Top 20 Dishes For Rakhi

Top 20 Dishes For Rakhi
Top 20 Dishes For Rakhi

Raksha  Bandhan is one of the most important festivals of India. It is usually observed as a symbol of love. On this occasion a sister tie Rakhi around the wrist of her brother with a wish of prosperity, good health of her brother and brother give woes of protection of his sister. This unique festival never complete without sweets. Rakhi auspicious occasion is incomplete without sweets as sister gives sweets to her brother.

Here is a list of the top 20 best sweets for Rakhi :

1. Coconut Ladoo

This quick easy to cook laddoo is made up of coconut, sugar syrup and dry fruits which taste delicious. Coconut laddoo is healthy too.


2 Dry Fruits Barfi

Dry fruits barfi is made up of grinding different dry fruits mixed along with sugar syrup with coconut or dry fruit topping.


3. Mango Shrikhand 

Shrikhand is one of the yummiest foods one can prefer during the hot season. Mango shrikhand made with mango pulp and hang curd along with sugar and a little bit of cardamom and topped with cherry, dry fruits.


4. Besan Pista Burfi

Besan barfi is one of the household names with its easy recipes preferred mostly during occasion made with besan cooked and sugar syrup along with pistachio topping which made it look delicious.


5. Ghevar

Ghevar is the traditional sweet dish of Rajasthan made mostly during the Rakhi festival with flour and sugar syrup . It is one of delicious dishes.


6. Gulab Jamun

Its name is enough to bring water in one’s mouth this one of tasty delicious sweet made of Maida, sugar syrup comes out in soft spongy balls. It is usually preferred during a special occasion.


7. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is one of the most favorite sweets preferred during the festival made up of grind cashew mixed along with sugar syrup with silver on top. It is one of the highly preferred sweet dishes in Raksha Bandhan.


8. Gujiya

One of tasty sweet usually made up of Maida with the filing of dry fruits and roasted khoya easy to cook. It is mostly preferred during special festivals like Holi, Diwali, Rakhi.


9. Rice Kheer

Kheer is an Indian dessert made up of rice, sugar, dry fruits topped with saffron strands .One of easy desserts served for a special purpose.


10. Rasgulla

This well-known mouth-watering Bengali sweet is made up of milk and sugar syrup usually soft and spongy balls .it is one of the preferred dishes which is eaten on every occasion .it is one of the healthy sweet dishes.


11. Motichor Ladoo

One of auspicious dishes preferred mostly to served to god’s in temple. This delicious dish made up of Boondi and sugar syrup. It is one of the tastiest dishes and easy to cook.


12. Milk Peda

When we talk about peda it is one of the common dishes made up of khoya and sugar comes in different shapes with a different topping.


13. Chocolate Sandesh

This popular Bengali sweet is made up of paneer and chocolate powder. It is usually popular among kids because of its tasty chocolaty flavour.


14. Besan Ladoo

This is one of the most common Indian sweet made up of besan and sugar syrup topped with dry fruits. It is easy to cook and take less time to prepare . Besan laddoo are preferred by almost everyone at even small occasion.


15. Kalakhand 

This easy to cook recipe made up of simple ingredients like paneer and condensed milk with a topping of dry fruits made it look tempting.


16. Rabdi

One of the tastiest dishes made of two ingredients milk and sugar. It is too yummy to taste one can easily cook at home but it’s is time-consuming.


17. Malpua

This popular dish is simple pancakes which is easy to cook it is crispy at the outer but soft at the inner level comes in a round shape dip in sugar syrup. It is cook during a family gathering.


18. Halwa

Indian festival is often incomplete with halwa one of a very well known dish of every household easy to cook yet too delicious made up of wheat flour, besan and suji along with sugar and ghee garnished with dry fruits


19. Jalebi

It is an integral part of Indian culture for the last decade this delicious mouth-watering sweet made up of besan, maida deep fried in ghee dip in sugar syrup. One of easy to cook dish yet taste too yummy.


20. Chocolate Barfi

One of the most popular dishes among children because of its delicious taste and flavour made up of paneer, chocolate powder, sugar, cream. This easy to cook dish one must try.