Best 20 Dishes Of Indore, Food Capital Of India

Best 20 Dishes Of Indore, Food Capital Of India

1. Poha Jalebi

Extraordinary breakfast makes the day special. Flattened rice (Poha) served with sev and pomegranate seeds. It comes along jalebi which tasty and crunchy. Chappan dukan in New Palasia serves it in the early hours. Another famous store for Poha-Jalebi is Young Tarang. It is unique in Indore because of its combination of savory and sweet taste. It considered as an Indori breakfast which all should try.


2. Dal Bafle And Ladoo

It is similar to Malwari cuisine. The dish resembles Dal baati churma of Rajasthan. Ball containing wheat and semolina, when baked turns to a crispy baffle. Bafla served by dipping it in ghee. Bafla accompanied with sweet and yummy ladoo. A powdered sweet, mango pickle and chutney also get into the dish to make it lovely. It is an amalgamation of sweet and salty which spreads the taste of Dal bafle.


3. Tandoori Chicken And Kebabs

Chicken marinated in the flavorful yogurt-based marinade for a whole day makes the spicy and crunchy tandoori chicken. Non-vegetarians, coming to Indore get the pleasure of eating delicious Kebabs and Tandoori. Yogurt makes the Tandoori moist and tender enough to eat. Grilling is one of the methods to make fresh and delectable Tandoori. To enjoy the taste of Tandoori without having a fear of fat, use the minimal amount of oil while grilling the Tandoori. This skill makes the Tandoori unique in Indore.


4. Patis

Dry coconut covered with potatoes makes the crunchy Patis. It served with the tangy and sweet sauce. Patties are very famous in Indore and varieties of Patties are available. Ragda patties, Indore coconut patties, cheese coconut patties are favorites of Indore. These patties are the best chat ever to be tasted by every epicure  Green chutney and imily chutney can accompany tastier patties.


5. Kaju Curry

Naan and Tandoori roties with Kaju Curry make a better recipe. Rice gravy made with Cashew paste, tomato puree, onion makes the dish lip-smacking and tasty. Cloves and cinnamon added to the curry make it delectable and fiery.


6. Lassi

It’s a favourite drink of Punjab, which has root in Indore. Strawberry is the renowned flavor in Lassi. Fresh yogurt, when blended with sugar and flavor essence, the bright lassi will ready in a minute for consuming. Ghamandi restaurant rocks in making delicious lassi in Indore. This restaurant gives the classic taste to Lassi which is more popular in Indore. Every sip of the Lassi makes anyone feel yummy.


7. Sabudana Kichadi

Indore is famous for street foods. One of the most out of the ordinary foods is Sabudana Kichadi. It gets ready when Sabudana (pearl tapioca) soaked in overnight and get cooked in the steam. To garnishing the kichadi lemon juice, coriander leaves, fariyali namkeen spread over the kichadi. It gives spiciness and fresh taste for the kichadi. Indore style Sabudana Kichadi is a new one, and it seemed to be invited by all from various places.


8. Moong Dal Bhajiyas

Soft; long moong dal flitters served at the road side of Anoop Nagar of Indore. Anoop Nagar Uncleji Moong bhajiyas are well-known in Indore. The green gram used for making Moong bhajiyas makes the snack tasty and tangy.


9. Dahi Vada

Safara Bazar, one of the well-known night food markets for chat items. It is the place, where Indore special Joshi Dahi Vada is more admired. Joshi Ji is the famous Dahi vada specialist, from whom the name of Indore famous Joshi Dahi Vada has brought up. Joshi special Dahi Vada is ready to eat without oil and Dahi would be more consistent than any other Dahi in the market.


10. Bhutte Ka Kees

Grated corn is the main ingredient of Bhutee ka Kees. Grated corn roasted with ghee and garnished with lemon juice gives a mildly spicy dish, which considered as an Indori delicacy. Even there is no season for corn, season for Bhutte ka kees does not fall. Katta-Meetha is the taste which resolves when we eat this chat. It is the one due to the blending of the sweetness of corn with Mirchi and lemon. Who comes to Rajwada in Indore must try Bhutte ka Kees.


11. Rambabu Ke Parathe

It is paratha stall, where we can taste the variety of parathas from aloo paratha to cheese paratha. Rambabu ke paratha is the famous restaurant which, well known in Indore and some other North-Indian cities for its varieties in the Paratha. It is similar to the Delhi paratha Wali Gali.


12. Bina Tala Samosa

Triangular pastry filled with spicy and crunchy masala makes the tasty Indore Samosa. Usual Samosa is fried snack, and Indore makes the samosa extraordinary and healthy by baking the samosa. It fills with crunchy fried potato and samosa accompanies the taste of chutney.


13. Palak Puri

It is healthy and tasty breakfast prepared by deep frying the bread. It accompanies with tasty Aloo sabji and pickle. It is not only acceptable breakfast in Indore; it attracts the whole Madhya Pradesh for its taste and crunchiness. Canola oil can use for making dough. It makes the bread more soft and crunchy. Spinach paste and green chili added to the Aata makes it spicy and delectable.


14. Garam Garam Garadu

A yummy chat made of deep Fried Yam speckled with chat masala and lemon juice and lemon bars. Almond Fried garadu also makes the tour to Indore delicious Garadu referred as Cassava, which is a seasonal dish in some places. But Indore style Garadu is available in all season, and it is famous for its Garadu masala dipped in it.garam-garam-garadu

15. Egg Benjo

Spicy masala omelette stuffed between doughy and soft buns makes the Indore non-vegetarian favorite Egg Benjo. The stuffed one gets fried with oil or ghee to affix the crispiness and crunchiness to the bite. The snack looks great while it strings along with coriander chutney, onion and sauces or ketchup. For non-vegetarian the Johnny Hot dog in Indore has extended the preparation of Egg Benjo to Egg mutton Benjo. Both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian should meet Hotdog for tasting Indore Chats.egg-benjo

16. Sweets At Safara Market

Food City of India, Indore has one more specialization; Indore is famous for the sweet tooth. The main hotspot of Indore is Safara market where we can experience all the prominent chat items of Indore. Safara Market is the place which is well known for the jewellery shop in daybreak which gets turned into a place for the foodie in the evening. It has various sweets in market. The sweet lovers can taste jalebis, imartis, malpaus, rabdi, gulab jamun, badam milk, kalakand, moong dal halwa and the list goes on.


17. Dal Kachori

Dal kachori made of the floor and gets soften as dough ball, which stuffed with spicy masala or moong dal fillings. It is well known in Indore, while pea’s kachori, most invited in Kolkata. The stodgy consists of spicy masala, chopped onion, garlic paste, etc. The kachori has the well-known side dish chutneys which make us feel mouth- watering.


18. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a North Indian bite which is more illustrious in Pakistan, Bangladesh. Aloo means potato, the snack made of potato liked by food lover should taste this Indore special Tikki. Tikki refers to the cutlets, in which potato made into delicious and crunchy cutlets. Jhony hot dog and Oakaz are the famed places for Aloo Tikki in Indore.


19. Papdi Chat

Papdi chat one of the well- known chat item in all over India. But Indore is the foremost place where it is getting more unique Rattan sev Bhandhar is Manufacturer Company which is producing and advertising more Papdi chat products all over India. Papdi chat served mostly with curd, and it can take as a snack or as a great meal.


20. Kulfi Falooda

Indore, a city known for street foods and snacks has an excellent nibble which loved by all age foodie. One who visits Old Palasia in Indore should try the taste of Faluda which tempts you to visit Indore for Faluda. Creamy slurpy falooda is famous in safara market which everyone should try. It has many flavors, in which Pan Flavor is much tasty and yummy. Safara market carries many chat items and street foods, which can digest by eating Falooda at the end of the tour to Safara market.