2O Best Pizzas In Italy

20 best pizzas in italy 1
20 best pizzas in italy 1

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes today, and it is known to everyone. A land awash in warmth, art, music, architecture, history, and, of course, cuisine: beautiful Italy is renowned throughout the world for its extraordinary culinary delights. This country offers dishes that are unique and inimitable, and that is enjoyed by people worldwide. A country that offers dishes that are enjoyed by people all over the world, beautiful Italy is renowned throughout the world for its extraordinary culinary delights. No matter how it is made—deep-pan soft or thin and crunchy, classic or gourmet, with or without a loaded crust—pizza in Italy is a real institution and a worldwide symbol of the country.

1. Sforno

This excellent pizza place is right by Cinecittà, Rome old film, and TV studios, making pizzas in the Naples style with charred, chewy crusts. Stefano Callegari opened his first sit-down pizzeria, Sforno, after Trapizzino. Sforno, a Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Tuscolana near the Cinecittà studios, is known for its entire raised pizzas. The cacio e Pepe is the most well-known, as it is baked with ice and then topped with what appears to be a whole wheel of grated pecorino. Great as an appetizer to share with friends, but it’s pretty big, so it’s best to serve it as an appetiser for two or three people to share.

1. Sforno

2. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele-Naples

People who have been here or read the reviews say it has the best pizza in the world. As long as you’re in line, you can’t help but feel like you’re among friends. All of us realize that this is a near-religious phenomenon. How pleased you are going, if you believed you were happily waiting.

2. LAntica Pizzeria da Michele Naples

3. Pommidoro – Pizza e Fritti

Pizza al taglio is at its best in Centocelle, an east Rome working-class neighborhood slowly getting more bars and restaurants. Mirko Rizzo, a former student of Gabriele Bonci’s, opened Pommidoro to fulfill his dream of making great pan-baked pizza with carefully crafted toppings. For example, the carbonara takes the already-good pizza, Bianca. It adds a crisp guanciale and a cream of eggs, pecorino, and pepper after the base comes out of the oven, creating an excellent contrast of texture and temperatures. Save room for the tasty fritti, which comes with lentils, cotechino, and fried meatballs.

3. Pommidoro Pizza e fritti

4. Casa Manco 

Mordi e Vai may have the most customers at the Testaccio Market because of its meat Panini. Still, Casa Manco, which was opened in 2017 by Andrea Salable and Paola Manco, isn’t far behind. Every day the market is open, and beautiful pizza pala is served to start at 8:30 in the morning. The crust is well-risen and well-baked, so it tastes like bread. It’s topped with sesame seeds or an elaborate, mixture of mortadella, ricotta, honey, and orange. Get a slice or two to eat while you shop.

4. Casa Manco

5. Francesco e Salvatore Salvo-Large Arso

Two brothers run the restaurant.  Their father led them on how to run it, and they used what he taught them to make it even better.

Their passion shows in every part of the restaurant, from where they get the raw ingredients to the top-notch wine list. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best pizzas you will ever eat.

5. Francesco e Salvatore Salvo Large Arso

6. Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Pizza at Ai Marmi is the stuff of legend in Rome. Locals have dubbed it “the Morgue” because of its marble interior, but the facility has been active for more than 80 years. Six nights a week, hundreds of paper-thin pies, supply, filetti di baccalà, and bottles of Peroni Nastro Azzuro emerge from the wood oven. This pizza is supposed to be eaten, not admired, therefore, it is straightforward. Wait times on weekends may be lengthy but are masterfully steered by a consistent group of waiters whose features may pass for busts in the Capitoline Museums.

6. Pizzeria Ai Marmi

7. O Fiore Mio-Faenza

The key to their success is keeping the dough as essential as possible and allowing it to rise for between 24 and 48 hours. The final product is so simple and delicious that it doesn’t need any more embellishment

You can’t go wrong with their olive oils, wines, or customer service. Once you’ve had your first taste, you’ll be thinking about your next visit immediately.

7. O Fiore Mio Faenza

8. Ranzani 13-Bologna

A new, modern take on a pizza place, with burgers, perfect craft beer, and pizza among the best in the world.

Everything is very laid-back, so it’s a great place to hang out with friends. Younger pizza lovers in this beautiful country want a place like that, with a few tweaks that don’t alter the original concept significantly.

8. Ranzani 13 Bologna

9. Prelibato

This modest bakery-pizzeria, which has only been open for four years, is already regarded as one of the best in the city. In Rome, Prelibato is a typical pizza al taglio restaurant run by a chef who used to work at some of the city’s best restaurants. The crust has a floppiness that makes it reminiscent of a New York slice. Some of the best toppings are amatriciana, which is made with fresh tomatoes, pecorino, thin shavings of guanciale, and potato chunks, which are made with creamy chunks instead of the usual thin slices of potato.

9. Prelibato

10. Alla Lettera-Turin

There is no better place in Turin for pizza and other local delicacies than “literally” in Italian, Alla Lettera, which means “literally” in English. Here, the pizza is of the highest caliber, with perfect thinness and a great number of toppings. As far as I can tell,  Piazza Bodoni’s location is the most excellent part of this pizzeria. During the spring and summer months, ask to be sat outside if the weather is pleasant.

10. Alla Lettera Turin

11. Dry-Milan

Modern Italian pizzeria Dry serves delectable pizza and world-class cocktails in a stylish setting with excellent customer service.

It’s impossible to come here and order pizza without first trying one of their house beverages, which are the ideal pre-pizza palate cleaners. Although they aren’t reinventing the wheel, this establishment is giving something new and exciting to the pizza-eating experience in a fashionable atmosphere.

11. Dry Milan

12. Antico Forno Roscioli

When the aroma of fresh mozzarella and yeast wafts down the Via Dei Chiavari, it’s hard to resist stopping in for a quick bite. Around the corner from Emma is the Roscioli bakery, which specializes in all things bread-related, including whole loaves, breakfast pastries, and cookies sold by the kilo? The pizza, is the actual lure. While the Bonci version is crispier, this Rossa has a more conventional topping lineup, including lighter options like Rossa or sausage and porcini. The ideal pizza for grabbing a snack on the go.

12. Antico Forno Roscioli

13. Trapizzino | Testaccio

One of the great success stories of the Roman food world the restaurant that bears Stefano Callegari’s name sells the dish that bears its name: a triangle of baked pizza-bread that has been squeezed open and stuffed with anything from pan-Italian classics like chicken cacciatore and meatballs to the uber-Roman dish of tripe and even a barbered-spiced braised beef. Callegari came up with the idea for the dish. The name comes from the words “pizza” and “tramezzino,” which is a triangle-shaped sandwich that is often sold in Roman bars. All three places are in areas with a lot of nightlife, so they are open late and have a wide range of craft beers. What’s excellent about Trapizzino is that, far from being a gimmick, it has become a beloved institution: cheap, fast, tasty, and above all, Roman.

13. Trapizzino Testaccio

14. Pizzeria Fratelli Roselli-Turin

Pizzeria Fratelli Roselli has a wide range of pizzas to pick from, making it the best option for pizza lovers. In addition, budget-conscious travelers like that their costs are relative, reasonable. Consider complementing your pizza with one of the restaurant’s local wines if you choose to dine there. Try their legendary tiramisu to round out your dinner.

14. Pizzeria Fratelli Roselli Turin

15. Emma Pizzeria Con Cucina

The Roscioli family’s sit-down pizzeria. Emma’s Roman-style pies are some of the city’s best. Although the crust is only a few millimeters thick, it has a distinct flavor and isn’t just a topping. Emma’s cured meats and cheeses are always top-notch because they come from the Roscioli. An excellent value at €9 is the Margherita Vacca Rossa with Parmigianino matured for 30 months. Both suppli and bruschetta are perfect starters for the meal.

15. Emma Pizzeria Con Cucina

16. I TiglI s.r.l.-Verona

When the specialty we’re serving today is named “pizza,” purists cringe. But the truth is that good cuisine involves pushing things ahead and discovering new possibilities. Trim precise crusts topped with high-end ingredients like lobster and caviar adorn their pizzas. If you haven’t tried them, don’t judge them until you’ve had the opportunity.

16. I TiglI s.r.l. Verona

17. Pasticceria Panificio Panella Roma

From coffee to pastries to cocktails to aperitifs to pizza, Panella is one of the few establishments that do it all. An authentic bakery, Panella’s pizza has a thin, mellow crust and is garnished only with light and simple toppings. Carrot and zucchini are excellent additions, as are the brittle-crunchy Bianca filled with mortadella. For whatever flavor, pizza is best enjoyed outside with a glass of wine at one of the outdoor tables.

17. Pasticceria Panificio Panella Roma

18. Pizzeria a Taglio Angelo E Simonetta

Angelo e Simonetta is a little out of the way, but worth it for the pizza. This is where the long-fermented Romana dough originates, arising out of the pan while remaining crisp. A little less rose than younger restaurants, but hearty and tasty enough to withstand the frequently changing toppings like carrots and guanciale, eggplant and pesto, etc.

18. Pizzeria a Taglio Angelo E Simonetta

19. 2O Best Pizzas In Italy

Tonda brings together the best of Trapizzino creator Stefano Callegari’s other businesses into one place. Thick and crispy pizzas, topped with everything from Pepe to faux “lasagna” of ricotta, prosciutto cottage, and buffalo mozzarella, are available at Sbanco and Sforno, as well. Tondo, in contrast to Sbanco and Sforno, serves trapizzini. In addition, there will be plenty of craft beer and excellent fried appetizers.

19. Pizzeria Tonda

20. AArte e Tradizione-Palermo

Their pizza has some of the most aerated and spongey crusts you’re ever going to see on a pizza, and they’re also reasonably priced. Because of the lengthy proving time of the dough, which they then cook in less than 90 seconds, this is possible.

Their toppings are traditional yet perfectly executed, resulting in a pizza that will linger in your mind long after you have finished eating it.

20. AArte e Tradizione Palermo