Top 20 Gluten Free Restaurants In Mumbai


Nowadays we tend hear the word gluten free diet very commonly and every second person is on that type of diet. Point to be noted here is that in fact a gluten free diet has become synonyms with the word healthy diet and that s the reason that so many people have started adopting this type of diet. Adopting and maintain this diet has become extremely imperative for people today. It should be adopted by people with inflammatory diseases, obesity, low immunity, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Not only that a gluten free diet can actually help you increase your energy and stamina and proves to be an important supplement to your workout.

This article is going to focus on letting you know the top 20 restaurants serving gluten free diet and food in Mumbai. If you are on a vacation to Mumbai and are worried about gaining weight due to overeating, don’t worry. Follow this article and you will get delicious gluten free food along with a tour of Mumbai as these restaurants are at the most offbeat and different places possible. Following is the list of the same.

1. The Peshwa Pavillion

This restaurant stands at the hub of the bustling city of Mumbai. It is ranked as the top restaurant for providing gluten free options to its customers and the quality of the food is next to amazing. The non-vegetarian options in the layup are delicious and the salad provided adjacent to that of the platter is a sheer blend of salty and sweet vegetables. However, this place is surely considered to be a little expensive and not everybody is able to afford it.

2. One Street Over

This is a small restaurant compared to the other hot shot diners however this place is literally to die for. The Quinoa pancake served here is very delicious as it is a mix of the pancake, sweet potato cream, pumpkin and chickpeas.This particular pancake is made of a grain like substance which quickly just dissolves in your mouth and you don’t even realise. So therefore in the end you are just left craving for more.

3. Suzette

This is a walk in restaurant and there is no need to book a table. However on working days there is a long wait to even enter this place. This place offers gluten free crepes and they are literally mouth watering. The favourite amongst all of them is the Belgian chocolate crepe. It is essentially a French Cafe and provides other types of gluten free desserts and savoury which makes this list a must visit. suzette

4. The Pantry

The most famous speciality of this place is the Flower Flower pizza of this place. This dish is considered healthy as well is packed with some amount of flavour. They basically switch the usual flour with a different unique type of base made of cauliflower. This is called a guilt free pizza as it contains reduced fat cheese topped with tomato sauce, mushrooms, garlic and arugula.

5. Mirchi And Mime

This restaurant is literally one of its kind. Its uniqueness is something which makes it flawless. This restaurant basically employs deaf waiters who are disadvantaged and encourages a people to use a matrix menu for drink and food. It is done to encourage the use of sign language and to increase respect for such people. The decor and ambience of this place is amazing. The gluten free options are not that wide but the food is delicious and extremely healthy.

6. Seasonal Tastes

This restaurant is placed in a very secluded environment and the best part is that it is sea facing. So people tend to enjoy both the healthy food and the view also. The gluten free food offered is next to impeccable and on top of that the diversity and range of food provided is huge. This is also known as the breakfast heaven as the range and quality of breakfast is mind blowing.

7. 212 All Good

This restaurant is famous for its unique food offerings and the various food items it is able to prepare from pumpkin. The season has also come to dash into the world of pumpkins. There are places where you will find designer pumpkin spice shakes and soups. However, the best way to enjoy a pumpkin is by using it as an ingredient while making a pie. This restaurant serves a diary free pumpkin pie which contains coconut milk and palm sugar, with a jaggery sprinkle and the crust contains almond and oats.

8. Masala Library

This place is extremely pricy so those of you who do not desire and want to spend so much money on food can just scroll through this. This place is a sheer bliss to visit. The food offered and the way it is presented is impeccable. The various designs and unique ideas the chef comes up with is just marvel to behold. The starters and the desserts of this place are o die for. And by the time you come to the mains you will already be completely full as the dishes are pretty heavy.masala-library

9. Bastian

This place is the epitome of beauty, fashion and pure satisfaction. If warm buttered toasts/muffins, beautifully glazed and smoked bacon, topped with poached eggs and a generous sprinkle of Hollandaise sauce doesn’t water in your mouth then you really have to visit this place. It will make you realize the beauty of gluten free glazed food. Also this place makes this recipe even healthier by jumping to an extreme level of serving dishes with gluten free bread and avocados.

10. Burma Restaurant And Tea Room

This place serves the most English type of dishes and it is the closest you can get to proper English food. The service and the decor are marvellous. There is no speciality as such but this diner does justice to the desserts in an extremely fashionable manner. The chocolate pudding offered with a thin crust of base made with cauliflower is hardly imaginable but is very tasty.

11. Bombay Salad Go

This place is an old hub for health conscious visitors and travellers. People flock towards this restaurant merely to try out its weekly special noodles prepared with extreme love and care by two ladies who carry out the business. The noodles prepared offer you a filling bowl of noodles made of buckwheat flour tossed with mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes.

12. Sequel Bistro And Juice Bar

This restaurant is extremely a guilt free place to be at. Every dish which is offered here is gluten free and on top of that tastes delicious. The food available here is wholesome and full of flavours. The most famous dish of this place is the perfect poach which is a splendid mix of wiggly, golden yolk topped with salty avocado and lime refining. This place though has a simplistic menu but the place is a must visit.


13. The Sassy Spoon

This diner gives you the feel of a mecca for the style it is built and the style of its service is just plainly spectacular. It offers a wide array of desserts from brownies to cakes to cheesecakes, everything is available here. The most famous dessert of this place is the coffee walnut fudge cake. It’s simply mouth watering as the subtle coffee flavours tangled up with the minced walnuts create a sensation which you just cannot miss.


14. The Village Shop

This restaurant is placed in West Bandra so it becomes a little difficult to find it. However, once you find it and you taste the delectable delicacies it has to offer, you can never forget this place. If you are craving dishes which your strict diet doesn’t really allow you to have you have to go to this place. As the pizzas loaded with veggies and aglio olio pasta and lasagne addict you to this place and then nothing can stop you from visiting this place time and again.

15. Yoga House

This is a Santorini styled bungalow placed in Bandra is home to this macrobiotic cafe, shops and a yoga class. The concept with which this restaurant works is amazing. It provides a range of breakfast options to its customers from porridges to salads to sandwich desserts. If you visit this place you have to try its slushers and smoothies as they tend to detox and relax your body. Also you can have fun on the breezy patio which is made just outside the diner.

16. Ministry Of Salads

If you are a lover of salads and take absolute pleasure in creating your own salads then this is just the place for you. This place offers some amazingly unique and different types of celery like the pomegranate celery tossed with ginger sprinkles and an array of raw veggies are provided on the table for you to make your own delicious salad. This place is magnificent in its own way.

17. JW Cafe

If you want to have an engaging experience at a restaurant and want to taste the finest sushi in this world then you have to visit this café. This place, though expensive, serves some delightful food items which are completely guilt and gluten free and you can have the food offered here in numerous quantity without getting concerned about the calories and carbohydrates.

18. Global Fusion Restaurant

The food served and provided here is simply stunning and at one point you will be astounded by the number of starters this place serves. It serves around forty plus starts and has an unlimited buffet system. This place also does serve gluten free options which are presented in a huge array of food items. Also the biggest plus point of this diner is that the ambience and the decor is just marvellous and breath taking.

19. Seven Kitchens

the spread at this place is next to impossible to achieve by any other restaurant. It is vegetarian friendly and gluten free options are present in numerous quantities. Almost all of its desserts are prepared with maple syrup and buckwheat flour making it this place’s speciality. The most massive breakfast spread is of this place in Mumbai and there are various kinds of eggs available there.

20. Fifty Five East

This diner is housed in the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai and is a breeding spot for vegan and gluten free dishes. This is the place where gluten free dishes started way back and still continue to appeal people. The highlight of this place is the beautiful way in which they tend to present the dish. It is said that the chef must spend more time on the presentation of the dish rather than the preparation of the dish for this diner.

These were the top 20 gluten free restaurants which you can come across in while visiting Mumbai and it is certainly advised to try them all otherwise your hunger will not be satiated for a long time.