25 Delicacies Prepared During The Festival Of Onam

Delicious Food Recipes Prepared During Onam Fest


Upperi is a delicious snack item which is made from Banana. It is known as Banana chips. It is tasty and everyone, from kids to adults, likes eating it. It is easily available in super markets and one can easily prepare it at home as well. People from Kerala keep this in their meal during Onam which is a part of their tradition and it makes their feast complete.


2.Sharakara Varatti

Sharakara Varatti is one of the most favorite items of all the snack dishes that are prepared during Onam. It is especially loved by children. It is sweet and delicious. Malayalis make it with Banana Chips and cover it with Jaggery. It is dry, hard but crispy, and lip-smacking. It is a traditional delicacy from Kerala.


3.Manga Pickle

Manga in Malayalam means raw mango. During the auspicious day of Onam, they make raw mango pickle which adds little sweet and tanginess to the taste of the food. Raw mango is cut into small pieces and the necessary spices and masalas are added to make the pickle. It is served with Rice along with other vegetable dishes.


4.Naranga Pickle

Naranga in Malayalam means Lemon. Along with the Mango Pickle that is made during Onam, people also prepare lemon pickle. Lemon pickle is liked by many people. They give us the option to taste either of the pickles. It goes well with Rice along withother dishes served.



Ellisheri is a gravy which is prepared during Onam. People make this curry with Pumpkin, coconut, red chilli, and red beans. It tastes delicious. People have it with Rice. It is healthy too. It is easy to cook. It is one of the traditional delicacies from Kerala, which is continued even today.



Pulissery is gravy which is made during the festive day of Onam. Along with other gravies and vegetable sabzi’s, they also prepare this Curry. The ingredients of this dish include all kinds of vegetables, pumpkins, curd, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, coconut and some spices to taste. It is delicious and is served with Rice.



Kaalan is thick gravy which is a traditional delicacy of Kerala. People from Kerala prepare this with grated coconuts, curd, and Yam or any other similar kind of vegetable. They make it thick to preserve its taste. It is delicious and is served with Rice along with other dishes.



Olan is thick gravy which counts the number of delicacies prepared during Onam. It is delicious and mouth-watering. It is served with Rice during the auspicious day on a banana leaf. They make this curry from Red beans, grated coconut, and Ash gourd. They top few curry leaves on this dish.



Pachadi is one among the many dishes prepared during the festive day of Onam. People make this gravy from fresh Yogurt, Bitter gourd, pineapple, mustard seeds, red chilli, and coconut. It is thick in texture and tastes delicious. It is served in small quantity. It makes a nice combination with Rice.


10.Chenna Mezhkkupuratti

Chenna Mezhkkupuratti is a vegetable dish popular in South-India. People from Kerala prepare this Sabzi during Onam and other festivals too. It is a Sabji made from Yam. Yam is cut into small pieces and is stirred in the pan along with the necessary spices and other ingredients. It tastes delicious and is liked by many people.


11.Inji Curry

Inji Curry is thick gravy or a pickle kind of dish which is prepared during festivals. It is specially made during the Onam celebration. The ingredients of this delicacy include Tamarind pulp, ginger, and jaggery. It tastes sweet, sour, and tangy, which is mouth-watering. People like to have a pinch of this while having the sumptuous meal.


12.Parripu Curry

Parripu in Kerala means Moong Dal. This is a Curry made from Moong Daal. It tastes little different than the Moong Daal prepared in the other parts of India. They use red chilli, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, and pure ghee. It is healthy and tastes delicious. It is served with Rice and Papad.



Chor means Rice in Malayalam. People make brown rice on this auspicious day to celebrate the essence of the Festival following the legacy. Brown Rice has many health benefits. It is rich in proteins, calcium, fibre, thiamine, magnesium, and potassium. It is the unrefined process of the white rice. It goes well with gravies and sabzi’s.



Sambhar is a mixed-vegetable gravy. Sambhar is prepared even on normal days and it has become a part of everyday meal. It goes well with Rice, Idli, and Dosa. During Onam people serve Sambhar with Rice along with other vegetable dishes. Sambhar is made instantly and is easy to cook. They add all vegetables, and Sambhar powder or home-made masala powder to get the real essence of it. It is healthy and tastes good.


15.Morru Kachiyatha

Morru Kachiyatha is a gravy which is specially prepared during festivals and occasions. During Onam, people make this curry whose ingredients include Yogurt, red chilli, ginger and garlic paste, sesame seeds, and shallots. It is good for health and tastes delicious. It makes a great combination with Rice and vegetable Sabji.



Pappadam is the Papad which is prepared on every South-Indian festival or occasion. There are a variety of Pappads available in the market. During Onam, people make Rice flour papads, which is tasty and healthy too. It can also be called as the saviour of the meal. It goes well with Rice and any gravy.



Avial is also known as a mixed-vegetable sabzi. The ingredients of this sabzi include vegetables, grated coconut, curry leaves, coconut milk, and coconut oil. People in Kerala prepare this sabzi during festivals. It is easy to make and healthy to eat. It is served hot with Rice and other gravy.



Kichadi is a side dish which is made during the festival of Onam. The ingredients of Kichadi include Yogurt, red chilli, sesame seeds, any vegetable like Cucumber, bitter gourd, or Ladies Finger. It is healthy and tastes delicious. It is served with Rice in a small quantity. Elder people never miss preparing this delicacy.



Rasam is a thin textured gravy. There is a variety of Rasam which is prepared in the households. We get the Rasam powders readily available in the market. One can also make the Rasam masala powder at home. Rasam’s are usually easy to cook and taste great. It includes tamarind pulp, Curry leaves, Tomatoes, and mustard seeds.  


20.Pazham Pradhaman

Pazham Pradhaman is the Payasam which is made during festivals and occasions. This Payasam is made using Jaggery, Coconut Pieces, Pure ghee, half cooked rice, and Cashew nuts. It is one of the most favorite delicacies of adults and children. It tastes delicious, mouth-watering and tempting to have more.


21.Palada Pradhaman

Palada Pradhaman is a dessert which marks the special day on a sweet note. This Payasam is different from the Pazham Pradhaman as it is prepared with Milk, half cooked Rice, and other dry fruits. It is healthy and tastes awesome. At the end of the sumptuous meal, people like to have this delightful pudding.


22.Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran is specially prepared during the festival of Onam. It tastes delicious. Its ingredients include Cabbage, Carrots, red chilli, mustard seeds, turmeric, and grated coconuts. It is healthy as cabbage is a rich source of Calcium, Vitamins, Iron, Protein, Niacin, magnesium, and phosphorous. It makes a nice combination with Rice and any gravy.



Thoran means Sabji. This Thoran is prepared with all vegetables. They add green beans, Carrots, raw jack fruit, peas, cabbage, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and grated coconuts. All these are mixed well with the spices and cooked. It is served hot with Rice and Gravy. It is healthy and delicious.


24.Kootu Curry

Kootu Curry is a semi gravy sabzi made from Black Chana and Raw Banana. Grated Coconuts are also added to it. It tastes delicious and is very healthy. Raw banana is a good source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. It is served with Rice.


25.Inji Thayir

Inji Thayir is thick gravy item. It acts as a side dish among all the delicacies served during the festival of Onam. People from Kerala prepare this with Ginger slice, Yogurt, spices, and sesame seeds. Inji Thayir is served with Rice and other sabzi. It tastes tangy and delicious. It is healthy too.