Top 20 Must Eat Food in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is not only a beautiful city, but is a place where foodies can enjoy every type of food. Popular and delicious food is available at the different corners of the city. People can easily find the ready to eat food to satiate their hunger anytime. People of different tastes live here, and the city caters to the needs of the people by offering a wide range of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. We have listed the Top 20 Must Eat Food in Chandigarh.

1. Chole Bhature

If you get a chance to visit Chandigarh, you must have chole bhature. It is a popular North-Indian dish. People love to eat this food at any time of the day. Spicy chickpeas with green chutney, onions, and the pickle make a fabulous combination. You can enjoy either a plain bhatura or a stuffed bhatura. The stuffing inside the bhatura is made of potato or paneer.


2. Pav Bhaji

It is other popular food to try in Chandigarh. You will relish the thick vegetable curry with soft bread and butter on the top. It is a favorite food for the people as it is light and healthy.


3. Golgappa

It is a favorite snack for the people who love spicy and crispy food to enjoy in the evenings. The golgappas filled with potato, chickpeas, green chutney, sweet chutney, and tangy tasting water is delicious. It will open all the taste buds of your tongue.


4. Dahi Bhalla

If you have guests at your home and want to eat something light and spicy, you should take them for a simple treat of dahi bhalla. It is a favorite food in Chandigarh, and people enjoy eating soft bhallas with sweet and spicy chutney along with curd on it.


5. Tikki

Tikki is another special must eat food in Chandigarh. Foodies enjoy eating aloo tikkis with chole, spicy chutney, and garnished with salad. You can also enjoy paneer tikki with special chutney.


6 Paneer Tikka

It is a famous food that people of Chandigarh and tourists love to eat. Paneer cubes are grilled and served hot with green chutney and other spicy sauces to satisfy your taste buds. To make it more enjoying, the filling it is added to other vegetables such as capsicum, onions, and tomatoes.


7 Cheese Chilli

It is a Chinese dish but has become a popular food in Chandigarh. It is prepared by using tangy and spicy sauces and served hot garnished with vegetables and other seasonings. It is high in nutrients and gives you the real taste of Chinese food at Chandigarh city.


8 Frankie

This is a popular food of Chandigarh. You can eat this food to satisfy your hunger at any time. It is healthy as its filled with different vegetables and spices. It is available in both the vegetarian form and non-vegetarian form. You will relish the real taste when served with sauces.


9 Momos

The steamed momos are also a popular food available at Chandigarh. It is a Tibetan dish but loved by all. Small dumplings are filled with vegetables and will boost up the secretion of saliva once you have a bite when served with spicy sauces and chutney.


10 Spring Roll

Spring rolls are another Chinese food that is available in Chandigarh. It is a light food, and you can have it at your snack time. These are deep-fried pancakes filled and rolled with vegetables and served with spicy and sweet chutney.


11 Noodles

People in Chandigarh love this Chinese food to fill in their taste buds at any time. You can enjoy spicy noodles to satiate your hunger. Noodles are served with tangy sauces and seasoning vegetables. Noodles of different variety are available such as Garlic Noodles, Hakka Noodles, Vegetable Noodles, Chicken Noodles, etc.


12 Amritsari Kulcha

You can enjoy Amritsari kulcha stuffed with paneer, potato, onion, and cheese. It is served with spicy chick pea, pickle, chutney, and curry. It is the best breakfast dish enjoyed by the people at the weekend.


13 Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is famous and must eat food in Chandigarh.  Rajma prepared in rich gravy is the best food to enjoy at lunchtime. It is nourishing and fulfilling.


14 Kadhi Chawal

This is also a popular food to eat in Chandigarh. Prepared with sour buttermilk and added flavors of fenugreek seeds make it the most delicious food in Chandigarh. It is served with spring onions and green chutney to enhance the taste and satisfy your hunger.


15 Lassi

You can also enjoy famous Punjabi lassi in Chandigarh. It is the best food to satisfy your thirst during hot summer days. It is available in two forms: sweet and salted. Sweet lassi is garnished with fruits and spices to give it a different aroma. Salted lassi also includes different herbs and spices to make it a relishing drink. It is the best drink to beat the summer heat in Chandigarh.


16 Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti

It is a popular dish of Punjab but loved by many people all over India. You can enjoy the best Sarson da Saag and Makki di roti served hot with butter. It is a delicious food served during the winter season. It is healthy food and gives you nourishment.


17 Parantha

You can enjoy the best paranthas in Chandigarh. The paranthas are stuffed with different stuffing such as potato and onion, cauliflower, paneer, and radish. Paranthas are served with pickles, butter, curd, and curry.


18 Chicken Tikka

It is a famous food to eat in Chandigarh. It is broiled chicken meat made in a grilled oven. It is served hot with tangy sauces, vegetables, mint chutney, and flavoured spices. It is the best food for the non-vegetarians.


19. Burger

Burgers are a popular snack in Chandigarh. They are filled with potato tikki, vegetables, herbs, and sauces which are spicy and filling. It is loved by the people of all ages. Non-veg burgers are filled with chicken, vegetables, and sauces.


20 Kulfi

People of Chandigarh love to eat kulfi made of condensed milk. It is also garnished with nuts, raisins, saffron, and other dry fruits. It is a desert and loved by the people in all seasons.