20 Best Ladoo Recipes

20 Best Ladoo Recipes
20 Best Ladoo Recipes

Ladoo is  a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian landmass. Ladoos are primarily created from flour, fat (ghee/butter/oil) and sugar. Ladoos are typically product of gram flour however they may also be created with flour. Sometimes ingredients like sliced nuts and/or dried raisins also are added .They are typically served at merry or spiritual occasions. Let us take you thru twenty best ladoo recipes which will force you gorge on to those delights.

1. Boondi Ladoo

Boondi ladoo are a well-liked ancient Indian festival sweet created with gram flour, ghee, sugar, nuts and cardamom powder. It is made throughout festival seasons or for any auspicious or spiritual occasion.


Take gram flour and saffron powder in an exceedingly bowl and add water to form a swish batter. Heat oil for deep frying Boondi. Fry the Boondi for fewer than a moment. In a pan with sugar add water till the sugar is immersed. Stir it for 7-10 minutes on medium flame, the syrup can bubble and start to thicken. turn off the heat, add cardamom powder. Next combine the Boondi and syrup and let it sit. Once the mixture is hot enough, you’ll be able to build Ladoos. Take some of the Boondi and begin pressing it gently to form Ladoos. Tasty Boondi ladoo is prepared.


2. Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo are spherical sweet balls created by cooking gram flour and clarified butter, and adding sugar to form a thick pasty dough that’s then shaped into delicious, melt-in-your-mouth balls.


Dry roast a pair of cups of besan on medium-low flame for 10-15 minutes. Then add ½ cup clarified butter and blend well. Keep on roasting for a total of twelve to fifteen minutes stirring non-stop till the mixture thickens and also the color changes. Once the besan is roasted, take away the pan from the stove and add granulated sugar and blend well. Add one to two tablespoons of raisins , one teaspoon cardamom powder and ten to twelve cashews. Mix again and let the ladoo mixture become lukewarm or cool at temperature. Then form into medium-sized ladoo along with your palms and luxuriate in the luscious ladoo.


3. Coconut Ladoo

Coconut ladoo are conventional Indian sweet balls created with coconut, cardamom powder. We have a tendency to form these for many festivals and alternative occasions as they’re tasty and simple to form.


Heat one tablespoon clarified butter in a Kadai over low heat. Add two cups of desiccated coconut. Roast over low heat for 2-3 minutes, till it offers out a nutty aroma. Add one cup milk and 1/4 cup cream. Cook, stirring incessantly till the milk is absorbed by the coconut. Add 2/3 cup sugar and blend well. Add three to four tablespoons milk powder and 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder and blend once more. Switch off the warmth, and transfer the mixture to a bowl. enable it to chill down slightly. Grease your palms with very little clarified butter, form a ball by rolling between your palms. Coat it with desiccated coconut and transfer it to a plate. Garnish with slivered pistachios or nuts of selection dried rose petals.


4. Dry Fruit Mawa Ladoo

Dry fruit mawa ladoo are instant, healthy, tasty ladoo ,easy to create, easy to digest and winter special. It may function as a anytime sweetener with tea, lunch or dinner.


Heat mawa in a very non-stick pan. Add sugar, combine and cook until it melts. Add ½ teaspoon cardamom powder and saffron and blend well. take away from heat and cool. Divide the mixture into equal parts. Grind fig and transfer into a bowl. Add almonds, walnuts and cardamom powder and blend well. Divide this mixture into equal parts and form them into balls. Grease palms with ghee, take every portion of mawa mixture, make a cavity and fill it with a little of dried fruit mixture and form them into laddoos. Serve fancy with almonds and saffron strands.

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5. Atta Ladoo

A simple and healthy ladoo created with flour, besan flour and granulated sugar. it’s a healthy sweet as compared to different ancient ladoos, it is simply created and shared with friends and family.


Add almond, pistachio, sugar, and cardamom to a mixer. Grind to a powder. Set aside. Heat clarified butter in an exceedingly serious bottom Kadai until it’s nicely liquid. Add flour, and blend nicely within the clarified butter. Slowly roast the flour over low – medium heat while endlessly stirring. don’t surrender to flour till a pleasant, nutty aroma is discharged and the color of the flour is modified from pale white to brownness, sort of a biscuit. Transfer roast flour to a good bowl. enable it to become lukewarm to the touch. Add sugar and dry fruits mixture. combine nicely and form it into good rounds, sort of a ball. Serve Atta ladoo directly or store in an airtight instrumentality.


6. Gond Ke Ladoo

It is a well-liked north Indian sweet ready particularly throughout the wet or winter season to supply the mandatory heat and warmth. it’s wealthy in calories and nutrients and therefore ideal to serve to children and senior folks.


Firstly, in a tawa, heat ¼ cup clarified butter and roast ½ cup gond in batches. crush the gond using your hand or with the assistance of a rolling pin. conjointly roast dry fruits, 1½ cup dry coconut and a couple of tbsp. poppy seeds. Next roast khajur powder with some tbsp clarified butter on low flame and transfer the cooked khajur powder into an equivalent bowl, add ¼ tsp cardamom powder and ¼ tsp nutmeg powder. combine well ensuring all the dry fruits are well combined. Keep aside. Pour one string of sugar syrup over the dry fruit mixture and blend well. begin creating ladoo (greased hand) once the mixture remains hot. get pleasure from gond ladoo.


7. Peanut Ladoo

A delicious Indian ladoo created with peanuts and liquified jaggery syrup. it’s an easy, healthy and simple Indian sweet recipe which might even be shared as protein bars or balls.


Take ⅓ cup of grated jaggery in a pan. Add ⅓ cup water and a pinch of cardamom powder. Let it boil in order that jaggery dissolves utterly. Add filtered jaggery syrup to a kadai and let it boil well. combine well in order that all syrup is coated well. Keep a ghee-greased plate prepared by the side. Transfer the contents to the lubricated plate. spread it and leave it for regarding 1- about hours. Once cooled, instantly transfer to the mixer in batches and grind it slightly coarse. Take some and simply roll the ladoo between your palms for excellent shape.


8. Badam Ladoo

Badam Ladoo are delicious, soft in mouth and simple to form Indian sweets. These laddus are flourless, gluten-free.


In a pan on medium flame dry roast the Badam until the outer skin slowly starts changing the color and you get a pleasant aroma. Transfer this to the plate. within the same pan, add the coconut flakes and saute for no more than two to three minutes on low flame. You can roast cardamom pods alongside the coconut flakes. Let this cooldown. In a mixer, add almonds and coconut flakes and mix it to a coarse powder. Transfer back to the plate. Add sugar, cardamom pods, and mix it to induce a fine powder. to the present add coarse almond coconut powder and mix until the mixture becomes heat and almond starts losing its oil. Transfer the mixture back to the plate and roll them into balls of the specified size. For flavor simply add two tbsp of clarified butter or butter.


9. Malai Ladoo

A contemporary and wealthy ladoo created with easy and simply offered ingredients. The thickness of dried milk, the flavor of clarified butter, and also the crunch of loopy complemented the style. fast to create and enjoy with family and friends anytime.


Heat two tablespoon clarified butter, roast cashew nuts till golden and crisp, in medium flame. Set aside. Fry raisins till they bloat and put aside. Powder sugar with cardamom till it’s super fine as talc. place the roast cashew in ziploc and crush it roughly employing a rolling pin gently. in an exceedingly bowl, take dried milk, granulated sugar, crushed nuts, dried fruit and molten clarified butter. combine well and form the mixture to ladoos. It takes a minute to press and form the shape, so press firmly for laddu holding form.


10. Maladu

Maladu is created with Bengal geographic region gram, clarified butter and cashews. These sweet balls are delicious, soften within the mouth and make a fast sweet snack.


Powder some cooked gram finely in a very spice grinder or mixer till swish. Tip this into a bowl and within the same grinder, powder the sugar together with the cardamom pods. Add this to the cooked gram powder and blend well. Heat the clarified butter in a very pan and add the cashew nuts once the cashew nuts turn golden brown, add the drawn butter and cashews to the bowl with the powders. Stir straight away with a spoon till the mixture comes along. Let the mixture settle down .Shape into a sleek ball on your palm and put aside on a plate. The ladoos can harden as they sit.


11. Sunnundalu

A classic Andhra sweet created using urad dal that’s typically ready throughout the festival sankranti and different festivals.


In a kadai, roast the urad dal. Keep stirring and cookery until it turns uniformly brown. It shouldn’t turn dark. enable it to chill. Grind the sugar. in a very wide mouth mixer, create a fine powder of urad dal. Sieve it with a skinny filter and regrind the unsieved portion until it gets down the sieve. Heat the ghee in an exceedingly tiny vessel. within the same kadai or bowl, combine the sugar and ground urad dekaliter flour. Add 1/4 glass heat ghee. begin rolling the mixture into ladoos. Add extra clarified butter as needed to roll firm ladoos. Serve it warm to get pleasure from.


12. Moong Dal Ladoo

Moong dal is healthy, low in fat content, and really high in protein. These ladoos are created with jaggary rather than sugar. It’s healthy and tastes delicious. This moong dal laddu is a simple ladoo recipe which will be created quickly in half-hour.


Rinse moong dal with water two times. Drain off the water.

Dry it on a clean cotton towel. Pat the moong dal with a dry fabric. Roast the moong dal in a pan over low medium heat. Stir & roast the moong dal till it’s aromatic and gently golden. take away from heat & keep it aside on a plate to chill. Meanwhile, heat one tsp clarified butter within the same pan over low heat. Roast cashews till golden. take away from heat & set it aside. Grind the moong dal to form a fine powder. Sift it & set it aside. Heat ¼ cup of ghee/clarified butter within the same pan over low medium heat. Once the clarified butter is molten, roast the fine-grained moong dal till it starts to alter color. take away from heat. Transfer it to a bowl and add cardamom powder & sugar. combine it well with a ladle while the mixture is hot. Take out a tiny low portion from the mixture & begin creating the ladoos. Garnish with cashew. Moong dal ladoos are prepared. Enjoy


13. Rava Ladoo

Rava Laddu is a delicious Indian Sweet created with suji. These soften within the mouth ladoo is popularly created throughout festivals like Ganesa Chaturthi and Krishnashtami.


Freshly grate the coconut or grind in a mixer. In a massive pan or kadai, heat a tablespoon of clarified butter and add the suji. combine well and roast the Rava for 8-10 minutes in low to medium flame. combine often to avoid burning and roast it until a pleasant aroma comes from the Rava. take away to a plate and let cool slightly. Wipe the pan and add a teaspoon of clarified butter and the coconut, fry the coconut for 2 to a few minutes and switch off the stove. In the mixer add the sugar and cardamom and grind until fine powder. After 3 minutes open the lid, add the suji and coconut. give a mix and pulse it for four to 5 times until you get a semi fine mixture. Wipe the pan that was used to fry the coconut, currently add three tablespoons of clarified butter and cashew. Fry until pale brown. Add the ground mixture to the cooked cashew. Now add heat milk, and blend it well. At this time the mixture will be wet and moist, close the pan with a lid and put aside for ten to fifteen minutes. Open the lid, combine and form a ladoo.


14. Sesame Ladoo

Sesame ladoo is a healthy, delicious, and nutty ladoo ready with white sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts, and desiccated coconut. A vegetarian recipe and also a Makar Sankranti festival special sweet.


Boil 1-2 cups of water in a massive pan over medium flame. combine jaggery in it and once dissolved, cook for 2-3 minutes to form the jaggery sir up. Then, quickly sieve the syrup and place it back within the pan. gently roast benni seeds within the clarified butter over low flame. once it’s done, add into the jaggery syrup and blend well. Next, add the cardamom and rose essence into it and blend well. Let the syrup thicken well. Once the mixture is thick enough, take away from the flame and create tiny balls of the mixture. Keep them aside on a clean plate to harden.


15. Thambittu

Thambittu is a well-liked and ancient Kannada cuisine ladoo created with peanuts and rice flour. it’s typically created for festivals like shivaratri or throughout navaratri because it provides the specified nutrients throughout fasting.


Rinse the rice and drain the water utterly. Wait till dry by spreading it on a material or plate. Roast the rice roasted brown. Wait till cool and dry grind it beside roast gram. Now sieve the ground flour. Roast the peanuts till it starts to crackle. Wait till cool and deskin it. Add  scraped peanuts, dry or desiccated coconut and cardamom powder. combine well and keep it aside. Now take 1/2 cup jaggery and little less than 1/4 cup of water in a very thick cooking pan. and produce it to boil. Boil till it simply reaches one string consistency, boil it for four – five minutes beneath medium flame. turn off the stove. Immediately pour this jaggery sweetening over flour, coconut and peanuts mixture. Mix everything well. Wait till the surplus heat is reduced. Apply clarified butter to the hands and build little lemon sized balls. Thambittu are going to be a touch soft once they are hot. within an hour they’ll become hard.

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16. Ragi Ladoo

A vastly popular dish found in Bharat, ragi Coconut Ladoo is nutritionally wealthy because of the high protein and mineral present in its main ingredient, Ragi.


Heat 1/8 cup of drawn butter in a pan, roast the cashews until golden brown. Remove and put aside. Currently add ragi flour to that, roast in low flame for 5-7 minutes so as to not burn the flour, keep stirring. Cool down fully then add sugar to that. combine well then add cashews ,cardamom powder and 1/8 cup drawn butter to it. Mix well in order that it is equally mixed.

Take a couple of flour, press tight and form them as ladoos.


17. Bandar Ladoo

Bandar Laddu is a standard Andhra sweet from Machilipatnam. It’s created with Besan Chakli pounded with jaggery and made into ladoos.


In a bowl, combine the besan with water to form a batter. Heat a kadai with oil, using the murukku maker, move the batter into chaklis. Once it cools down, pulse it into powder. Heat a nonstick pan, soften jaggary, take away impurities, then cook for one or two minutes. Add the pounded besan {and combine |and blend} well until you get a thick mix. Once it cools down, create it into ladoos.


18. Dates Nut Ladoo

Dates and nuts Laddu is a very healthy and nutritious ladoo variety we are able to create typically. This Dates Ladoo is made in iron and other healthy nutrients. No sugar or any sweeteners used.


Heat a pan and add the dry nuts and roast them for two minutes. Take the roast nuts to the mixer and crumble them. Take the dates in a pan and saute the dates until they’re soft. Take the dates in a mixer jar and grind it coarsely. Take the bottom nuts and dates within the bowl. Add ghee, dry coconut and vanilla essence. Mix well and mix all ingredients. create little lemon size balls out of the dates mixture. delicious dates nut ladoo is prepared to eat.


19. Walnut Ladoo

Quick, simple and healthy ladoos created with walnuts, poha and dates. This walnut ladoos have a natural sweetness from dates and area unit chew-able.


Deseed and chop dates roughly. Dry roast poha in a pan till crisp for 2-3 minutes. take away from the pan once done. Add walnuts and dry roast till it’s hot to the touch. switch the flame and cool it down. Firstly, grind the poha and walnuts in a blender beside cardamom powder to a rough powder. Then add shredded dates to a blender and give a run. Add a tbsp of clarified butter in a very pan, add dates and poha walnuts, combine and fry it in low flame for 2-3 minutes or till the dates area unit soft. switch the flame once done and cool it down. Once the mixture remains hot, begin creating balls and revel in walnut ladoo.

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20. Multigrain Ladoo

Easy multigrain laddus created with completely different varieties of whole grain flour. These build a good snack for anyone on a low fat or whole grain diet.


Heat clarified butter during a heavy-bottomed pan and fry the multi-grain flour gently on a medium flame until golden brown. Keep it aside to chill. combine jaggery powder with 1/4 cup water during a pan and add cardamom powder. Boil the jaggery sweetener until it reaches a thick consistency. Now, switch the flame and blend the flour and sweetener. Add nuts to that and blend well. Grease your hands with a touch clarified butter and build the balls. Let the ladoos rest, and cool them down.

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