Best 20 Mouth-Watering Surat

Best 20 Mouth-Watering Surat

1 Surati Locho

It is famous staple snack of the Surat. The preparation of the Locho comes from the Khaman. There is a story that while cooking Khaman, it was taken out of the cooker before completely cooked. But this snack became the more delicious food than Khaman. There are several varieties of Locho available in Surat, Oil Locho, Cheese butter Locho, White Locho, butter and Garlic Locho. Gopal Locho near railway station is the place where you can taste the famous Lochos.


2 Surati Rasawala Khaman

It is mostly served in the dried leaf cups, and the Khaman is the dry snack. It combines with the spicy gravy made of Dal. The gravy is tangy, and for garnishing onion, chili, green leaves, and tomato are added. It also adds flavor and taste to the dish. The mouthwatering snack is spicier, and it is available on the street which is present near the old museum, Chowk Bazar, Surat.


3 Undhiyu

It is the regional food of Gujarat. It is healthy and spicy food in Surat. It has the lot of vegetables mixed in the food item. Suratis used to take this food during the winter season. The Undhiyu is the comfortable vegetarian dish which served in all marriage functions. One can get delicious Undhiyu at Gordhan Thal, Adajan, Surat.


4 Ghari

It is the Gujarati sweet available in all places in Surat. The key ingredient for making the sweet is the puri dough. To add the sweetness to the Ghari sugar, milk, and ghee have been used. It is more famous in Surat during Chandhani Padva festival. There are many flavors in Ghari like almond elachi, saffron, and pistachio. The round shaped sweet has the sweet fillings in it. Shah Jamnadas C. Gariwala in the Anand Mahal Road, Surat is the best place for Ghari on Surat.


5 Ponk Vada

It is the vada, in which the foremost ingredient is Surat Ponk. To enhance the flavor of the vada chili, ginger garlic paste, flours, soda bi carb, etc are mixed with ponk paste. Jay Ambe Ponk Vada Stall is the place where we can get best ponk vada. It is present at Ward no 6, Jayaprakash Narayan Marg, Athwa Gate, Surat.


6 Tomato Bhajiyas

Tomato bhajiya is the best companion for the cup of tea. Dumas beach is the place in Surat which is famous for the Bhajiyas. There are varieties of bhajiyas available here. But Suratis always prefer tomato bhajiyas. The sliced tomato gets stuffed in the bhajiyas, in which the sliced tomato gets dipped in the spicy gravy and fried. The bhajiyas are accompanied with the special Besan Chutney.


7 Surati Sarasiya Khaja

It is the famous snack in Surat; the name of Sarasiya Khaja arrives since the dish is fried in the mustard (Sarashiya) oil. Mendo is the key ingredient of Khaja. It is special flour in Surat. The snack is available during Monsoon, and the food has high calorie. The Khaja is mostly available in Johi Farassan at Bhagal, Chauta Bazar, Surat.


8 Mawa Kulfi

It is the traditional flavor of Surat. The Mawa Kulfi consists of almond and creamy mawa. The crunchy almond aroma tempts the ice cream lovers to taste this delicious flavor. Gangour in Surat is the best place for Kulfi. Kulfi lover’s always select mawa kulfi and strawberry kulfi from varieties of kulfi present there.mava-kulfi

9 Parathas

Parathas are the famous dinner in all over India. Is there anyone who hates Paratha? There are several varieties of parathas, and the preparation style varies from place to place. In Surat, they used to try stuffed paratha in which butter, veggies, and some gravies are get stuffed into the paratha. To try tasty Surat style paratha one should visit Krishna Parathas, at Piplod in Surat.


10 Batar’s Ice dish

Ice gola is the name given for the Ice dish in Surat. It is the delight loved by Suratis during summer. The Gola looks like the snowball to which many flavors have been added. The Gola made of cream, flavor syrups, dry fruits, and chocolate chips. Raj Ice dish center is the best place for Surat Gola at Prime Arcade, Adajan in Surat.


11 Khichu

There are many Khichu wagons available in Surat, where one can taste the famous Gujarati snack Khichu. The major ingredient of the Khichu is the rice flour. Toppings like the pickle, oil, and some spices are spread over the rice to bring the yummy taste to the snack. Achar methi masala is the one which serves along the Khichu.


12 Egg Ghotala

It is the favorite item for the egg lovers, which is originated in Surat. Mr. Eggs is the egg stall at the Dumas road which serves the tasty egg ghotala. It became the heaven for egg lovers since it provides several the varieties of egg dishes. The boiled egg gets mixed with the variety of spices and veggies gives the yummy Ghotala.


13 Faafda

All stalls in Surat provide the yummy faafda. It is the favorite Snack of Surat. People who are searching for tasty Faafda can visit Gaanda Khaka at Lal Darwaja near station road at Surat. The long yellow sticks accompany with the sour and spicy chutney. It also serves along carrot fry.


14 Nan Khatai

Chirag Nankhatai at Surat became the best place to experience the flavor of Nan Khatai. It is the sweet biscuit and mostly manufactures by Dotivala bakers in Surat. It is best evening snack which can accompany with the tea at the evening time.


15 Surati Gujarati Thali

Thali is the food item where pulses, vegetables, rice, and cereals are available in the single food item. Even the look of the thali drew attention towards thali, and it is the most favorite item among Indian. The thali accompanies with the papad, buttermilk, pickles, salads, and chutney. The rice in the thali best accompanies with the dal, which is the staple food of Surat.


16 Cold Coco

Coco powder and cornflower are the key ingredients of the cold coco. The cold coco is the favorite of adults and children. The famous cold coco in Surat is available at A one cold coco stall and Albela Ice cream parlor and cold coco center. These are the right place to visit to taste the exclusive cold coco.


17 Kutchi Dabeli

Dalebi is the favorite snack in Surat. This snack can take as the lunch, breakfast, and as a side dish to tea. It is tangy, yummy, crunchy, and spicy. It is in the form of sandwich where the spices and boiled potato gets stuffed between the buns. The best companion of the dalebi is sweet fruits, green and spicy chutney.


18 Aloo Puri

Puris are the foremost thing for making Aloo Puri. The dish is of flour and potato. Onion, spices and the spicy gravy serve along with the puri to make the flavorful dish. Aloo Puri is available all over the Surat. The tasty item became the favorite snack in all the street food restaurants.


19 Peanut Chaat

It is the mixture of peanut, sev, onion, and garnishing curry leaves. The chaat is loved by all in Surat, and this may be the 1st chaat to be loved by the students in Surat. Tomato and the chili powder spread over the chaat add more flavor to the dish.


20 Khandvi

The chief ingredients of the Khandvi are gram flour and yogurt. To garnishing the Khandvi coconut and curry leaves are spread over the rolls. The gram flour dough gets rolled into the thin flattened surface to which spices get immersed. The rolls are made into particular regular size pieces.