21 Food Items Which Are Great Stress Busters


Sometimes, it is good to eat to shed the load of life. The trends today are shifting towards diet food, but its okay to eat your heart out occasionally. Here is a list of a few impeccable irresistible food which will work wonders as a stress buster. The definition of satisfaction depends on one’s own exclusive taste, so to make things easy we divide our players into teams!

The Divine Chocolate


It is scientifically proven in a study done by Nestle Research Centre that an ounce of Chocolate everyday reduces stress levels. Dark Chocolate is an even better option for a stress-reliever. We prefer our Coco in different forms, few of the legends are as follows:

1. Café Mocha

Wise man say that after a stressful day, a warm cup of Café Mocha can help you relax.

This special coffee unlike the Expresso has a blissful combination of chocolate and coffee, often topped with fresh cream. A perfect cup of coffee depends on how you admire it, Black Coffee, Café Latte (with milk), Café Mocha (with chocolate), hot or cold, it is really a personal choice. “Why do we love this duo of coffee and chocolate!?”, if that is the question, we have a Scientific answer to that; coffee contains caffeine which are responsible for relaxing the brain. To think better and be in a good mood, topping it with chocolate is like waving the Magic wand.


2. Chocolate brownie with Ice Cream

When the amount of chocolate in a normal chocolate Cake is doubled, it is a brownie. These warm, delicious, soft, dense chocolate brownie is a jackpot and topped with cold vanilla ice cream, it is ecstatic. After a heavy scheduled day when you are finally home, try having this exquisite piece of heaven to treat your taste buds and your mind. It is easily available in bakeries in delicate portions but if you want to have a hearty portion, it is easy to make at home. It can be made in good quantity and be stored up to three days or more in the fridge. So, whenever you feel like having a bite, you take a portion accordingly and warm it in the Microwave.

Alternatively, dark chocolate cake or chocolate in any form is a savior on a rough day.


3. Tiramisu

Tiramisu in Spanish means ‘Lift me up’ or ‘Cheer me up.’ So the answer to why we add this Italian sweet dish to our list is in it’s name. This is another coffee-cocoa and cream combination which is a classic dish made at almost every occasion in Italy.


Refreshing Liquids

4. Ginger Tea

On a stressful day, this little cup of tea could revive you in five minutes. Ginger is known to be one of the oldest formulas for reviving one’s senses. It has medicinal properties of calming the nerves. It is often referred to as ‘Masala Chai’ in India. Ginger tea could be made with milk, or can be taken without it by adding lemon, honey or mint. Like every other drink you could personalize the flavors, a few other elements like basil leaves will increase the benefits. Ginger tea also helps in digestion and migraine. To sum up, this little cup has all you need on a stressful day.


5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a classic milk product which is easily found in every household. Eating Yogurt with fruits, oat meals, sugar or plain eases out the stress. It has ample amount of protein, calcium and probiotics which is good for stomach. It is said by our elders that a healthy stomach leads to a healthy mind which is exactly why we eat, to do away with anxiety.


6. Lemonade

A perfect solution of lemon, water and sugar/salt to the summer heat is Lemonade. This refreshing drink is cool and will calm down the tired senses. Stress aggravates a lot of other health issues like weight gain, heart disease etc.

Delhi, interestingly has Lemon soda selling in every busy street. It is special because of the instant reviving energy we gain by having ‘Banta,’ which is also called ‘Goli soda,’ where ‘Goli’ stands for marble in Punjabi. The other variety to lemonade could be ‘Jal-Jeera,’which is made by adding cumin power to Lemonade or ‘Shikanji’, that is sweet and salty Lemonade.


Energy Grabber/Fresh Fruits

7. Dry Fruit Bar

Stress is often worsened by disturbance in eating time. My mother always gives me a Dry Fruit Bar in my bag to fight my small hunger to avoid irritation. These are small bars which are easy to make and equally delicious. It is full of iron, protein and nutrients because of the dry fruits. You can pick your own pressed or puffed grain to mix with the dry fruits and honey to make this healthy yet tasty addition to your diet. These chewy little bars are also a good source of fiber.


8. Pomegranate

The ravishing red beads comes with great benefits. Pomegranate reduces stress hormone, cortisol, as per a study in United Kingdom’s Queen Margaret University Research team. There is a burst of freshness in the mouth on chewing these beads. This sweet fruit is good for skin, boosts immunity, rich in Iron, improves digestion, is rich in anti-oxidants and a great energy source. It is also a good option for a daily refreshing drink as it helps to avoid high blood pressure as well. With all these benefits, this champion fruit proves to be a great stress buster.


9. Pistachios

A lot of people tend to munch on something when in stress. Pistachios are a great option for them instead of fat filled potato chips. These have lowest number of calories and fat and highest of fiber and nutrients. So, when stress is already causing life to become low, munching on pistachios would at least take care of the health part.


10. Apple

The saying, ‘An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away’ has been used by us many times but followed by a few. In our busy schedules, we often take the risk of eating irresponsibly. Eating an apple as a snack in between meals, keeps our appetite and mind, stress-free and satisfied. This crunchy, juicy fruit easy to carry and is useful for the long run. They help us to avoid stress and hunger driven headaches. Apples are a great anti-oxidant, they are good for teeth, protects us from metabolic syndrome, an immunity booster and so on.


11. Strawberry Milkshake

Amongst the many milkshake options my favorite would be Strawberry Milkshake with strawberry chunks. They are good ‘on the go’ drink which rejuvenates the senses and leaves us with satisfaction. The power of fruits and milk plays a huge role here to help relieve stress and anxiety. At times of anxiety having this vibrant, chilled, milk and fruity mix is a mood-lifter. The effortless color display is beautiful to watch and gives our worked-up brain a color therapy.


Silken Cheese

12. Red Velvet Cheesecake

An interesting fact about Cheese Cakes is that they first served in Greek Olympic games as a source of energy.  Cream cheese are a gift from the Philadelphian dairy farmers. These cakes will make you crave for them once you have it. Of all the flavors, Red Velvet Cheese Cake and Blueberry Cheese Cake are the most loved. The creamy, dense heaven will be an apt choice to feed on when you are down. As said earlier, a satisfied taste bud is directly connected to a satisfied mood.


13. Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon rolls are a warmth givers, when you have one of these, it is equal to a friend’s hug. Traditionally, cinnamon rolls are made doughy and fluffy and served with a drizzle of White Icing glaze. Cinnamon has been used as a medicine from ancient times. Cinnamon contains Cinnamaldehyde, which has a good effect on health and metabolism. Cinnamon also comes with anti-oxidants and is in the category of superfoods like ginger and garlic. It helps the human body to fight sugar, cancer, and other bacterial infections. There are more than one reasons to have a Cinnamon Roll when you face stress daily. It is a sweet medicine after all !


14. Mint chocolate

As we all know Mint is a great appetizer and a pallet cleanser. It is also helpful in digestion, weight loss, and asthma. So, you can have these little sensational bites even when you are following a diet schedule. Mint and Chocolate both are a great stress buster. Mint chocolate tops my list because it’s a combination of freshness and warmth which every stressed out soul needs.


15. Ice Cream

There is no fancy explanation to Ice Creams, because we simply love them. This cool buddy would walk with us through our sadness and low times. This delight is a favorite of all age groups. A good portion of Ice Cream is beneficial for health and the whole tub is surely not. This has vitamin A, B,C,D and E and K ! Ice cream is said to help you think creatively, produce hormones that make you happy and milk naturally relaxes our body which is great for stress relief.


16. Waffles

Warm Waffles with honey and butter is a soothing and healthy dish. It is a wholesome meal which stimulates our senses to push us to believe that, come what may it is good to taste life. Most of the food items are not traditional Indian kitchen food but they are settling in slowly with an impact. The Waffle maker gives the Waffles a checkered impression pattern in which the syrup (Maple syrup generally) settles in when poured to become an effortlessly tempting dish. Many like to eat the Waffles topped with Cream, Berries or Fruits which makes it even more healthy and a great way to eat your way-out stress without guilt.


17. Marshmallows

Marshmallows are like fluffy pillows of air filled sugar. If you do not have sugar and diabetes, eating a few of them can turn around your bad mood. Stress if not realized can enter a stress cycle, so it’s better to find a way to stop the tension and move on. As already mentioned, eat with a conscious mind, do not eat till you are high on sugar. These jell and mellow in our mouth and the feeling makes you wonder away from stress. Tiny Marshmallows are a perfect match with hot chocolate and hot chocolate drink, perfect for any age group.


18. Jujubes

Jujubes are the sugar jelly candies, we ate back in school. The variant colors and sweet jelly taste coated with little sugar crystals is an addictive piece of confectionary to chew on. When I ate Jujubes, as a kid it made me feel excited and happy. One might think that these are just candies with high sweet content in them which make you feel better, but these also have a bunch of benefits which only few fans of Jujubes know. These are made with extracts of different fruits like Lime, Grapes, Strawberries and are fat free miracle. Bottom-line, they made us happy as kids and now as grown-ups.


19. Kulfi, Rabdi, Kheer and other Milk Sweets

It is sweet, creamy thick milk, loaded with dry fruits which makes it a great health booster. Ever wondered why grandparents do not face stress and anxiety and live a healthier life than us? The secret to their better health even at the age of seventy, is their eating habits and routine. They walked and we sit in our cars, they did not order food online but fetched their own food, they know that milk is not fatty but full of all the Vitamins (A, B-12, B-6, C, D, E), Calcium, Copper, Iron, and other Minerals our body need to be strong. India’s traditional food has a lot of miraculous content which do benefit our health in some way. The Milk Sweets are a store house of all the protein our brains need to relax. hence, eat a small bowl of Rabdi or Kheer when you think that life is tough. The smooth creamy flavors are ecstatic when sprinkled with the love of saffron (which is an aromatic, majestic, star food.)


Tangy Lip-Smackers

20. Calzone

On those lonely dinners when life doesn’t look so sweet, pamper yourself with a Calzone. These are baked vegetables/meat chunks mixed with a generous amount of cheese and wrapped with a golden crusty cover. It is a hearty way to eat our stress out and it is not fried but healthy.

A point to note is that, any Garlic based food will be a great option as a stress buster. Garlic is one of the super foods which have a ton of qualities to phase out stress. So, Garlic Bread, Garlic Soups, Cheese Garlic dips, will definitely rejuvenate your senses.


21. Pani Puri and Chaat

The true Indian Lip smacker is Pani-Puri. These crisp bite size balls are filled with spicy potato filling and dipped in cool tamarind and mint spiced water which create a blast of flavours in our mouths. I bet you can’t have just one! We are here talking about stress busters and the elements in this dish are ones which will take your mind off stress. A single bite will make you smack your lips and wink your eyes to end the various facial expression with a smile. Tamarind and Mint both filled with qualities. While mint has a sensational cooling effect, tamarind has a tangy taste. Only few will know that tamarind prevents fever and is good as an immunity booster.

‘Chaat, ’is a mix of boiled potato, mixture of crispy savory with raw tomato, onion and coriander leaves, a squeeze of lemon topped with yoghurt. Now, out of all these ingredients what is not to like, we have vegetables, yogurt and lemon which are healthy. The tangy twisted tastes do bring our childhood memories back. Eating piquant food stimulates our heart to make us less prone to anxiety.


Life may get busy as we grow but do remember to treat Yourself occasionally to avoid becoming mechanic. Hectic schedules can push You from the edge into the vicious circle of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness. To avoid that we Eat! The above listed snacks are healthy and hearty and would surely not leave room for stress in your mind. Eat well, sleep ample and work hard. Good luck!