Top 20 Dishes Every Pregnant Lady Should Eat

Pregnant Should Eat

Being healthy should be the priority of all of you, Now that you are pregnant nutrition becomes the highest priority to you. You should take care of yourself with a nutritive diet as your pregnancy progress to meet the growing needs of new life inside you. While you may have to take care of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy you should also take care of what to eat and what not.


Baked Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes With Yogurt

As every mom want to feed her unborn kid with best nutrition, they should focus on natural foods like baked potatoes and sweet potatoes with yogurt (instead of sour cream and butter), as they are highly healthful for the course of pregnancy because of their high nutritive contents which are:

Which is healthier for both mom and the kid.

VitaminC and iron
Vitamin C helps in absorption of iron that is required for good health of your baby during pregnancy.

It is required for pregnant women and adults as well.

During pregnancy women often suffer with the problem of constipation, dietary fibers enhance the level of natural bulk to the digestive system.

Vitamin-B6 helps in formation of red blood cells during pregnancy, it also prevents from morning sickness.
But sweet potatoes and baked potatoes should not be taken regularly or in a large amount, it’s not good for health, there should be a balanced intake



Bran Cereals

During pregnancy it is important to eat healthy breakfast. Bran Cereal is a good option to start a healthy day with your baby inside. Bran Cereals having no added sugar or hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated  oils is a better option for consuming whole grains, that are good source of high in fiber, Vitamin B, Potassium and folic acid, whole grains. Because of high fiber content, they are usually very filling. You can take this with fresh fruits and it can be mixed with yogurt instead of milk.



Whenever we see Broccoli the word healthy comes first in our minds. Broccoli is very healthy for all of us and if you are pregnant you must add it to your diet. It has lots of benefits for you and your baby too. You can have it as soup (Broccoli Broth).It is really a quick soup to be made and one which won’t bother you for umpteen ingredients. Despite having very few ingredients it has a fantastic flavour, when made with onion and milk. You can also dip raw Broccoli in a yogurt based dip as snacks. Upgrading your meal menu by adding Broccoli to it will boost up your diet with antioxidants like folic acid and Vitamin A which makes it a boon for pregnant lady.



Cantaloupe known as muskmelon in India is a hygienic food item for pregnant women. As it contains essential nutrients needed for pregnancy, it has nutrients like calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6,anticoagulants and carotenoids. You can serve yourself with a garnished plate of half cut small melon in cubical shapes and have it as snacks.


Classic Applecinnamon Overnight Oats

Going overweight is undesirable for every women but it is desirable during pregnancy. Every pregnant women should have Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats in breakfast as it contains a very balanced amount of nutrients essential for the pregnancy progress to meet the growing needs of the unborn baby. It’s really not easy to remember to prepare these oats before bed but you will love waking up to an already prepared breakfast. Being easy to make, it also contains very less ingredients. Also it has a fantastic flavour.


Egg Wrap

Craving some easy to cook Mexican? This breakfast will satisfy your desire. Being so tasteful it also contains some superfoods meeting the needs of your baby. This egg wrap contains baby spinach which has all nutrients required during pregnancy. Spinach takes very much care of baby as it contains folate (folic acid) which is super important for unborn  kids, it also reduces the chances of birth defect. It also has whole wheat tortilla which has most vitamins and nutrient and plenty of fibers which help in decreasing the chances of constipation. Egg is also good for the health of pregnant women but one should be careful because raw or not cooked well eggs are harmful for their health.


Pear And Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Adding some variation in your breakfast try this dish for a change. This Pear and Cheese sandwich contains whole wheat English muffins which once was a traditional lunch. All this ingredients if discussed separately are highly nutritive as they fulfill all your needs which gets increased during the course of pregnancy. You can top of these muffins with a thin layer of your desired cheese, which help you to meet your protein needs. Cheese is also rich in calcium. This breakfast has Pear spread. Pears also very safe during pregnancy, they are very low in calories and contains several nutrients that are especially important for expecting moms.


Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Parfait

It is often found that healthy food doesn’t come with good taste. But it is not true always. This breakfast is a super combo of health and taste. Its main ingredient Pumpkin has plenty of fiber and vitamin A which are the most required nutrient during pregnancy. Its seeds provide healthy dose of zinc, which enhances the immunity during pregnancy. It has ingredients pumpkin, yogurt, raisins, cashews and granola. It is so tasty and it particularly doubles as dessert. Pumpkin when steamed or cooked can alleviate abdominal cramps for women.


Colorful Crab Salad Sandwich

As per the name this dish contains colorful ingredients like carrot, red onion, celery etc. While some sea foods are considered harmful for pregnant women Crab is safe to eat while pregnancy but should be consumed in moderation according to the baby center. This dish has olive oil which is used for massage during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks but it is also taken in meal as it contains many Vitamins and required nutrient like useful forms of fatty acid which are essential for both you and your baby growing in the womb.


Loaded Pesto Veggie Burger

Eating fast foods during pregnancy is not safe. But you can turn it healthier by making this at home and remain healthy. Cook a veggie burger with healthy ingredients like whole wheat hamburger bun, Swiss cheese, Portobello mushroom, onion, carrots etc. People often neglect mushroom considering them harmful during pregnancy, but it is safe to eat cooked mushroom during pregnancy. Carrot is also good for pregnant women when taken with something containing fat, which turns the Vitamins into carotene present in the carrot. Taking care of all these facts this dish has everything which makes it safe and healthy during pregnancy.



Calciumrichcrackers And Cheese

You may have taken soft cheeses out of your diet during pregnancy but you should add pasteurized and harder cheeses in your diet as they are the perfect way to get calcium you need during pregnancy. This dish has ingredients like Triscuit whole grain crackers, laughing cow light cheese wedges and dried cranberries. This dish has a very much balanced combination of all the nutrients your body demands more during pregnancy with a fantastic flavour. You must try this calcium-rich dish during pregnancy for proper growth of your baby inside.


Peachy Crunchy Yogurt

If you don’t love yogurt before you were pregnant then start loving it. Low fat yogurt is a better source of calcium. Women are encouraged to eat 600 grams of yogurt during pregnancy to meet their requirement of calcium and protein. This dish contains a moderate amount of flaxseeds and granola as both of them provide essential nutrients for growth of baby inside the womb. Overall this dish has a proper combination of healthy nutrients for mom and baby too.


Pork And Pineapple Kebab

This meal is somehow complicated to cook but it is really so tasteful that you will start loving it and ask for some more. This dinner food has combination of healthy pork kebobs and tasty pineapple juice. Some people think pork meat unhealthy and harmful during pregnancy but when it is cooked and consumed carefully in a limited amount, it is really amazing for your health and the little new life inside you. You can eat this after sprinkling salt and pepper over it.


Frozen Yogurt Pops

When you plan every meal you always include a creamy frozen treat as they are good and healthy for pregnancy, with no fat and lesser amount of sugar in it.


Dinner Nachos

During pregnancy you may get bored with a list of healthy food around you, so now it is the time to have something experimental, you can turn a traditional junk food into calcium-rich dinner, with ingredients like corn chips, kidney beans, olives, reduced fat cheese with lettuce, tomato, salsa and yogurt at the top. This dish has proper combo of all the nutrient rich food items. These all ingredients collectively makes this dish calcium rich and a balanced diet for your health during pregnancy.


Chocolate Chunk Luna Bar

These nutritional bars are best to carry when you are on a trip or going somewhere. There are varieties of bars available in market but these Luna bars are best specially for pregnant women with all natural ingredients with almost organic nutrients in it.


Blueberry Almond Smoothie

When you will have a store made smoothie, it can be loaded with sugar and often lack nutritional value. You can replace that highly enriched sugar frozen yogurt with less in sugar soy milk for a healthy smoothie. This smoothie has blueberries, almond butter and honey for taste with health. The blueberry is safe and nutrient-rich, honey has fructose which is healthy for baby. This smoothie finally becomes a very healthy diet for all pregnant women.


Peanut Butter And Crackers

If you are figure conscious and not a big meal eater, then during pregnancy it is important to look for another way to get your required protein. Peanut is the best option for this. But it is also of fat, so you should be careful of not eating much of it. Spread 1tbsp peanut butter on the upper layer of 7 Kashi TLC snack crackers, then top each with another cracker to get 7 sandwiches.



Parmesan And Black Pepper Popcorn

People always pick popcorn as the best time pass option in front of television and in cinema halls. During pregnancy you should go for a healthy version of popcorn that is, Parmesan and Black Pepper Popcorn. If you have craving for some salt with no added fat which are found in greasy snacks try this.Toss half bag microwave popcorn which are almost 94% fat free with 1tbsp Parmesan cheese and black pepper to taste. This food has almost every nutrient needed during the course of pregnancy.


Cashew Trail Mix

This time have some royal and classy snack enriched with nutrients like protein,omega-3,calcium,iron and others. This snack has nuts like cashews and apricots, which won’t bore you ever. You will wish to have some more after having once. This is what you would love to have it more.