Top 20 Most Popular Persian Foods

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Kebabs may be famous in Iran, but Iranian cuisine is far more complex, varied, and challenging to prepare. Persian food has flavors from both the West and the East because it is from the Middle East.

All of these ingredients are used in the cooking process in Iran to add a delicious flavor to a served dish. Persian cuisine is so delicious that it should not go unnoticed.

Searching for information about a country’s traditional foods is the first step in learning about its culture. Foods are a big part of their communities because they have deep cultural and historical roots. In addition to the traditional dishes that are made all over the country, almost every city and small town in Iran has its way of making Persian food. Abgoosht and Dizi, Chellow, Stew, and Kebab are all examples of Persian cuisine. When visiting Iran, sample some of these delectable Persian delicacies.

1. Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab is a kebab served with rice and grilled tomatoes on top of the skewered meat. It’s common to do this dish with a bottle of wine.

In this case, koobedeh is a mixture of ground pork, onion, and spices. Meats and vegetables are cooked on a grill to make them juicy, soft, and full of flavor. Some sumac (red-dried berries) and cubes of butter are also included with the kebab,  served over rice.

1. Chelo Kebab

2. Shashlik Lamb Rack kabab

Shashlik, often known as shish kebab, is a popular dish in many nations in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southern Europe. The version served in Iranian restaurants, on the other hand, differs from that served in other countries. It translates to six pieces of freshly cooked lamb rack. A marinade of chopped onion and lemon is applied to lamb ribs in Iran to make them softer.

2. Shashlik Lamb Rack kabab

3. Tahchin

In Iran, Tahchin is a rice cake filled with rice, yogurt, and saffron, chicken fillets, and eggs. You can use vegetables, fish, or other types of meat instead of the chicken fillets. Saffron, chicken fillets and other spices are cooked in a thin layer of Tahdig at the bottom of a pot. White rice is then put on top of that to finish the dish. In restaurants, tahchin is often served without the white rice part.

3. Tahchin

4. Dolme

This food comes from the Turkish-speaking parts of Iran and Turkey. Dolme is a traditional Persian dish made of meat, rice, and herbs wrapped in grape leaves. After being cooked at a low temperature and mixed with plum sauce, it is steamed. The dish is served with rich bread and yogurt. You can also add peppers and tomatoes to the stuffing. It’s a common lunch in the spring when the leaves are new.

4. Dolme

5. Khoresht-e-Fesenjan

Fesenjan, also called pomegranate walnut stew, is one of the most expensive and delicious meals. This is because it is made with expensive ingredients. Khoresht-e Fesenjan is often made with duck, but it can also be made with chicken or lamb. In the north of Iran, fish is sometimes used to make this dish. People say that this stew needs a skilled cook because it needs to simmer for a long time to bring out the full flavor of the sauce.

But even though it looks black and thick, this dish has a unique taste because it is made with nuts and pomegranate nectar.

5. Khoresht e Fesenjan

6. Khoresht-e Karafs (Celery Stew)

Since celery is the main ingredient in Khoresht-e Karafs, the stew is very healthy and good for you. Other herbs that can be used in cooking are mint and parsley.

Either lamb or veal is used to make it. Some people also add kidney beans and pomegranate paste, which are not as common.

Khoresht-e Karafs usually have a flavor that is a little bit sour.

6. Khoresht e Karafs Celery Stew

7. Zereshk Polo

Traditional Persian food, Zereshk polo is made with chicken and served on special occasions. In Persian, barberries are called zereshk. They taste sweet and sour, and sometimes frying them in sugar makes them softer.

A bright and lively sprig of dandelion is one of the most attractive and tasty things to put on top of rice.

7. Zereshk polo

8. Tahdig

Tahdig is a traditional Persian dish that has been around for a very long time. It is made with crunchy fried rice.

This tasty dish is made in a pot with a layer of basmati rice mixed with yogurt, saffron, spices, and herbs, and a layer of vegetables on top.

8. Tahdig

9. Dizi

Another traditional dish is Dizi, which is also called Abgoosht. The Iranians came up with a dish called Dizi hundreds of years ago. It is cooked and served in a small stone dish called a Dizi. Traditional restaurants in Iran still serve this food in these stone bowls. This dish is high in calories because it has lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, and potatoes. Sangak bread, Torshi, eating herbs, onion, and Doogh are all offered at the same time.

9. Dizi

10. Barg Top Sirloin With Rice

This Persian food is the main attraction at every restaurant in Iran. This place is very popular with both Iranians and people who come from other places. Everyone wants to know what goes into the recipe. It’s like a steak grilled with lime, tomato, olive oil, butter, and saffron and served on a bed of rice. Fresh herbs, Doogh, Torshi, or yogurt are served on the side to go with the dish.

10. Barg top sirloin with rice

11. Khoresht-e Gheimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)

Beef and yellow split peas are the main things in the stew. During cooking, you can also add tomato paste, onion, and spices. Thin slices of French fries are served with the stew.

You may have heard of the word “Nazri” if you know that Iranians give away free meals on religious holidays. Khoresht-e Gheimeh is Nazri’s favorite dish.

11. Khoresht e Gheimeh Yellow split peas Stew

12. Salad Olivier

It is easy to make, and the way it looks (creamy) is a plus. It is made of chopped boiled chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, eggs, and mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice and seasonings.

It tastes best after being in the fridge for several hours. You can also put olives and tomato flowers on top of this dish.

12. Salad Olivier

13. Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi is the most popular stew in Iran and among tourists from other countries.

Lamb or veal, herbs (like parsley, coriander, and spinach), and kidney beans are the main things in the stew. To make the stew, onion and spices are added. It has a lot of different things in it, including herbs like parsley, leek, coriander, and spinach, as well as beans and red meat. This type of food is served with rice, salad, olives, and different kinds of desserts, depending on what the person wants.

13. Ghormeh sabzi

14. Halim

It takes a lot of time and works to make this hearty winter breakfast. It looks like a doughy meat-and-wheat porridge.

The main things in this dish are wheat, barley, shredded chicken, beef, lamb, and many different spices. It tastes even better when you sprinkle cinnamon on top. Halim is a dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

14. Halim

15. Kuku Sabzi

Kuku sabzi is another vegetarian dish that is made with fresh herbs, eggs, spices, and about five different kinds of herbs. Naan bread is used to eat it. It is cooked in a hot pan and served as a thick omelet or frittata. This dish is usually eaten on Nowrooz, which is the Persian New Year’s Day.


16. Chelo Joojeh (Boneless Chicken)

“Chicks” is what joojeh means in Farsi. Chicken kabab flavored with saffron and marinated in olive oil with tomatoes and saffron. Most Iranians like to grill their meat when they are outside in places like parks, jungles, or camping grounds. Koobideh Kebab, on the other hand, takes longer to make and requires more skill. Tomatoes and saffron rice are served with it.

16. Chelo Joojeh Boneless Chicken

17. Baghali Polo & Mahicheh (Lamb Shank With Dill Rice)

Baghali polo is a well-known Persian dish made with dill rice and five beans. It’s a traditional favorite, and every Persian restaurant must have it on the menu. Baghali means “five beans” or “broad beans” in Persian (Farsi). This is by far the Persian rice recipe that Iranians ask for the most. It is one of the most common tasty foods served at weddings in Iran. It is an expensive and tasty dish that is sometimes served with chicken.

17. Baghali polo Mahicheh Lamb shank with Dill Rice

18. Tabrizi Kufteh

This delicious Azeri food has a unique set of ingredients and ways of making it. Some people add sugar, while others add lemon juice or vinegar. But meat, yellow split peas, rice, onion, and egg are the main ingredients. The sauce is savory and has tomato and cinnamon in it. There are also walnuts and berries used. It has Torshi, herbs, and Doogh with it.

18. Tabrizi Kufteh

19. Ash e Reshteh

Ash e Reshteh is a traditional Iranian noodle soup made with egg noodles, beans, herbs, and greens like spinach and beet leaves. Mint oil, crunchy fried onions, and sour kashk, a Middle Eastern fermented whey treat, are sprinkled on the dish to make it taste better.

19. Ash e Reshteh

20. Kashke Bademjan

The vegetarian kashke bademjan is delicious. There are mashed eggplant, Kashk, dried mint, crushed garlic, and spices in it. The main ingredient is eggplant, which is best when grilled, but sometimes fried eggplant is used instead.

A very important ingredient is kashk, which is a buttery byproduct of yoghurt. Eggplants and kashk are mixed with fried onions, walnuts, and mint (nana dagh). Kashke bademjan goes well with sangak bread.

Overall, Iranian food is different from other types of food. Each part of Iran has its special food. Iran is a long-standing nation.

20. Kashke bademjan