Top 20 Lip-smacking Street Food Items For Vegans


1.Litti chokha (Bihar)

The mouthwatering oomph of Litti Chokha of Bihar,  which is savored by all, needs no introduction.This relishing delicacy consists of  balls of wheat flour and ghee baked on coal stoves, served with a spicy aubergine, onion and tomato paste. Chokha is prepared by boiling mashed vegetables, adding spices, chopped onion, and served with litti as a complimentary delicacy. Famous Litti Chokha in Bihar can be endowed at Gaurav Litti Chokha, Hariniwas Complex, Dak Bunglow Road, Patna.


2.Idli Chilli Fry(Pune)

This appetizer is an  amazing transformation of the most common South Indian recipe – Idli, into a tempting  party starter. Usually leftover Idlis are  cut  into pieces and fried with  vinegar, soya sauce and chopped veggies.     Idli Chilly Fry can be muched at the famous Bashree Pure Veg Restaurant, Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar, Pune.


3Poha (Indore)

Poha is considered to be the most exceptional out of   all the street food items in Madhya Pradesh. Soft and flattened rice alongwith roasted peanuts and dryfruits are  served traditionally for breakfast, often with dripping hot  Jalebis. The  perfect bistro for Poha in Pune would be Prashant Restaurant at M G Road, Indore.


4.Grilled Sandwiches (Mumbai)

When in Mumbai,sandwiches are a quintessential part of one’s daily conventional diet.. Grilled Sandwiches in Mumbai have gratified the famishment of substantial number of people dwelling there.  These lip smacking sandwiches can be enjoyed at Aarey Booth, Near S.T. Depo, Delisle Rad, N M Joshi Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Grilled-Sandwiches

5.Momos (Jammu)

Momos are the new favorite snack among the youth.  Momos, initially a Chinese delicacy is customised and filled with vegetables Momos are actively  consumed  during winters  alongwith hot soup. These famous momos can easily be found in The Momo Hut, a Chinese Restaurant, Jammu City.


6.Faluda Kulfi (Delhi)

For all the sweet lovers out there, Kulfi is a gradually prepared Indian Ice-cream with simmered  and sweetened milk. The kulfi is flavored with rose, basil, jelly and tapioca pearls. The best Kulfis can be savoured  in Delhi at Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale, Sitaram Bazaar, Chandni Chowk or in Roshan Di Kulfi at Karol Bagh.


7.Paratha (Delhi)

Delhi is famous for its parathas. The glorious Paratha Wali Gali has been  acknowledged for over 140 years. However, there are some other places in town where yummy parathas can be relished.Parathas are best enjoyed with pickle and a creamy and thick glass of Lassi(Buttermilk). You can get one of the best parathas in Delhi at Moolchand Paratha, Moolchand Metro Station, Lajpat Nagar.


8.Capsicum bhaji (Bangalore)

Capsicum Bhaji is one of the most delightful  street foods of Bangalore. This ravishing delicacy compels you to lick your fingers.. Famous eating spot in Bangalore for Capsicum Bhaji  is Sri Annapurna Bhaji Centre at Jay Nagar.


9.Jalebis (Varanasi)

A conventional sweet  also known as a funnel cake is  made withcoiled up batter, fried and  entirely assimilated in sugar syrup. These lip-smacking funnel cakes are also relished across South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa… One can find famous Jalebis in Varanasi at The Rajbandhu Sweets, Kachori Gali.


10.Kachori sabzi (Varanasi)

Kachori Sabzi is a part and parcel of the breakfast meal  in Varanasi. Banarasi kachori is an exotic version of a generic kachori but is as enticing as the generic one. The dough is filled  with  spices and other stuffing material and isoften fried twice to achieve the   crispy texture. Chachi ki dukan at Kashi Vishwanath Temple is famous for kachori sabzi.



Banarasis are exemplary people  when it comes to food. Malaiyo is prepared only in Banaras during  Winters. Malaiyo is flavored milk which is served in earthen pots to make it more palatable. Garnishing is done with nuts which includes pistachios and almonds. Malaiyo can be savoured  in the small shops around Neelkanth and Chaukhamba lanes.


12Chura Matar (Varanasi)

Another luscious  delicacy is the Chura Matar of Banaras also known as Poha Matar which is particularly enjoyed  in the winter season. This is an appetizing dish  with  fresh green peas and spices. You can get the best Chura Matar at the Kashi Chat Bhandar at Godolia, The Monga’s and The Ayyar’s Café.


13.Vada Pav (Mumbai)

Amidst all the  snacks in Mumbai, this is the most remarkable one  of them all. A bun popularly known as pav, is stuffed with fried potato smotheredwith a thick layer of tamarind and served with garlic and coriander chutney. Vada pav is an amazing mood booster which is why people love it.  You can reach out to the most amazing Vada Pav in Mumbai at Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada Pav Corner.


14.Bhel puri (Mumbai)

Bhel puri is one of the most popular chaats in India which is predominantly famous in Mumbai. It is a concoction of puffed rice, sev(mamra), chopped tomatoes and potatoes flavoured with sweet, sour and spicy chutneys. The famous bhelpuri center in Mumbai is at Sharma Bhelpuri House, Amla Bhawan, M.G. Road, Opp. Municipal Garnden, Vile Parle East, Mumbai.


15.Pani puri (Mumbai)

Pani Puri isknown by different names in various places like, gol gappe, batasha,Phuchka, Phulki, etc. Pani Puri is hollow, crisp and deep fried wheat balls filled with tamarind water and spiced potato. Pani puri is eaten all over Southern Asia. The most delicious pani puri corner in Delhi is at Elco Market, and  46 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.


16.Pav bhaji (Mumbai)

Pav bhaji is one of the mostlip smacking chaats in India, particularly famous in Mumbai. Reach out to your favourite pav bhaji centre at Sardar Pav Bhaji, 166-A, 166-B, Tardeo road junction, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


17.Idli Vada (Bangalore)

Idli Vada resides in  the hearts of South Indians. It is the delicious staple breakfast meal  eaten across  Southern India  Famous bistro to enjoy this snack  is Veena Stores, 183, 15th Cross, Malleshwaram, Margosa Road, Bengaluru.


18.Benne dosas (Bangalore)

Benne Dosas are delicious south indian pancakes made out  of rice batter. Benne Dosas are often translated as Butter Pancakes. These are served with various customized sauces or toppings dripping with butter.   Food Joints particularly famous for these indian pancakes are  Davangere Benne Dose, 13, 32nd E Cross Rd, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar 3rd Block East, Jayanagar.


19.Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is one of the most quintessential street foods across Northern India. Delhi is famous for its delectable street foods where Chole Bhature tops the list. One of the most famous spots to enjoy this sizzling dishis at 2243, Rajguru Marg, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi.


20.Mirchi Bajji(Hyderabad)

Hyderabad’s mirchi bajjis is a hotshot  snack munched in nearly all parts of the country.The recipe incorporates stuffing  green chilli fritters with zestful indian spices. Even though  stuffed chillis are found everywhere in the country, Hyderabadi Mirchi Bhajji’s are absolutely incomparable… Enjoy these  at Andaal Swamy in HMT Nagar, Tarnaka.