Best Of Punjabi Food In Mumbai Let’s Check Top 20 Places

Best Of Punjabi Food In Mumbai Let’s Check Top 20 Places

India is a vast country, with lots of states and cities. Its diverse with its religion and region. Which is complimented with diverse variety of food and cuisines. Indians are foodies. People love to taste different variety of foods, each and every state and region has its unique food. And its famous all over the country no just the particular states. Indian cuisines are even world known. They are loved overseas. North India is a very special part of India, and so is North Indian food. Punjab comes first when we talk about North India and its food. Punjabi foods are just amazing same as the people. Always happy and inviting. Punjabi food are full of “makhan” (butter). They love butter and ghee. Heavy food loaded with butter as well as spice is the one you will find in Punjab. They are big non-vegetarians, as much as they love vegetables they love non-veg food. For people in Mumbai to taste Punjabi food we have classic Punjabi restaurants here.

1.Oye Punjabi Kitchen

Punjabi people are full of energy hence forth their liking for heavy food loaded with butter and their love for chicken is justified. They find their own fun in every moment. Punjabi’s just need a reason to celebrate and eat. Oye Punjabi kitchen serves with the authentic Punjabi food for the Punjabi lovers. Best of chicken and their favorite  butter and spices. Starting from simple ‘Sarso Da Saag’ to the ‘punjabi halwa’ it serves everything. Oye Punjabi kitchen serves the special drinks in their special bottles. They serve the lassis and soda on those drinks as complimentary drinks.oye-punjabi-kitchen

2.Great Punjabi Restaurant And Bar

Along with eating, Punjabi’s are a also keen in drinking. Party becomes their moto and party without drinks are incomplete for them. They are pro in it. Hence when you serve them with their favorite food along with drinks they are the happiest ones. The great Punjabi restaurant is one of the oldest in Mumbai which serves the best Punjabi food. Its located in Dadar, the bar was added on later to the restro. They serve the classic Punjabi food, the kulchas and naan’s. The food is the prepared by the Punjabi chefs, hence they tastes pure Punjabi.


3.Punjab Grill

Chicken and Punjabi people go along very well. They are chicken lovers, non -veg makes their heart flutter. Nothing good then chicken to offer Punjabi’s to make them happy.when the chicken is grilled its tastes more amazing. Chicken can make anyone and everyone flatter. In Punjab grill you find the juicy and spicy chicken grilled with lots of flavors. Along with grill chicken there is also grilled vegetables, grilled paneer. Paneer is an thing which is equally loved and used by the Punjabi’s as much as chicken. The variety of paneer dishes are mostly origined from Punjab. Hence paneer stands their as one of the most used one.


4.Butter Chicken Factory

When you ask a Punjabi what is the common ingredient that is used in every dish of theirs, the answer which comes first will be ‘butter’. Without butter their meal is incomplete. In Punjab butter goes with everything and anything they eat. Butter is the must for them. Then the next thing is chicken, which is known to everyone that Punjabi’s and chicken goes hand in hand. Butter chicken factory is in bandra, palli hill. It serves on North Indian food, Punjabi food to be more specific. Their butter chicken is very famous and that’s the thing whichj attracts the customers there. Along with butter chicken they serve other authentic Punjabi foods as well, kebabs, naans, paneer makhni is also one of the dish loved by the customers.


5.Spice Tree Restaurant And Bar

Spice tree is known for its interior and ambiance and its kebabs more than anything. They have this fusion of North Indian food with some unique touch. The kebabs are Mughlai dish but it has tinch  of Punjabi twist in it, with spice and the buttery taste in it. They serve Punjabi food with twist but it tastes amazingly unique and new. The tables are places in corners, the row is created in the center with the big gate. It gives a royal feeling. As if it’s the dining room of some palace.



Chawla’s is the restaurant in khar. Its ambience is very modern and classy. Even the food is proper Punjabi but with a modern touch to it. Be it the serving technique or the plating of the food. Every thing has a modern touch with the authentic food. Chawla’s are known for their North Indian food. The restaurant is owned by the Punjabi’s. hence the food is centered to be Punjabi. The special white gravy chicken with brown bread is very famous in the Chawla’s. The lamb curry is also loved by the customers.


7.Green Guru

Green guru is located in thane city. Green guru was started by the Sikhs, here we can get the oldest and the finest Punjabi food made with the technique which was used by the sikh gurus of Punjab. Green guru is the only place in Mumbai were we can taste the proper aloo ka paratha. Their only moto is to serve the people and not let them go empty. The price of the food is very less but the quality and quantity is very high compared to the price. The management is commendable and the service is what keeps the customers loyal to them.


8.Namumal Bhojraj

The Sikhs and Punjabi’s are very health conscious, as much as they eat butter or non-veg they look up to this thing that they regularly exercise and stay fit. They are vegetable lovers also, the more you eat vegetables the more you be fit and healthy. Namumal bhojraj serves with the best of vegetarian Punjabi food. The paneer dishes, the chole, kulchas, bhatura, and specially make di roti and tandoor naan. They are all overwhelming  and amazing to taste. Its extremely affordable to be situated in a place like fort. The service and the taste is amazing even though the ambiance is not that much with wow factor, but the quality of food make justice with the price they charge.


9.Arma Court

Arma court is a local restaurant in bandra. It is one of the most cheapest restaurants you can fin in a place like bandra, but the service and the food is unbelievable. It serves the best of Punjabi food. Bigger joints may fail in front of arma court. They can manage a large number of crowd easily. The management is very good. They never fail to fulfil the customers wish. Each and every person visiting arma court comes out fully satisfied and happy.


10.Shloka Dining Bar

Shloka is a fine dining and bar special for its Punjabi cuisine that they serve. It is in mulund. The one thing customers say about shloka is that one will never be able to taste the Punjabi food which is served in shloka anywhere else. It can only be tasted in shloka. It’s a normal classic fine dining joint, but the ambiance is peaceful and modernized furniture’s make it look amazing. The price in shloka’s is comparatively average. The service and the quality of food is always given a thumbs up from the customers.


11.Northern Tadka

The name gives an indication that this place is for north Indian food. But here we are talking about only Punjabi food, right? So how come North Indian came in between. So here’s the answer- may the name be Northern Tadka but people come and order Punjabi food. This joint is well known for Punjabi food in the whole of Andheri. Specially the barbeques, they are mouthwateringly delicious. Although the reviews for all the dishes served are brilliant but the Punjabi food seems more attracting the customers.


12.The Mini Punjab Restaurant

This place gives you a mini tour of Punjab. The ambiance is created in such a way that, the moment you enter the place it feels like we have suddenly landed up in a village in Punjab. The seats and table are such an amazing view to see. Its same like a regular local dhabba in Punjab, but with so much neatness and proper management. The big round cushions are placed in the wooden mattress with a plank in between for the food and dishes to be kept stable. The lightings and the music specially. For the Punjabi people missing their native place this place in vashi is the perfect thing to visit.


13.Golden Punjab

Golden Punjab is a regular Punjabi restaurant in vashi. They serve normal simple Punjabi food. what comes up is the management and the staff there, who are very polite. The service is very good the way they handle the customers and the maintenance of  the place is seen in the food. It may look simple but it tastes amazing and worth tasting. The cost is average and that’s what every body loves about golden Punjab. All the dishes served are simply perfect there is no mistake to be found.


14.Pratap Da Dhaba

If chanakya was the perfectionist in management and master in it, Pratap Da Dhaba is perfectionist in Punjabi food as well as managing too. It’s a simple and sweet cozy place which gives us a sense of belongingness and peace. The place is open in sitting area, the small wooden chairs and tables one which are used in villages. Trees surrounding the place. The walls painted and theirs written something in Punjabi. The feeling is very good to sit outside and eat in the open place, just like the dhaba’s in villages are.


15.Pajii’S Express

Pajii’s express is a place where if you visit once than you will want to visit again and again. Well there are very less place in our lives like that, but surely pajii’s express is the one. Well, people in lower parel say there’s only one place for Punjabi cuisine and that’s pajii’s express. With the beautifully served food along with laassi it’s a complete meal to be enjoying with your friends and family. The food is served in the steal plates and bowls, theirs this special Punjabi thali which contains of the whole Punjabi meal with the sweet gulab jamun and lassi of course.



Chenab is this big place where the setup is made up of the place like village with the long rectangular table and small beds on both the sides to sit with colorful pillows placed on sides. The place is open but the roof is made of dry grass for the native touch. The wall hangings and lanterns hanging in the middle of the place, with the glasses and vessels made of steel with the golden plating in it just like it is in the villages. In the evening the place is light up with glowing yellow lights and lanterns than shine through the moon light. The food is exceptionally tasty and is served in a proper traditional manner.


17.Amar Punjab

Amar Punjab is a local dining joint in thane. Manly it serves with Punjabi food but along with Punjabi it also serves Chinese and fast foods. But these are added just few years ago, when it was initially started by a Punjabi family only Punjabi foods were served. Dal khichdi is the must try there people always recommend it and its most ordered food there. The ambiance is cozy with the comfortable seating’s. tandoori chicken and chicken gravy are also the worth trying one. Along with that the paneer makhani is wonderful.


18.Mini Punjab’S Lake Side

It’s a lake side place with variety of facilities provided. There is buffet system to opt for and also casual dining place. The chicken is the most well known here, juicy and crispy very perfect. The basa fry is a special dish from mini Punjab’s for its customers. The paneer sheek is a fusion of Punjabi paneer dish with the Mughlai twist. Although powai is a noisy and chaotic place but that doesn’t bother you because the buffet surroundings is peaceful. The chole bhatture is worth eating. The place is always rushed and crowded which is a sign of there popularity. But they doesn’t let their customers complaint, the crowd is managed so well its just worth visiting.


19.Punjab Roots

From the roots of Punjab, as its name suggest only pure Punjabi foods served here. Powai is known for Punjabi people residing their and hence there are many Punjabi and North Indian restaurants in Powai, but very few once make a bench mark there and Punjab roots is one of them. With their outstanding food and service they stand out and make place directly through the hearts of people.


20.Punjabi Rasoi

It’s a basic restaurant that serves us with the food which quench our hunger. Just not Punjabi but also Mughlai and Chinese foods are served there. But Punjabi cuisine is the one which is very famous and liked by all. The chefs mainly are Punjabis and hence the Punjabi food is more delicious than the other things. That’s one of the reasons Punjab rasoi stands as one of the restaurants which are best of Punjabi food.