The Hub Of South Campus-Satyaniketan And The Food It Offers

The Hub Of South Campus-Satyaniketan And The Food It Offers

1. Chai Story

As the name suggests, this place serves a variety of tea, such as the 5 spice tea (Rs.79), the Vanilla Rose tea (Rs.79), Elaichi Tea, Kulhad Chai with Kesar and The classic tea menu include White Tea, Assam Tea, Green Tea and more. Apart from this, they serve sandwiches, wraps and more. They have an open area seating arrangement as well which is best when it’s raining and you have a cup of their wonderful hot tea in your hand. What adds to the ambience is their music collection and to keep you busy with your friends they also have board games like snakes and ladders, monopoly, life etc.


2. Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door is the most popular restaurant of South and North campus. This is one place where you will not get a seat easily. It’s most famous for its mixed sauce pasta and butter chicken pizza- these two are a must have. Their oreo shake is another must have on their menu, and so is their KitKat shake. They also have a breakfast menu which serves amazing, hot and crispy waffles with maple syrup. When you enter the place you will see that it has stick notes all around with people’s experience at the restaurant, you get a stick note along with you bill so you can share your experience too. It’s the best place to hang out with your friends.


3. Echoes-Eat And Energise

The concept of this place is beautiful. The people who serve you here are deaf or dumb. Each table has a switch on it to call the people and a note is given to you so you can place your order by writing the items code and quantity. The place is as beautiful as its concept. They have live music and if you’re a sports fan they also have a live screening of all games. Coming to their food. A must try is their cheesy pasta, which is to die for. The green apple lemonade and the black forest shake is heaven. The ambience of this place will make you love everything you order here.


4. 3 Bandits

Love great ambience? 2 Bandits is one of the places to go to if you want to just enjoy your food along with the ambience. The seating arrangement is a bit cool. They have swing seats inside the place which is really fun to sit on. Each table has a holder which has all kinds of cool things in it- moustache on a stick, glasses on a stick, quotes that say “click me”, “selfie queen” and more- all of this to get great pictures of you and your friends. The food here is really amazing too. A must try is chicken Kiev along with their KitKat shake. Other things on their menu include a mezze platter, Scotch eggs and more. The shakes include the lumberjack, the traveling bandit, the honey banana shake and more. They also have outdoor seating available too.


5. High On Burgers

Low on cash and still want food that will fill you up and leave a good taste on your palette? This place will give you all of this under Rs.100.

The burgers here are absolutely worth trying and amazingly delicious. Their menu has Chicken sausage burger, Chicken supreme burger, Double sausage burger, Chicken Tikki burger, Aloo Tikki burger, Soya chaap burger and more. You can have these with the sauces if your choice, you get to choose from the red chilly sauce, cheesy sauce, smokey sauce and more. They also serve sides such as Shammi kebabs, Masala fries, Hot dog on a stick and more. If you want extra toppings such as extra cheese or salami or sausages, you can add that too just for Rs.5 – Rs.10


6. Bake Day

For all the chocolate lovers, this place has everything you need. The chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and the donut dipped in white chocolate is absolute heaven, it just melts in your mouth. Other things available on their menu are pizza puffs, sandwiches and more. It is right next to High On Burgers.


7. Muradabadi Biryani Center

Are you a biryani lover? Well then this place is a must try.  It’s situated in the mini market of Satya Niketan and is a small shop in the corner of the market. It may look small but it has amazing Chicken Biryani served with a spicy chicken gravy which will leave your palette wanting for more. This is available to you under Rs.100 and within minutes.


8. Mom Hand Momos

Craving for really delicious unusual momos? This is your place to be then. They serve the best gravy momos and chilly momos, vegetarian and non- vegetarian. All available at economical rates and amazing quantity.You will not be able to finish one plate alone!


9. Vadapav Junction

This place is right next to Mom Hand Momos. They serve the famous Bombay Vadapav in various ways. They serve Maggi Vada pavs, Chocolate Vadapav, Egg Curry Vadapav, Omelette Pav and more. All are a must try!


10. Giani’s

Got a sweet tooth? This is your stop. A must try is their hot chocolate fudge and their “make your own” sundaes. Other than this they have all flavors of your favourite ice creams. Make your stop to heaven soon!


11. Woodbox Cafe

Located at the end of the Satya Niketan lane, this cafe literally has the look of a wooden box from the interior. The food is equally good and worth the prices. The falafel platter and their burgers are a must try and so are their shakes, especially the kit-kat and oreo shakes.


12. The Biryani And Co.

A simple place outside the Satya Niketan market, here we have another place for all you Biryani lovers out there. The place is small and not so decorative. But the food is absolutely breathtaking. You must have the Chicken and mutton dum biryani and Paneer 65 biryani both served along with delicious masala salan and tadka raita. Chicken 65 is a must try side. Fill your palette up with the taste of this place.


13. Thikaana

If you want to shift from cool places to classy places, then this is your place to be. A must try here are the rolls which are served in shot glasses with honey syrup and the butter chicken pasta. The mocktails here are different from the regular ones.  Thikana is pocket-friendly with a cozy and classy environment.


14. Sama Chicken And Mutton Corner

Another place to hog on typical spicy non-vegetarian Indian food. As the name suggests, their speciality is obviously chicken and mutton. They serve one of the best Chicken Korma and Mutton Korma which they serve with fresh tawa roti’s or butter naan or rumali roti, whichever you prefer. All at the most affordable prices!


15. Bombay Brunch

Here we finally have a place for our vegetarians. Your ultimate stop for typical Bombay food. Just at the entry, you have a small pani puri stall and the interiors are quite cool and funky. The food will give you a taste of the typical Bombay street food but a bit more hygienic. They have an entire section in their menu named “Juhu Chowpati Special” which includes paani puri, Sev puri, bhel puri, cheese sev and bhel puri, chaat platter and more. Other items on their menu are the famous Bombay Vada Pav served in various ways such as – classic vada pav, cheese vada pav, masal pav, missal pav and more. A must try is their pav bhaji which is next to amazing! This place may not be at the street food rates but it is also available at economical rates.


16. The Kahuna

Here we have a light in the pocket and amazing ambience place for you. The highlight of this place is the glass waterfall which changes the look of the entire café. It’s a great place for quick bites such as the chicken burger and if you wanna have a heavy meal then don’t forget to try the biryani, which is sometimes made by the owner of the restaurant himself. To cool your stomach down after your meal they have the Tower Ice cream which is delicious!


17. WOW! Momo

Do you love momos? Everybody does right?

So this place has the craziest types of momos ever! From super spicy to super sweet, they have all kinds of momos to serve you. Their baked momos are a personal favourite, baked with cheese and you literally have to dig in to find your momo. The brownie momos, Oh! They are amazing. Filled with chocolate brownie and sauce, it may sound weird but it’s not!
Other items on their menu include momo burger, choco fried momo, chicken schezwan pan-fried momos, mushroom momo, corn cheese momo, fish fried momos and more! It’s a MUST try!!


18. Qro Gourmeteria

A cool, calm and cozy place. This place offers you delicious food with an ever amazing ambiance that will make you want to visit the place again. A must try here is the chilly mushroom, veg. spring rolls, keema pao, smoked chicken sandwich and more. They have a shakes to cool your palette down too, such as the Ferrero Rocher shake, the blueberry shake and more. Recommended here are the Honey Almond Cake Shake and Grilled Chicken Peri Peri Steak. The food here is also available at economical rates.


19. Superstar Cafe

Bollywood fan? Well, this is your place to be. The Superstar Cafe is the ultimate place for Bollywood lovers. They have posters of Bollywood movies and actors hanging around all around along with some famous Bollywood movie dialogues.

The food here is equally good. They serve continental, American and Italian cuisines. A must try is the Lemon Fish ( dry ) and the Garden veggies Pee Cee pizza and a superstar special mix Sal Shahrukh Khan Pasta and more!!


20. Scooter On The Wall

As the name suggests, there literally is a scooter hanging on the wall outside. They use recycled things to serve you in and also most of the décor is recycled things. It’s a small place so you may end up on the waiting list. The food here is worth the wait. A must try is the Million Dollar shake, Salman Khan, Tacos, Kukkad platter (chicken platter) and more. They have a lot to offer and at economical rates.


Thank you, I hope you try these places out and are satisfied!