Dumpling and the Soups are a must have !!!.Or you can also go with the Chicken Shashlik Sizzlers and hot Garlic Sizzlers.


Juices At The Haji Ali Juice Centre

All the devotees after offering their prayers at the Mahalakshmi and the Haji Ali head to the juice centre to give a refreshing treat to themselves.The juices here are bursting with flavours and varieties. The Sitafal Cream and the Sitafal Milk is absolutely scrumptious.Walk in here to add some ambrosial to your taste buds.