Top 20 Must Have Dishes Of Andhra Pradesh

Top 20 Must Have Dishes Of Andhra Pradesh

1.Gutti Vankaya Kura

This curry is a food item commonly made in every house of Andhra Pradesh.The recipe is by using eggplant stuffed with roasted herbs and the correct amount of spices to give it a delicious taste.It is thick with a good appearance and the smell just lures anyone from a distance.Greenish white brinjals are preferred over purple ones as they have a very delicate skin making it easier to cook.Rice or ghee Rotis are a perfect combination for this.


2.Gongura Mutton

This Authentic Andhra style Mutton curry is cooked with gongura leaves to give it a touch of spiciness with Gongura flavor.The combination with biryani has evolved a whole new level for Biryani lovers where we can enjoy the taste of it with a dessert.


3.Mudda Pappu With Avakai And Ghee

Mudda Pappu is the favorite food of any home in Andhra and is a necessary food item in many marriages.But right now it doesn’t happen in cities unlike in villages and you are lucky if you get this in a restaurant.It is a simply cooked Toor Dal and the way it is pressure cooked, and the combination with rice and pickle gives it a classic taste.The most common South Indian food, especially during festivals being a part of the Andhra Thali.


4.Ulava Charu

This Andhra’s favorite dish is a soup made with horse gram.One of the traditional Andhra cuisines and is quite famous in Guntur and Krishna districts.Fresh cream is added to it to enchance the taste and one of the dishes that everyone should try.


5.Kodi Pulao

Chicken Pulao is one of the traditional food items mainly in coastal Andhra.It is made with rice, meat, and spices and is famous throughout the subcontinent which originated among the Muslims in the ancient times.Quite common in Andhra and Rayalaseema and is ideal for people who love spicy foods.  kodi-pulao

6.Pulasa Pulusu

A very famous and most expensive fish found in the river Godavari known for its amazing taste, and since it is a seasonal fish, the demand is very high and costly.Everyone must give it a try especially for Sea Food Lovers, and the preparation of this curry is easy and good for health. pulasa-pulusu

7.Pesara Punukulu

Punukulu is a South Indian Dish and a must Food item in many festivals and parties.One should try this at home as the preparation is easy and is suitable for an evening break.These are good with any chutney or sauce, or you can even have them without anything.


8.Royyala Yeppadu (Prawns Fry)

 Known as Andhra Fried Prawns, it is very addictive and is not only famous among the local people but also for the tourists.Fried spices and onions with addition of peeled prawns along with little water is the way for preparation. The recipe is simple and does not take much time to prepare, and you can surprise your guests with this delicious curry.


9.Gongura Pachadi

 This authentic Andhra pickle is made from sorrel leaves and has the perfect taste when served with steam rice and onion. This mouth-watering item is one of the best pickles or chutneys, and the recipe is easy, so anyone can try this dish at home and have a delicious meal.



 This sweet is famous during festive occasions especially for Ugadi and also in traditional Hindu marriages. It takes a day to prepare but is surely worth wasting a day for this delicious sweet and it just melts in the mouth.



 It is also known as Green Gram Dosa.For breakfast it is quite popular.This item is one of the dishes for many roadside eateries, and so this delicious food is available anywhere coming at low prices.The other form is known as Upma Pesarattu where the dosa is roasted with upma in it and is a perfect combination with Coconut chutney.Like many other Andhra dishes, it is also spiced up and sometimes served with tomato chutney.


 12.Pootha Rekulu

 A very popular dessert in Andhra Pradesh.Rice and ghee are the ingredients for it.It takes a lot of experience to get the layers right with the addition of ghee, sugar, and cardamom for each layer.So thin being called as paper sweet and it just melts when kept in the mouth. pootha-rekulu

 13.Medu Vada

Medu vada is a doughnut-shaped food item, crispy from the outside with a soft interior.It is one of the food items in South Indian and Sri Lankan regions mainly for breakfast or snack. The dish is a perfect combination with sambar and coconut chutney and even with idly for breakfast. medu-vada

14.Bommidala Pulusu

 One of the Favorite food items of coastal areas and a dish which makes our day very special.It is a staple food for many people living in the coastal regions which include Guntur and Krishna Districts as many people over there are fond of many Seafood items.


15.Mushroom Masala

 A Mushroom dish with gravy that is a perfect curry for Rotis or Naans.The recipe is simple and also Mushroom is very healthy and tasty at the same time too.


16.Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer is the one dish that you can actually prepare easily at home since all the required ingredients will be readily available and can be done quickly with a taste satisfying everyone.Necessary Food item for all Paneer Lovers.It is so soft and flavourful in all aspects and is the most common cuisine in many restaurants and dhabas.



One of the kinds of Tamarind rice enhanced with spicy flavors to give it a sour and salty taste at once.It is a dish for festivals and special gatherings and is often distributed to people as Prasad in temples.The preparation is addition of Tamarind to rice along with a touch of curry leaves, tomato extract and also mustard seeds to enhance the taste.You should have a taste of the real Andhra cuisine by tasting this rice.



 Daddojanam is known as Temple Curd rice spiced up a little.It is famous for Prasad in temples.At the time of summer, this dish is quite common for cooling the body temperature and so very useful when talking about health aspects.


19.Dondakaya Fry

For all those who seek for homestyle food, this is the one you need to give a try.The Dondakaya Fry is Fry item prepared with IvyGuord curry, and this healthy dish is enriched with vitamins when looked in the health point of view.The taste can also be enhanced with nuts and spices to give it a crispy taste.It is a perfect combination with roti or rice and rasam.

dondakaya Fry

20.Hyderabadi Biryani

This Dish gave a whole new definition to Biryani and is famous among all the Biryani lovers in Andhra.It is a combination of herbs and spices added to long rice grains with a mixture of vegetables and roasted Chicken to get the taste of a real Dum Biryani.Try the Hyderabadi Biryani for your lunch to have a moment of your life and so many restaurants are trying to excel in this item as people crave for it.