Top 20 Newly Opened Places To Grab A Bite In Mumbai


As this year is reaching its end, we are sifting through all the new food joints that this year gifted us with, join us on our journey by scrolling down!


Luna Nudo Gusta, Lower Parel

Located on the 37th floor of St. Regis, this newly opened European bar-cum-restaurant has elegance and royalty in every corner of it. With a varied bar menu, fresh music and warm service, this place is easily garnering love from food critics all over Mumbai. Undeniably one of the best openings in this year has witnessed.



Thalassa, Khar West

When Greece comes to Goa and Goa is brought to Mumbai, that is when you get Thalassa.
With white interiors and mirrors all over the place, Thalassa, the famous hangout of Goa is here in Mumbai with its heavenly ambiance and creative seafood menu. A must visit place when you want to pamper not just your stomach but all your aesthetic fantasies.


Birdsong The Organic Cafe, Bandra

For all health conscience people out there, all your worries have come to rest! The birdsong café is a small place with healthy food and a big dose of positivity with its endearing interiors. This place easily makes it to our list of the best places Mumbai has gifted us with this year.


Chai Pe Charcha, Lower Parel

A cafe with quirky decor and light food, expressing every Indian’s childhood at one glance, Chai Pe Charcha is perfect for every Indian soul. The food has just the correct amount of flavors that will make you feel like home. We would recommend you to try Gulkand Bun Maska when you go there!


The Bar Stock Exchange, Bandra

If you’re looking out for a new place to go out with your big group of friends, this is where you should be. The Bar Stock Exchange is a lively place with an incredible food menu that is almost always full of people. Do go and grab a seat to know what Mumbai’s lately hogging on.


Nri, Bkc

One of those places you should go to with your family to experience a hearty meal. As the name suggests, “NRI-Not Really Indian” has a very creative menu that brings together flavors from all across the globe to compliment with our Indian spices. This place has successfully captivated the hearts of many Indians with an exotic menu and its beautiful interiors.


Woodside Inn, Colaba

An Old School Interior with a simple yet satisfying food is all you need sometimes. This place is effortlessly one of our top go-to’s for a sudden night of burgers and gourmet pizzas. It has an amazing variety of burgers that make you want to revisit it.


Masala Bar, Bandra

One of the best date locations Mumbai has to offer. With a jaw-dropping scenic view that soothes your soul and a lovely candle lit dinner that touches your heart, Masala Bar is a place every Mumbaikar must visit to fall in love with Mumbai all over again.


Broaster Chicken India, Versova

Broaster Chicken, a very well established and accomplished USA outlet is finally here in Mumbai to grab our hearts! It serves chicken just how we Indians like it, crunchy and flavor packed. Surely a winner for all chicken lovers out there.


Chaayos, Lower Parel

A spacious place with a menu that can satiate everybody’s hunger and a vivid range of Chai that embodies the flavors of India graciously. Being drenched in the Mumbai rains and walking through the doors of Chaayos to be greeted with their kadak chai is all one needs on a heavy day. We personally loved their loaded chicken cheese Max and Kulhad Chai the most.


Global Chaos, Fort

Global Chaos is the best restaurant in Mumbai that caters to the taste buds of every tourist in India. With savoring food from every place on the face of Earth, this restaurant has flawlessly made its way up on every Indian’s list of their favorite places. Currently a quintessence of exotic food in Mumbai.


Thc, Powai

To put all your Mexican food cravings to rest, THC has opened its new outlet in Powai. THC has sparkingly emerged as one of the most successful Mexican cuisine providing joint that will make you lick your fingers even after you’re done relishing your order.



Please Don’t Tell, Lower Parel

With an eye catching entrance of a phone booth and a concept that aims at bringing Mumbaikars closer to each other, PDT aimlessly allures a crowd of lively and sassy people. A very friendly place with cheap drinks and enthralling music.


The Mockingbird Cafe, Churchgate

If you are looking for a place to bury into books and munch on pizza casually, this is where you need to be. With an Interior that has a shelf full of inviting books and hilarious quotes, The Mockingbird Cafe serves today’s generation perfectly. It offers spectacular Italian food and classy drinks along with its delectable desserts. Must Try: Chocolate Swiss Roll and four cheese Risotto.


Craft Bar, Bandra

With an interior that captures all the vivid colors in this world so mesmerizingly, Craftbar is one of those feel good places one must visit when feeling low. With a menu that collaborates contrasting flavors smoothly, drinks that cool down our soul and music that sings to our heart, Craft Bar is a remarkable new outlet that is surely going to become a huge name soon.


Goregaon Social, Goregaon

Another add up to the already affluent social offline chain, Goregaon social is here to spread love in Goregaon this time! With an old school menu and a desi vibe, Mumbai’s favorite chain has added another gem to its bag of treasures. When in Goregaon do visit this place.


Doppio Bar And Brassiere, Breach Candy

Another new bar that is receiving a lot of love by the youth of Mumbai is Doppio. It is a spacious bar with vintage décor that attracts every pair of eyes and food that support the drinks miraculously. It has the best Martinis and heavenly music that can turn any sad night into a delightful experience.


Grandmama’s Cafe, Juhu

Grandmama’s Cafe stepped onto the road of success almost in a jiffy. Within a year it has already opened up three branches, Juhu being the latest one proving how much Indians love it. This place has a very calming interior and is always full of lively people. It offers a spectacular array of Breakfast food. When in Mumbai, do  try Grandmama Cafe’s pancakes and waffles with chocolate and ice cream.



Anncensored, Lower Parel

Another glorious Bar in Lower Parel that is about to become big. With an exceptional Bar Menu and flavorsome food items, this place unbeatably finds a home to reside in the hearts of the young hedonists.


Family Tree, Thane

A restaurant that has truly emerged as an epitome of family dining in Thane and become a common household name. Family Tree is a huge place with comfortable decor and warm vibes. It is known for having perfected the art of presenting Indian flavours on a plate. One of those eating houses you most certainly should visit your family for a Sunday dinner. And when you do, do try its chocolate fondue!