20 Weird Food Combos In India

top 20 weird food combos in india

Indians and their relationship with food have come a long way. The variety of Indian food items results from years of experience and experiments. Experimenting with food items has now become a trend. And weird food combination videos are going viral on the internet. People love trying new formulae and inventing new tastes. Videos of people mixing two different food items to make a new, unusual variety, is all over the internet. These videos are getting mixed reactions from internet users. Some food combinations are delicious and worth trying, whereas some are simply disgusting. Here is a list of some bizarre food combinations in India.

1. Maggie Milkshake

This bizarre combination of milkshake and Maggie will touch your nerves. The first thing we think about the dish is the blend of sweet and salty tastes. But no, the milkshake is a salty white sauce made by blending milk with white flour to make a thick paste. Then the boiled Maggie is added to the sauce, and the mixture is served in a glass. In 2021, someone tweeted pictures of this weird dish. The tweet went viral all over the internet making this food combination a matter of gossip.

1.Maggie milkshake 1

2. Fanta Omelet

A video from Surat, Gujarat, went viral where a shop was selling a Fanta omelet for Rs.250. People usually love having a soft drink with omelets but mixing them to make a Fanta omelet is out of the box. The addition of Fanta gives a sweet taste to the spicy omelet. The video was shot by a famous Youtube channel food blogger and got millions of views in no time. People had hilarious reactions to this dish and were eager to try it.

2.Fanta omelet 1

3. Chocolate Biryani

People love the spicy taste of Biryani. But what if this savory dish turns out to be sweet? A Pakistani Youtube channel uploaded a video where a street shop in Karachi was shown selling Chocolate Biriyani. A full plate of biryani with chocolate sauce was served. The YouTuber mixed the chocolate sauce with biryani, and he loved it. Biryani lovers were undoubtedly unhappy with this weird combination.

3.Chocolate Biryani 1

4. Gulab Jamun Samosa

The internet never fails to surprise food lovers with these weird combinations. Next on the list is Gulab Jamun Samosa. Gulab jamun is a popular sweet loved by people in India, whereas Samosa is a well-known street snack. A video showed gulab jamun wrapped in flour pastry, giving the triangular shape, and then deep fried as a samosa. The dish got both positive and negative responses on the internet.

4.Gulab jamun Samosa 1

5. Red Sauce Pasta Dosa

Dosa is a popular south Indian dish. It is made by filling mashed potato and vegetable stuffing. But in this unusual recipe, boiled pasta and cheese were added to the dosa batter. Red sauce and several spices were also added. They served the dosa by cutting it into small pieces and grated cheese on top.

5.Red sauce pasta dosa 1

6. Chocolate Momos

Momo is a Chinese dumpling loved for its spicy and savory taste. A new variation of these dumplings is the chocolate momo. Chocolate-filled steamed momos are served in many restaurants and street stalls. People love this combination. Chocolate momos can be served warm or frozen.

6.Chocolate Momos 1

7. Chilli Jalebi

A new shocking dish is the Chilli Jalebi. Jalebi is known for its sweet taste. The sugar-dipped sweet is a delight for sweet lovers. The latest version of it left sweet lovers disappointed. The traditional jalebi is dipped in soya sauce. Different bell peppers and garlic paste are added to it.

7.Chilli jalebi 1

8. Oreo Pakoda

A street food stall in Ahmedabad sells oreo pakoda. Oreo is dark chocolate flavored biscuits with vanilla cream sandwiched in between. The biscuit is rolled in spicy gram flour batter and deep fried. It is served hot with chutney. The dish has been served for many years and is loved by children.

8.Oreo pakoda 1

9. Ice Cream Paratha

A user on Twitter posted photos of paratha rolled as an ice cream cone with scoops of ice cream on it. The dish is called “Chai Patti ice cream with paratha.” The combo received a mixed reaction from people. The ice cream is spiced chai Patti and served with sugared paratha.

9.Ice cream paratha 1

10. Chocolate Chicken

Two very different ingredients are combined to make a bizarre chocolate chicken dish. Chicken pieces are dipped in liquified chocolate and deep fried. Food lovers are astonished by this recipe. It was later clarified that the thing in which they dipped the chicken was Mole. Mole is a Nahuatl sauce made of chocolate and some spices, and it doesn’t taste sweet as expected.

10.Chocolate chicken 1

11. Rasgulla Chaat

Yes, you heard it right. Spicy chaat made of sugar-dipped rasgulla. A street vendor in Bangalore was seen selling rasgulla chat which went viral on the internet. Sugar syrup is first squeezed out of the rasgulla and seasoned with boiled potatoes, curd, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, and several Indian spices. This dish is a combination of sweet and savory tastes.

11.Rasgulla chaat 1

12. RoohAfza Maggi

Another weird dish that went viral on the internet is RoohAfza Maggi. This recipe is made by adding an extra sweet rose flavor syrup to the traditional Maggi. The dish looks red because of the syrup. People are disappointed with this version of their favorite Maggi.

12.RoohAfza Maggi 1

13. RoohAfza Chai

Indian chai is famous for its refreshing taste and unique ingredients. People in India are fond of chai and love experimenting with its taste. The new variation of chai which includes RoohAfza as one of its ingredients is not getting a positive reaction. People are disgusted by this combination.

13.RoohAfza Chai 1

14. Gulab Jamun Pizza

Pizza is an Italian dish loved by almost every Indian foody. The spicy, tangy taste of pizza loaded with cheese makes it popular among people. But have you ever heard of pizza with sweet toppings? Gulab jamun pizza is loaded with sweet gulab jamun, rose petals, almonds, and milk khoya. The bizarre dish went viral on the internet and received no positive reaction.

14.Gulab jamun Pizza 1

15. Mirinda Pani Puri

Next on the weird food combination list is Mirinda Pani puri. A video of a street vendor in Jaipur selling Pani puri with Mirinda went viral on the internet. The video was shot by a food blogger and received millions of views. Food lovers are stunned by this unusual combination.

15.Mirinda Pani Puri 1

16. Mango Maggi

Everyone loves the famous summer fruit, Mango. Various food items are made using this fruit. But can it be mixed and cooked with an instant noodle? A video is going viral on the internet showing a street stall which sells mango Maggi. The seller boils the Maggie in a pan and adds butter, masala, and water. She later adds mango juice and slices of ripped mango to it. People are going crazy after the recipe went viral.

16.Mango Maggi 1

17. Pineapple Pizza 

You may have seen various toppings on the pizza, which include tomato, onion, bell pepper, chicken, vegetables, and many more. But this new version has pineapple as a pizza topping. The combination sounds weird, but it has received a lot of positive comments. Many people appreciated the taste of this unusual pizza recipe.

17.Pineapple Pizza 1

18. Vodka Pani Puri

Among the wide variety of Pani puri, Vodka Pani puri is the best till date. It brings the perfect combination of tangy vodka with delicious spicy Pani puri. The infusion of crunchy, sweet, and savory flavors brings the best taste. It is undoubtedly a must-try food combination.

18.Vodka Pani puri 1

19. Coffee Beer

Coffee beer is a unique type of drink that gives flavor of both coffee and beer. It is made by brewing a small amount of coffee with any beer to enhance its taste. It contains a low amount of caffeine as the ratio of coffee is meager. Numerous brands sell coffee and beer, and people love its taste.

19.Coffee beer 1

20. Noodles Kadhi

Kadhi and noodles separately are loved by people. But their combination is also hitting the list. This combination is named Khow suey. The dish originated from Burma, Myanmar. It has flavors like coconut, ginger, garlic, and lemongrass. The noodle soup is worth trying.

20.Noodles Kadhi 1