A Pick of 20 Yummy Delicacies In Chennai

A Pick of 20 Yummy Delicacies In Chennai

If you thought that Chennai was all about idli and Sambhar well think again. Chennai has been a home for people from various cultures which means we have invited the cuisine of people along with them.Let us observe few delicacies of Chennai.

1. Pani Poori

This is one of the ultimate delicacies of T.Nagar. You never know the ingredients yet you can’t say a no to this yummy chaat. You definitely won’t stop at just one bite.


2. Sandwich

What’s in a sandwich ? You may ask me but not when you taste yummy layers of bread which you’ll definitely not wish to miss in T.Nagar. Their reasonable prices and unbelievable tastes are overwhelming.


3. Sundal and Chaat

This is one amazing chaat you’ll never want to miss out for its nutrition factor when you’re out for shopping in T.Nagar.


4. Hot Chaat

This hot chaat is unique for its flavour and they hold the sole recipe for this dish.


5. Mithai

Why do you go for just Hot Chaats? Why not sweets to savour your taste buds?Well Ajnabis shall do justice to your taste buds.


6. Hot Jalebis

Hot Jalebis soaked in sweet sugar syrup prepared in traditional style   is everyone’s favourite.


7. Coconut Boli

Sweet boli savoured with coconuts and jaggery is the best. Not only its flavour is ever lingering but also very hygienic. Make sure you taste it from the right place.


8. Bread Omelette

A Must taste dish if you land here in T.Nagar, Surely one of the best Bread Omelettes one can ever taste in South India.


9. Corn Canapes

The Corn Canapes here are something you should not live without.The cheese and mouth watering sweetness of corn is something you can safely bet on.


10. Vada Pav

This North Indian dish has found a special place in Chennai, and T. Nagar is one such area which serves Vada Pav. Pav implies a small piece of bread and Vada Pav can be had with green chilli chutney etc.


10. Pyaz Kachori

Probably the best Kachori you can find in the whole of south Chennai; the stuffing inside is insane.


11. Thattu Vadai

The name itself is enough to make many of us go aww. Yes the murukkusettu,norukkal and kalyanamurukku are favourites of the city.


12. Atho

Atho is a part of Burmese that’s served best in various parts of Chennai. It can be made using any thick noodles.


13. Kaalan Kadai

Mushrooms are cooked in way they should be savoured and garnished with freshly cut onions which goes very easy on your pockets just costing you 15 bucks.


14. Paav Bhaaji

One thing that makes this Paav bhaji unique is the Bhaji that’s served along with these buttery paav.


15. Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora can bring back all those long lost memories in you; the spicy stuffing within the hot soft layer of the white bread is coated with a crispy crust. Well the magic can be realised only if you try it.


16. Seejo

This authentic south east Asian dish is a mixture of varied flavours,scrambled eggs and sauces.Do try it once.


17. Soan Papdi

None can forget our all-time favourite Soan Papdis that makes our school holidays memorable.


18. Cotton Candy

Flaky sugar sweet that comes in attractive colours making us forget our age and crave for it.


19. Tapioca Chips

Anyone in Chennai can’t say a no to this ultimate tempting delicacy.Thin layers of this crispy chips can never get off your tastebuds. You’ll crave for every bite.


20. Chokolade B

Never be a feet away from chocolates. If you truly crave for chocolates then Cafe Chokolade is your ultimatum. The recipe of Chokolade B here is the best form of chocolate one can ever taste.