Must Try 20 Maharashtrian Rice Dishes

Must Try 20 Maharashtrian Rice Dishes

Here are a few enticing Maharashtrian dishes that represent Maharashtra food at the best! We have compiled a short list of Maharashtrian rice (Bhat) dishes, providing multiple options for you.

1.Varan Bhat

Varan is a traditional lentil-based curry, where toovar dal is cooked with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and various spices. It transforms into a fantastic meal when finished off with ghee, making it a perfect accompaniment with cooked – steamy rice.


2.Masala Bhat

Masala Bhat is a classic Maharashtra rice preparation. If you are someone who enjoys spicy food, then this dish is a perfect choice for you. It is a delightful blend of spicy flavors including cumin, coriander, cloves, and black pepper, crushed into a powder with vegetables, resulting in a mouth-watering texture. When served with raita or salad, it makes for a complete meal.


3.Dodkyacha Bhat

Dodkyacha bhat is a dish made from rice and ridge gourd, seasoned with common spices and a paste. Dodka rice is easy to prepare and exceptionally delicious as well with coriander adding flavor to the rice.


4.Moong Dal Khichdi

Moong dal khichdi is a well-known comfort food. Made with yellow moong dal, rice, and pepper seasoned with ghee, it offers a light yet rich texture thanks to the ghee and dal. It pairs best with the pickle or curd.


5.Matki Bhat

Matki Pulao is a protein – rich Maharashtra pulao. Matki sprouts are rich in fiber making it an excellent choice for Weight Watchers, managing diabetes, or coronary illness. A simple cup of chilled curd is sufficient to complete this delicious one-pot meal.


6.Chawal Bhakri

Tandulachi (rice flour) bhakri is a traditional Maharashtra roti that requires no spices or masalas, yet it’s truly delightful. The rice flour is cooked with water, resulting in these rotis having a unique, soft texture. They offer the soothing, pure taste of cooked rice and pair perfectly with thecha (spicy chutney), or any other curry.


7.Kolhapuri Bhadang

Kolhapuri bhadang, also known as Maharashtra kurmuraya, is a simple breakfast dish made from puffed rice and peanuts, seasoned generously with garlic, curry leaves, and a spice mix. The perfect combination of kolhapuri bhadang is a cup of milk tea.


8.Tendli Bhat

This Rice Recipe combines rice and ivy gourd, magically transforming them into an intriguing dish that everybody will love. It’s a true delight for the taste buds.


9.Vangi Bhat

Vangi Bhat transforms a plain brinjal into a lip-smacking dish. It’s a Maharashtra-style baingan rice dish made from brinjal and rice, enhanced with various spices and a rich paste of coconut and onions.


10.Phodnicha Bhat

Phodnicha bhat is a delightful Maharashtrian that comes in handy when you have some extra rice. With a handful of everyday ingredients and 15–20 minutes, you can whip up this tempered rice dish. It might help you to remember South Indian lemon rice. You can enjoy phodnicha bhat – plain or with some dal, achar, or curd.


11.Metkut Bhat

Metkut bhat is prepared by mixing plain rice with ghee and metkut powder – a customary mix. Metkut masala typically contains ingredients like chana dal, urad dal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, and bean stew powder. You can bring the delightful aromas of Maharashtra cuisine to your kitchen by making a metkut bhat at home.


12.Kolambi Bhat

Until now, all the dishes on the list were vegetarian. Now, it’s time for a treat for seafood lovers – Kolambi bhat (‘Kolambi’ signifies prawns). This resembles a Konkan version of prawn pulao. This delicacy offers a completely different way to enjoy seafood, going beyond the typical rice-and-curry blends.


13.Kolhapuri Masala Bhat

Kolhapuri masala rice is a dish typically featured in non-vegetarian thalis in and around the city of Kolhapur. The combination of spicy and flavorful chicken or mutton curry with this rice is truly extraordinary.



Nilanga rice gets its name from the town of Nilanga in the Latur region of Maharashtra, it’s the town’s specialty. It tastes simply remarkable. When cooked in a pressure cooker, the vegetables and rice meld together with all the flavors. Nilanga rice is my go-to dish among all dishes.


15.Hariyali Matki Khichdi

Alluring in appearance and soothing to the palate, this green matki khichdi is loaded with nutrients and served alongside a bowl of plain curd. This wholesome khichdi is made with rice, moth beans, and a vibrant green paste of whole spices including coriander, green chilies, and coconut. It culminates in a dish that not only pleases the palate but also fills the stomach with satisfaction.


16.Nagpuri Vada Bhat

Nagpuri vada bhat is a dish reserved for special occasions, such as wedding lunches. Have you ever imagined vada with rice? To be honest, it’s an exceptional dish. The crushed vada on top of the rice, when mixed with the curry, will leave you with nothing but the desire to savor every bite.


17.Khandeshi Zanzanit Khichdi

As the name suggests, zanzanit, originating from Khandesh, means fiery. The dish lives up to its name with a generous addition of chilies, making it easy for those who love eating spicy dishes. Zanzanit Khichdi truly does justice to its fiery reputation.


18.Valachi Khichdi

Valachi khichdi, also known as val beans khichdi, is a popular dish in Marathi cuisine. Made with field beans or val beans and rice, is exceptionally well-known but also nutritious. Val beans are a great source of protein despite being somewhat bitter.


19.Gola Bhat

Gola bhat is a traditional recipe from the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Golas (Chunks) of besan are cooked along with rice, which is how it gets its name Gola bhat. It is one of the well-known variations of masala bhat in Maharashtra.


20.Rice Pav

Rice pav is an extraordinary recipe from Nashik. It turns out to be pleasantly delicate and looks just like pav. This dish is a popular street food in Nashik, and its main ingredient is rice. It doesn’t require too many ingredients, and it pairs perfectly with chutney.