Top 20 Recipes for a Vegetarian Dinner 

Meal prepping and planning as a vegetarian can get tricky. But vegetarian food can be equally tasty and easy to prepare with proper planning and organizing. Versatile, healthy, and easy-to-cook meals should be accessible to all. A list of incredible recipes that you can prepare in a short time and on a budget is provided below. Choose from a range of recipes, and you will surely find a family favorite among them that you can prepare in no time. From multiple cuisines around the world, top recipes for a vegetarian dinner:

1. Pesto Pasta

The easiest and most indulgent weeknight recipe, this one can be prepared in no time with just a handful of ingredients. In a blender, add basil leaves, olive oil, parmesan, walnuts, garlic cloves, salt, and freshly ground pepper to get a smooth and decadent sauce. Combine this boiled pasta of your choice, pasta water, and some more cheese and herbs to get the perfect comfort meal. Pair it with bread or wine to make it fancy, or have it as is!

1.Pesto Pasta

2. The Easiest Salad

A salad can be a delicious and very healthy option to put together in no time when you want to prepare a quick dinner. Full of nutrition and taste, this salad will surely blow your mind. You can add whatever vegetables you want; during summers, mango is very interesting to the salad. Lettuce, shredded carrots, bell peppers, corn, and cucumbers are added to this colorful bowl of nutrition. For protein, add soya chunks of grilled paneer. The dressing is basic, where you combine mustard sauce, hung curd, olive oil, honey, and lemon juice with your favorite seasonings and herbs. Toss everything together to get a filling and healthy meal.

2.The Easiest Salad

3. Dal Chawal

Nothing screams comfort meal like dal chawal. Rich in protein and carbohydrates, it is the perfect dinner for when you are craving a simple, homely meal. Boiled rice with hearty amounts of ghee paired with a simple yellow dal is all you need. Bring to boil masoor dal with turmeric, salt, and a lot of water. Once cooked and mushy, add in a tadka of ghee and your favorite spices. Enjoy piping hot.

3.Dal Chawal

4. Spicy Peanut Butter Ramen

The perfect choice is if you are craving something spicy and fancy but are short on time. Just toss sauteed vegetables of your choice, cooked noodles, and the sauce together. You can make a spicy peanut butter sauce by combining peanut butter, chili oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil with a tablespoon of hot water. In no time, you will have an incredible meal.

4.Spicy Peanut Butter Ramen

5. Leftovers Soup

A perfect soup that is comforting and uses all the remaining produce in your fridge? That sounds like a dinner idea! After browning garlic and onion on low flame Sautee all the leftover vegetables from your fridge. Once they cook a little, add water, cover, and boil until everything the vegetables are soft. After blending, add salt and herbs to your taste and enjoy with toasted bread. So good and filling, and it is made in under fifteen minutes.

5.Leftovers Soup

6. Bean Tacos

If you have leftover chappatis and boiled kidney beans, you can whip this homely taco up in no time. Mash the rajma with boiled potatoes and all your favorite seasonings and herbs. Just spread this on the leftover chappati with pizza sauce and cheese and fold the chapati to make a taco. Apply butter and grill on both sides. Kids especially enjoy this dinner.

6.Bean Tacos

7. Handmade Pizza

Want a pizza night but want to eat homemade food? This is the best way to have the best of both worlds. Combine yeast, sugar, and warm water to get the yeast to activate. Once activated, add flour and knead until you get a smooth dough. After proofing for one hour, roll out the crust and top with pizza sauce, cheese, and other toppings you might like. Bake and eat hot. This is a simple way to elevate homemade dinners.

7.Handmade pizza

8. Sandwiches

An unorthodox choice for dinner, sandwiches are a quick and efficient way to have a tasty meal. You can make the most simple one by layering ketchup on one slice and green chutney on the other. Cut slices of boiled potato, onions, tomatoes, and cucumber, arrange these slices on the bread with a cheese slice if you want, and grill. Enjoy with chai!


9. Fried Rice

If you have rice in your fridge leftover from the day before, this meal is ideal for you. Roast garlic and onion in butter, add vegetables of your choice, and sautee. Combine tomato puree, soy sauce, chili sauce, salt, and pepper and toss. Add rice and stir the best dinner for when you need a quick dinner without much effort.

9.Fried Rice

10. Wrap

On a tortilla, spread your favorite sauces with cooked beans, vegetables, and cheese. Roll to form a wrap and grill on all sides. Serve hot with dipping sauce. You can personalize this dinner based on what you have in your refrigerator, and you’ll never get bored of this dinner.


11. Veggies And Hummus

You can elevate a basic veggie-based dinner with the correct sauce. Cut and season all your vegetables of your choice and roast in the oven until a little charred on all sides. Serve this with hummus and other dips of your choice. Quick, hassle-free, and light, this dinner is especially great for people who prefer smaller dinners.

11.Veggies and Hummus

12. Burrito Bowl

For the ones who have a liking for Mexican cuisine, this is the best dinner. Simple to put together and incredible in taste, this dinner always delivers. Start with layering simple Mexican fried rice and refried beans. Use sour cream, corn chips, and fresh salsa as toppings. Make an easy queso sauce at home. Make the roux by cooking equal parts flour and butter together. Once a little brown, add milk part by part to make the bechamel. Add salt and pepper. Into this bechamel, add cheese and melt the cheese completely. Drizzle this on top of the burrito bowl, and enjoy!

12.Burrito Bowl

13. Sooji Idli

Combine sooji, yogurt, salt, water, and baking soda to form a batter of smooth consistency. Pour into greased idli mold and steam—pair idli with homemade coconut or peanut chutney and sambar. To make the idlis more flavourful, toss them in ghee and traditional south Indian gunpowder. This dinner is loved by children and adults alike.

13.Sooji Idli

14. Papdi Chaat

You cannot go wrong with this one. Arrange thin crisps or papdi on a plate and douse with sweetened thin curd. Add a layer of boiled lentil and potato mixture. Add another layer of thinned curd—drizzle tamarind sauce and spices. Serve with fresh chopped onion, coriander, and sev. It is the easiest way to elevate dinner and make it more fun.

14.Papdi Chaat

15. Vegetarian Chili

Roast onion, garlic, and cilantro stem in olive oil and chili powder. Add tomato paste after the onions soften. Add beans and roasted tomatoes along with water and cook. Once it gets to desired consistency, add the spices and serve hot with corn chips or flatbread.

15.Vegetarian chili

16. Creamy Risotto

A risotto can sound intimidating, but it can be fairly simple to put together. Cook garlic and onion in butter, and add arborio rice and broth to it once the onion softens. Simmer until the rice cooks, and add hot water as needed while cooking. Serve with sauteed vegetables as per your preference, or serve as it is. Don’t forget to add cheese!

16.Creamy Risotto

17. Nacho Platter

If you are a snacking fan, this dinner is the perfect meal for you. Layer nachos and add a hefty amount of refried beans to them. Douse this with your homemade queso sauce and cut jalapenos. Make a quick and easy salsa to add on top by combining chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes, and coriander with lime juice, salt, and pepper. This is an incredible option for kids and is an impressive way to sneak beans into their meals.

17.Nacho Platter

18. Paratha And Chai

Another great comfort meal. Aloo jeera, paratha, and chai. Just heat some leftover parathas and make a cup of chai. The aloo jeera comes together in less than 5 minutes. Cut boiled potatoes, and toss them in a tempering made of ghee, jeera, red chili powder, salt, and turmeric. Prepared in minutes, this meal is comfort at its finest.

18.Paratha and chai

19. Mac And Cheese

This simple stovetop mac and cheese comes together in minutes and is a dream come true. Make a simple white sauce by cooking flour and butter together to make a roux, and slowly add milk a little bit at a time to form a smooth bechamel sauce. Add boiled macaroni and cheese and seasonings, and serve piping hot. Another easy meal, ready in minutes!

19.Mac And Cheese

20. Curd Rice

The lightest dinner you can have. Just combine hung curd and rice. To this addition, mustard seeds and curry leaves tempered in ghee. You can add salt or sugar to taste, and enjoy!

20.Curd rice