23 Dessert Parlours To Enjoy In Amritsar

23 Dessert Parlours To Enjoy In Amritsar

The Golden City of Punjab, Amritsar, is surrounded by river Beas. It is a holy city and holds a very significant place in the hearts of Sikhs. The Golden Temple and the Jalianwala Bagh are the most visited tourist attractions. Amritsar is a place for foodies. People here are fond of desserts, cakes, ice-creams, etc. and following are some of the dessert parlors which one must try on their trip to Amritsar

1Honey Hut

 For a health conscious person and a nature lover, this cafe is one of the must try food spot to enjoy delicious as well as healthy food. One can find variety of honey based food products here like coffee, tea, smoothie, snacks, cakes, desserts, etc.

WHERE: Alpha One Mall, GT Road, Amritsar


2Durga Ice-Cream

It is one of the oldest ice cream parlours in the town. The quality and taste of the ice cream served is exceptionally great. One can get it at a decent price which makes it one of the favourite spot among the locals.

WHERE: 598, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

durga3Cafe Chokolade-Natural Ice-Cream

For dessert lovers, this is the best place to hang out with friends and enjoy the sizzling variety of desserts being served. The Madagascar ice-cream is one of the best. Mango and gulab jamun ice-creams are equally good. Among others are Choco chips, sitaphal, dates and honey ice-cream. They also offer a variety of shakes, smoothies, sandwiches, etc.

WHERE: 101, District Shopping Center, C-Block, Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar

chocolade4A-one Kulfa

It is a small furnished shop with limited seating but the best dessert can be found here in Amritsar. The dessert constitutes a mix of phirni, badam pista kulfi, faluda, rabdi, crushed ice, etc. and is a delicious blend of flavor.

WHERE: 3, Queens Road, Amritsar

A-one5Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is the one place that comes to mind to fulfill our cravings for ice-cream. In Amritsar it has a friendly staff and a huge seating area. It is a bit expensive but the taste of ice-creams makes it worth going here.

WHERE: SCO 15, B-Block, Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar


6Dunkin’ Donuts

Craving for doughnuts! Well, we all know where to head off. In Dunkin’ Donuts, u can find many kinds of doughnuts like chocolate frosted, cookie cartwheel; wraps, snacks and other “dunkydoos”. It has a good ambience and coffee is one of the must-have delicacies apart from naughty lucy burgers, breakup party eclairs with a cream shot over here.

WHERE: Upper Ground Floor, Trillium Mall, White Avenue, Amritsar


This is one of the best yogurt-chains found in the city. It ranges from rich hazelnut chocolate to delicate tiramisu. For cupcakes and coffee lovers, this is a must visit place in Amritsar.

WHERE:68-69, C-Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

hug8Divine Chocolate Factory

The desserts here are amazing and at reasonable price. It is a tiny place and provides a good service. If you are not a private kind of person this is your place to enjoy food and drinks.

WHERE: SCO 41,3rd Floor, Mehra Towers, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

divine9The Pastry Shop- Hyatt Amritsar

An exceptional quality dessert and equally good ambience are loved by most of the tourists here. One of the best cheesecakes in Amritsar is being served here.

WHERE: HYATT Amritsar, Adjoining Alpha One Mall, MBM Farms, Amritsar

pastry-shop10Sukhram Ice-Cream

Best place for fruit cream in Amritsar. The mango ice-cream is equally good. It offers cheap ice-creams which are delicious and a must go dessert parlors if you have a sweet tooth.

WHERE: Main Market, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

sukhram11Blues Bakers

Best designer cakes that one can find in whole Amritsar are at Blues Bakers. It has a good atmosphere and variety of desserts can be enjoyed. Soft bread, cookies and snacks here are also loved by the local people.

WHERE:30, Circular Road, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

blues-bakers12Bansal Bakers

Chocolate muffins are good in taste. Also the patties and pastries are fresh and tasty. It is little pricey.

WHERE: Main Market, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

Trillium Mall, White Avenue, Amritsar

bansal-bakers13Amrit Pastry Shop

Amritsar Pastry Shop is situated near Guru Nanak Dev University, and is the most preferred dessert parlour for University students. Pastries here are delicious and cake rusk and cakes are the must try food items if you visit this place.

WHERE: 16, GNDU Shopping Complex, GT Road, Amritsar

amrit14Gelato Italiano

They offer fat-free ice-creams and is a place to hit for health conscious people. All flavors of the ice-cream are rich delicacies. Bubblegum flavor is the must try for all.

WHERE: Ground Floor, Trillium Mall, White Avenue, Amritsar

gelato15Cakerz And Bakerz

Innovative designer cakes and exceptionally good cakes are their speciality. Cake lovers must visit this place.

WHERE: Lohgarh, Hathi Gate, Amritsar


It is a cheap dessert parlour in the heart of Amritsar with rich, delicious, good quality desserts.

WHERE: Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

sidewalk17Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

It is a good place to eat fast foods, desserts, and Sweets are extremely delicious to taste at least once in your lifetime. It has a cool ambience.

WHERE: Second Floor, Food Court, Alpha One Mall, GT Road, Amritsar

kuch-meetha18Caffeine- Golden Tulip

It can be found next to the lobby of Hotel Golden Tulip. It serves freshly brewed coffee with amazing cakes and desserts tempting to the taste buds.

WHERE: 8, GT Road, Model Town, Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar


19Kings Kulfi

The rainbow colored sticks offered by Kings Kulfi come in 24 flavors such as kesar pista, anjeer, mango, paan and blackcurrant among others. Here, one can relish the authentic indigenous frozen desserts of best quality at an affordable price.

WHERE: Second Floor, Food Court, Alpha One Mall, GT Road, Amritsar

kings-kulfi20Gelato Vinto

Gelato Vinto has variety of ice-creams that one can enjoy along with shopping. They also offer fat-free ice-creams similar to Gelato Italiano, and local people who are very concerned about their health should have this place on their must visit list.

WHERE: Alpha One Mall, GT Road, Amritsar

gelato-vinto21Raju Kulfiwala

It is a small shop and kulfi lovers will find it satisfying to their taste buds. Matka kulfi and faluda kulfi are most liked by the visitors.

WHERE: Near Golden Temple, Town Hall, Amritsar

raju22Kbs Kulfi

 Rose kulfi, malai kulfi, tutti fruity delicacies can be enjoyed here. It has a good ambience.

WHERE: Second Floor, Trillium Mall, White Avenue, Amritsar

kbs23 The Chocolate Room

It is a great place to hang out with friends in Amritsar. It has a friendly staff and desserts and cakes are extremely delicious.

WHERE: Alpha One Mall, GT Road, Amritsar