Diwali Treats? Here Are 20 Sweets You Can Include In Your List

Here Are 20 Sweets You Can Include In Your List

Diwali or Deepavali as the South Indians likes to call it…. It is the most colourful time of the year. It is called the festival of lights. But for food lovers like me and you it is the festival of sweets. Sweets are distributed as a part of celebrating the festival. If you are planning to do the same here is a list of 20 different sweets you can prepare in 30 minutes and give it to your guests, sweet and chilled.


Gulab jamun

A sweet that always tops the list and should top the list is Gulab jamun. Hot fried Jamuns are put into thick sugar syrup making them all the more tempting. These dumplings are very juicy and chewy. Gulab jamuns are the perfect gift for anyone who loves sweets.


Chocolate Sandesh

Sandesh is a Bengali traditional sweet. The sweet stuffing is covered with an outer layer. What will be your speciality if you offer normal Sandesh just like everyone else? That is when Chocolate Sandesh comes into the scene. The Sandesh is garnished or can also be dipped in Chocolate and then served chilled.


Dry Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is that recipe which can be decorated according to one’s preference. Once the Jamuns are ready, you either choose to dip them in Sugar Syrup making them all sweet or you can just squeeze the extra Sugar Syrup and coat them with Coconut Powder. This is what is called as dry Gulab jamun.


Carrot Kalakand

The normal Kalakand is boring. On the special occasion of Diwali, distribute this Carrot Kalakand which is so yummy and delicious. The carrot adds the right texture and flavour to the Kalakand sweet.


Coconut Laddu

Coconut Laddu is a South Indian sweet recipe. It is a dry sweet. This sweet can be made just under 15 minutes. The garnishing can be done with Raisins or Cashews. It’s all up to you about what you do with the Laddu once they are ready.


Dates Halwa

Halwa is similar to a pudding. The Halwa looks like a semi-solid mixture. Dates can be used to make Halwa when you are completely out of ideas on what to prepare for this special occasion. You can also use Cashews which are fried in Oil or Ghee to decorate the Halwa so that it doesn’t look boring.


Coconut Barfi

Barfi is a very popular sweet in the Northern regions of India. This is Barfi with a twist. You can use Coconuts to make Barfi sweet. This adds a dry element to the Barfi instead of keeping it sticky.



How can one forget about Rasmalai when talking about sweets? This one is everyone’s favourite sweet. The dumplings are made of Indian Cottage Cheese. These dumplings are then dipped in sweet milk mixture and served chilled. Rasmalai is tasted best when garnished with Pistachios and Saffron.




Milk is called ‘Doodh’ in the Hindi language. It is a traditional Indian sweet made in almost all festive celebrations. This sweet is famous for it takes very less time to make. It is also very easy to make. Once the Peda is ready, you can garnish it with Almonds and Cashews.


Malai Laddu

‘Malai’ is the layer which is present in milk after it is heated and boiled. Malai is the sweetest and softest part of Milk. Malai is considered to be smooth and hence used in many spicy dishes to give them a creamy texture. You can make Malai Laddu to impress your guests this Diwali.


Malai Modak

Modak is the traditional sweet which is presented as an offering in Ganesh festival celebrations. You can prepare Modak with a small difference. You can make Modak with Malai which we get from milk. These Malai Modak sweets taste really tasty.


Badam Barfi

Barfi comes in different shapes, sizes and tastes. This is Badam Barfi. Badam is Almonds in the Hindi language. Badam Barfi tastes heavenly. The Barfi is mixed with Pistachio slices to make it more special. It is the perfect treat for Diwali.



In some Indian households, Diwali means Gujiya and Gujiya means Diwali. That is how much the Indians love Gujiya. It is a sweet recipe made by putting stuffing inside a layer of Flour. The outer layer is then sealed using hands or a fork. This is then fried in hot oil. This sweet is served hot.


Kaju Pista Roll

This is another quick and easy-to-make recipe. This takes very less time and very easy to make. This recipe is similar to Kaju Katli. The Cashew mixture is prepared first to make this sweet. This Cashew mixture is then rolled to form Rolls as shown in the pic.


Tirunelveli Halwa

As the name suggests, this Halwa is locally famous in Tirunelveli. There are shops which sell this Halwa in kilos. So now you know how famous this sweet is. Even though it is famous in Southern India, one can always make this sweet whenever he/she feels like. This Halwa is garnished with Cashews and Raisins.



Maaladu is a famous sweet which is traditionally prepared for Janmaashtami festival. This is a compulsory sweet to be made. You can also make this typical Laddu even for Diwali making it more special.



Badam Katli

Badam Katli is probably the easiest sweet recipe out there. This can be made by anyone. Even beginners can try making this recipe. The Badams, which are Almonds are used to make this Katli. The sweets are cut in the diamond shape to make them more visually appealing.



Rasgulla is a Bengali sweet which is famous for its delicious juicy taste. The Rasgullas are served chilled in the sugar syrup. The Rasgullas increase in size after soaking in the syrup. So, care should be taken about the size of Rasgulla.



Papdi is always a dry sweet, no matter what the ingredients are used. This is a Northern Indian style sweet which is very popular in the streets. It is also called as Sughdi in some areas. But it tastes delicious in any area.


Soan Papdi

This is another variety of Papdi which is famous across very household in India. Usually, people buy this in packets from outside shops, but one can always prepare these Papad at home. The recipe is very simple.

So, now you know the best sweets to make during this Diwali. This is the perfect occasion to make any of these and share them with your friends and family.