Best 20 Restaurants in Shimla to Visit


1. Hide Out Café

This café is famous for the breakfast items and people in Shimla love to have their breakfast here. The freshly baked bread are used to make burgers in the café and the burger fills with the delicious fillings. It also serves homemade desserts and the service provided by the café is good. It is located at Shop no 30, 1st Floor, and Adjacent to the fire station, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.


2. The Devicos

The Shimla also has the historic restaurant to enjoy the dinner there. Devicos is the best place in Shimla for nighttime ambiance. The design of the restaurant is totally different and the interior decorations resemble Shimla’s European Roots, and the exterior design looks clearly like the Rajasthani designed walls. It is at Mall Road, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.


3. Qilaa

It is the restaurant which has Arabian Style ambiance and the restaurant plays the tranquil music in the background, which gives the feeling of perfect dinner. The Quilaa is designed with the concept of leisure, which is one of the interesting places in Shimla to visit. The restaurant serves Chinese, Italian, and Lebanese foods. In Shimla, it is the best place to visit by the group of friends, and the Qilaa is at The Mall Road, below Syndicate Bank, Shimla.


4. Baljees Regency

Baljees is one of the famous destinations to have delicious South-Indian foods, coffee, snacks, etc. The Baljees also serve hot sweets like Gulab Jamun. It is Mall Road, Shimla. This is the number one place for the Dessert in Shimla.


5. The Oberoi Cecil

The restaurant provides you a lovely ambiance and the service is good equal to the delicious lunch in Oberoi. It is at Chaura Maidan Road, Shimla. It is a classy restaurant to stay and have best foods in Shimla. The location of the restaurant is amazing and it attracts everyone visiting Shimla.


6. Café Sol

It is an Italian restaurant located opposite to tourism lift, Mall Rd, The Mall, Shimla.  It is the amazing place for tasting Mexican and Italian foods. It is at the top 6th place in Shimla. It is a little bit costly but you can expect the best variety available for your money.


7. Goofa Ashiana

It is located at the Ridge, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is the theme restaurant in which the set up looks like the cave. The ambiance and the service make the tourists and the local people feel better. To try the Himachal delicacies, you can choose this place. It is a vegetarian restaurant.


8. Radisson Hotel

It is the best restaurant for the tourists to view the whole Shimla from the terrace of the building. It provides the terrace dining. The restaurant consists of the pool, business rooms with delicious foods and service.  One can visit this hotel at Goodwood Estate, Lower Bharari, Shimla.


9. Seventh Heaven

It is opposite to Tourism Lift, The Mall, Shimla. The hotel provides you the most amazing memories while having dinner here. It is famous for its Indian and Mughali cuisine. The other varieties available in the hotel are Thai, Continental, and the Chinese foods. The location of the restaurant provides you the amazing panoramic view of the city.


10. Sitaram Chhole Bhature

The place is regarded as the King of Chhole Bhature by the people in Shimla. It is one of the amazing places to be visited by the tourists going to Shimla. The shop is small but the taste of the foods served here is much better. The address of the restaurant is Ridge Sanjauli Road, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla.


11. Himachali Rasoi

If you want to taste the varieties of Himachali food with the best taste you can visit Himachali Rasoi. It has more varieties like Kangari Dham, Mandyali Dham, and it also serves simple tea and other simple dishes. Those who like to have the delicious food in little cost can surely get into this restaurant to have good varieties of Himachal famous foods.  The location of the restaurant is 54, Middle Bazar, Near Shiv Temple, Baljees Stairs, Shimla.


12. Tripti Restaurant

It is also located at the Mall Road, Shimla. The restaurant consists of only Indian varieties and fast food. The restaurant is famous for the vegetarian foods. If you visit this place you will be surprised by the service provided by them, and the preparation of the food is best.


13. 45 The Central

This restaurant based on “friends” theme is one of the famous Classy restaurants with the Café in Shimla. Tourists can enjoy the dining in the restaurant, as the location provides you the more comfortable feeling. The royal blue color sofas provide the classy feel here, and the wall provides the boyish charm with the quirky quotes. Aditya Rajpal is the owner of the restaurant who runs the hotel well for several years.


14. Eighteen 71 Cookhouse and bar

It is one of the best restaurants in the Hotel Willow Banks, Mall road to have the dinner in Shimla. It provides Indian, Asian cuisines, and it also has the Grill varieties, vegetarian foods, and Chinese foods. Even though it provides the best foods, the music and the ambiance in the restaurant draw the attention of the customers towards it.


15. Sher E Punjab Restaurant

It is the best restaurant to have delicious food at your budget price. One can taste the real dhaba food here. The menu in the restaurant is good which has butter chicken, tawa chicken, chicken momos, veg momos, Punjabi varieties. It is at the Mall Road, Shimla.


16. Honey Hut

The address of the restaurant is No.70, The Mall, Shimla. It is the small café which gives you delectable breakfast in Shimla. The name of the restaurant became famous since the bakery items in the café will be served with generous amount of honey as the toppings in the food. The menu includes pastries, tea, chocolate, etc.


17. Sichuan Palate

The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant; it provides you the delicious Chinese foods. As the chef in the restaurant is Chinese, the food gives you the original Chinese taste. The materials for cooking are also imported from China. The address of the restaurant is 20, Mall Road, Scandal Point, Shimla.


18. Embassy Restaurant and Café

It is the restaurant which serves Indian and International cuisines. It is at the Mall Road, Near Willow Banks, Shimla. The restaurant holds the quotations from the literature in the walls, and the restaurant provides the wonderful view of Shimla. The one thing which is different here is it sells ice creams outside the store.


19. Hotel Holiday Home Restaurant

The location of the restaurant is Circular Road, Near High Court, Shimla. Steamed buns in the curry named as Sepu Vadi is the famous dish of this restaurant. It provides the quality food with affordable price. The restaurant serves the famous Himachali cuisine.


20. Himani’s Restaurant

It is a good place in Shimla which can satisfy your hunger while going around a tour in Shimla. Those who visit this restaurant can have better food, but the place where you eat is so simple. It is present at 48 Himani the Mall Road, Shimla.