Top 20 Delicious Foods And Sweet Dishes Of Assam

Top 20 Delicious Foods And Sweet Dishes Of Assam

1. Gooror Payas

This sweet dish of Assam is simply yummy. It is made with milk, rice, jaggery, cashew, dates, and bay leaves. This sweet dish is simply scrumptious. It is well garnished with saffron. The taste is similar to that of rabdi. The speciality of this dish is the addition of dates. They give this dish an amazing touch and taste as well. You must taste this dish in order to get the amazing feeling of Assamese cuisine.


2. Maasor Tenga(Tangy Fish Curry)

This Assamese fish curry has tangy touch which makes it very special. If you want to taste the Assamese food and you are a sea-food lover too then, this dish is especially for you. After tasting it, you are going to be crazy for its scrumptious taste. The sour taste is dominant in this dish. This dish is very famous in Assam.


3. Rice Payas

The recipe of this Oayas is very easy, and the taste is very yummy. The speciality of this Payas is the use of Joha rice for making it. This sweet dish is quite heavy as loads of sugar, ghee, and dry fruits are added to this dish. It is well garnished with the cardamom seeds. You can also use saffron to garnish it. One thing that must be noted while making this scrumptious sweet dish is the flame of the gas. This sweet dish is made on low flame.


4. Xutuli Pitha

The taste of this dish is simply amazing. We all love to have the “Gujiya” on Diwali. The recipe of this is exactly same; this dish is also made with filling. But the special part of this dish is its filing. The filling is rice, jaggery and sesame seeds. In this rice powder is used. You can also use boiled rice. After deep frying serve hot and get the heavenly feeling.


5. Narikolpitha

The recipe of this sweet dish is very easy, and the taste is just out of the world. The speciality of this dish is the addition of coconut. What you have to do is just take half cup of flour add the roasted coconut and sugar into it. Make a soft dough, after that make small chapatti. Deep fry the chapattis. Serve hot and say yummy.


6. Aloo Pitika

This dish is very easy and can be made very quickly. The taste is also very yummy. What you have to do is just mash the boiled potatoes, add some chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves and mix well, after those add mustard oil and chilli powder along with salt. Your dish is ready.


7. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura (Chicken with Bamboo Shoot)

The speciality of this dish is the addition of grated bamboo shoot along with green chilli. The recipe is same as that of other chicken recipes, but when the chicken is deep fried, you will have to add the grated bamboo shoot which enhances the taste of the chicken. This goes well with rice; you can serve it after garnishing with chopped green chilli and onion.


8. Bora Chaulor Payas

This sweet dish is made with sticky rice. I know it is strange to know that there are different sweet dishes with different rice. The recipe is almost same as that of other payas recipes. The speciality of this dish is sticky rice. Here are two choices for you; one is to make this Payas with sugar, and other is to make with jaggery. Both the dishes have a scrumptious taste.


9. Narikolor Laru

You will be glad after knowing the recipe of this amazing laddoo. What you need is just grated coconut and sugar. Cook the coconut and sugar together and when it’s cool down make small laddoos. The taste of this laddoo is simply amazing. It’s totally similar to that of coconut candy.


10. OuKhatta

This dish is sour and sweet chutney. The taste is very yummy. It is made up of elephant apple which is known as ouu and jaggery. This chutney is very famous in Assam. This dish is tasty and healthy as well as it is rich in vitamin-C.


11. Pitha

Pithas have a very yummy taste, but this is very disappointing to see that Pitha has almost extinct from the Pitha menu. Several other Pithas are there, but the original one is never bothered. The taste of this Pitha is best among all the Pithas. You must taste this if you are a sweet dish lover.


12.Aloo Konir Dom

The potato and egg curry is spicy and flavored. This is a special Assamese dish and it goes well with steamed rice. Aloo Konir Dom could also be taken with Boondi Raita, Lachha Paratha and Kachumber Salad. Aloo Konir Dom is rich in taste and it is nutritious too. People prefer this food with medium spice.

Aloo Konir Dom

13. Tomato Chutney

This tangy chutney is very famous in Assam, as you can have it with rice, chapatti, pakoras, etc. the recipe is very simple, and the taste is very yummy. This chutney is best for spice lovers. This is the kind of sweet-sour-spicy chutney. If you want to taste Assamese cuisine, then you must taste this chutney.


14. Cabbage Kofta

Cabbage Kofta, this dish is not just famous in Assam but also in many other parts of India. The taste of this dish is simply amazing, and the recipe is very easy. This is a full package of taste. It is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves and grated cheese.


15.Pumpkin Oambal

This is a traditional Assamese style pumpkin chutney. It is a mixture of sweet, sour and spices. Tamarind, red chilli, jaggery and raisins are added to enhance the taste.


16. Poora Haah

Poora Haah is the name given to the most loving dish among the non vegetarian lovers that is roasted duck. Now I don’t think any other explanation is needed regarding the taste of this dish.


17.Pani Hamuk

This dish is nothing but snails cooked along with pumpkins. This is also cooked with potatoes. The tasty food is one of the top preferences of Assamese. With red hot chillis and added flavors, Pani Hamuk tastes delicious. The interesting thing is that you have to suck the meat from the shell.

Pani ha

18. Fish Fried Rice

Deep fried fishes are added in boiled rice and then cooked properly along with all the spices. The best thing in this dish is its garnishing part as it is well garnished with lemon juice. The taste is simply delicious.


19. Bamboo Shoot Fry

The Bamboo Shoot is deep fried along with all the spices. The taste is simply amazing. This is speciality of Assam. You cannot find this dish anywhere else except Assam.


20. Komolar Kheer

This sweet dish has taste something like “hattke.” This dish has the recipe similar to that of kheer, but the addition of the orange pulp makes it extra special. You can use orange pulp for garnishing also. Just taste it as it is one among the typical dishes of Assam.