Top 20 Easy To Make Dishes In When Living Alone

Top 20 Easy To Make Dishes In When Living Alone
Top 20 Easy To Make Dishes In When Living Alone

Cooking your meals while you live alone is one of the most challenging things you will experience. Planning meals for one person is even more difficult. Apart from the flavor, you must also bear other things in mind. It should have a high nutritional value, a pleasant taste, and be sufficiently satisfying. It should evoke memories of simpler times or, at the very least, distant lands.

Take a look at these simple recipes.

1. Parathas

What could be more wholesome to start your day other than a tasty piping hot Paratha? These incredible dishes hail from the streets of Punjab. When you prepare it with your favorite stuffing and preferred spices along with butter or curd, that is what we call nirvana.


2. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is a simple but tasty dish. Nothing brings back memories of your childhood like Rajma Chawal. This curry is incredibly easy to make and has a lot of Indian flavors in it. The only important point is for you to remember to soak the beans the night before.


3. Fried Rice

Fried Rice is hands down one of the easiest dishes to prepare. Not just that, but it also helps you use up all your remaining veggies in your fridge. Prepping your rice with your choice of veggies and spices or sauces and sautéing it in a pan is all you need to do for a lip-smacking dish.

Hong-Kong-Fried-Rice (1)

4. Egg Masala Maggi

The addition of eggs merely accentuates the flavor of Maggi, which is our youth in a bowl. These two items are simple to prepare and highly delicious when combined. If you cook these two together, you will not be disappointed.


5. Frankie

This is yet another dish to seek if you’re looking for something zesty and healthy at the same time. This one is also quite simple to construct. What could be better than a chapatti packed with your favorite sautéed vegetables and coated in a tangy chutney or your favorite sauce?


6. Garlic Noodles

Though it has an Asian touch, these slurpy noodles would probably be the tastiest thing you would have ever tasted. All you need to do is boil and prepare your noodles with salt and pepper and add them to garlic-flavored oil and soy sauce. They are easy to make and very filling as well.


7. Buddha Bowls

Though not a very popular concept in India, this dish is wholesome and tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before. The steps involve you adding rice or quinoa at the base and top it with your preferred vegetables (cooked or raw) in segments, and add your preferred sauce.

They don’t take long to prepare and are a great alternative for a quick meal.


8. Egg Bhurji

Nothing could be any better than ending a tiring day with hot anda bhurji with roti or pav. The only thing you have to do is to add chopped onions and tomatoes along with spices to a poorly made omelet or, as we call it scrambled eggs, and top it with coriander. It is one of those dishes that can warm your heart and bring peace to your insides.


9. Red Sauce Pasta

This tangy pasta, sprinkled with oregano and chili flakes, can be one of your favorite recipes. Unlike the others, you can acquire its sauce ready-made in the market, making it the easiest to make of all the kinds of pasta. Even if you prefer to make it at home, the process is quite simple.


10. French Toast

It is one filling bread dish that is not only easy to make but is also very tasty as well. Dipping your bread slices in a beaten egg and milk mixture and then toasting it on a pan or in a toaster is the way to make it. The way its smell slowly drifts into your nose, making your mouth water and increases your anticipation is something everyone should experience.


11. Wraps

It is another easy dish that requires you to assemble the stuffing you prefer and coat it with a covering. People fill it with all kinds of protein sources like egg, meat, or tofu, veggies like capsicum, lettuce, spinach, onions, tomato, etc., and condiments like mayonnaise, chipotle, etc.


12. Alfredo Pasta

Another spaghetti recipe that makes you want to lick your fingers. What you need to do is make your alfredo sauce with plenty of cheese and serve it over your favorite pasta. The sauce is simple to create, and you can customize it with your favorite toppings, such as basil leaves or Arabella.

13. Dal Chawal

A decent plate of warm Dal Chawal can satisfy your heart as well as your stomach like nothing else. It is one of the simple Indian recipes to prepare, but the manner it pleases its diners is unrivaled. A platter of dal chawal brings back memories of your mother’s warm embrace.


14. Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those dishes whose aroma and taste would end up leaving you completely satisfied. In this dish, all you need to do is to align your pasta in a cooking pan and add its fillings on top along with cheese and keep creating the layers as much you want, and then bake them. Having a serving of it with a glass of wine would be a great way of having your dinner.


15. Khichdi

This dish can be consumed when you are sick or just want to eat something filling yet light. It is made from dal and rice and is very easy to digest. Top this one with warm ghee and pepper, and it would leave you with a satisfied stomach.


16. Stir Fry Veggies With Rice

Another savory yet flavorful dish is yet another meal that can be made to use up all your leftover vegetables. You should begin by frying them in oil and add soy sauce, cornstarch, and sesame oil and top the end product with roasted sesame seeds.  Pair them up with rice, and you will go to bed feeling satisfied.


17. Masala Bhindi

It is one of those maa ke hath ki tasty dishes which made your lunches a lot more special. This one vegetable when made with special spices as dhaniya powder, aam chur, etc. paired up with ghee coated roti, and is the most satisfying meal you would’ve made with your own hands.


18. Hakka Noodles

Another Asian dish that is sure to leave you wanting more is Hakka noodles. It is easy to make as well. All you need to do is to combine boiled noodles, soy sauce, salt, sugar, julienned and cooked carrots, and capsicum, and some vinegar. Try making this once and you will like it.


19. Cheese Omelet

Out of all the tasty dishes you can make with eggs, this has to be one of the top three and easiest. Cooking a warm omelet filled with cheese and having it with your morning coffee or tea has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.


20. Vada Pav

In this Maharashtrian dish, a savory dinner roll filled with mashed potatoes seasoned with garlic, chili, and other spices is served. All that is left to prepare is the vadas and place them in a bun with spicy coriander and tamarind chutney. It goes well with peanut chutney as well. With the addition of fried green chilies, you’ve got yourself a real treat.