Top 20 Lazy Dishes

Top- 20- Lazy- Dishes

Humans have a Ph.D. in laziness. From using hand grinders to using mixers, we all grew up. The technology available today has made humans lazier. We have to stop going out of the house. Lately, people went out in the evening, chatted, shared food, stories, etc. However, today you will see everybody in their homes by five o’clock in the evening. They will sit before their TV and see where the virtual world is heading. Furthermore, people struggle to detach themselves from their sofas once they sit there. They do need some quick and lazy snacks to accompany their lazy entertainment. Therefore, we bring you the top 20 lazy dishes to try in your lazy house.

1. One Pot Dinners

One Pot Dinners or meals come first in the top 20 lazy dishes. One pot dinner has everything in a pot. Precisely, there is rice, veggies, meat, broth, noodles, crunchy nuts, and much more. Everything is present in a single pot. One Pot Dinner is a good meal. There is a nutritious option as compared to the other dishes discussed further.

2. Fried Rice

Adding fried rice to the top 20 lazy dishes should not be surprising. Pre-boiled rice, some veggies, egg, chicken, and some sauces make good fried rice quickly. Also, people add kimchi, schezwan sauce, and other side dishes to their fried rice. Fried Rice is a regular lazy dish in Korea and Japan.

3. Crackers

Crackers are not one of those ready-made ones. You can make crackers at home using a leftover tortilla, Indian bread, and tacos. Also, adding cheese, avocado, tomato, onion, chilis, sprouts, etc. increases its taste. Indians use Papad. Papad goes well all by itself or with the toppings mentioned above.

4. Instant Foods

Instant food is a technology that feeds the world these days. Apparently, they hold a big market in every nation. Instant food is quick and easy to make. Now it is available for almost every food you can name. We have instant pizza, pasta, noodles, bhel, chat, dosa, idli, soup, and much more. Henceforth, you don’t have to waste hours in pre-preparation.

5. Salad

Here we are talking about fruits and veggie salad. Basically, cutting them takes a lot of time. However, this could be fun too. Cut them in different shapes and sizes. Use toothpicks, animal picks, and heart-shaped picks to decorate them. Later, add a good number of spices and sauces. Therefore, you get a good, lazy meal to enjoy your favorite show.

6. Bread And Butter

It is a famous lazy dish. Have you ever gone to the office eating only bread and butter because you didn’t have time to make breakfast? Yes, bread and butter is a good, stomach-filling lazy dish. Bread and butter are easy to make in minimum time. Plus, you don’t need to cut a mountain to make it. The efforts to make bread and butter are next to negligible. Hence, we include it in the top 20 lazy dishes.

7. Potato Fries

Another lazy and a bit unhealthy dish is Potato Fries. Potato fries are easy and quick to make. However, their daily consumption can be fatal. They tend to leave a lot of side effects on our bodies. These side effects can lead to long-term damage to our bodies. Furthermore, you can try making a healthier version of Potato fries and eat them once in a while.

8. Cheese And Fruits

Cheese and fruits together are a super delicious combo. Also, it is healthy. Cheese and fruits are good sources of calcium. They provide the required energy to our bodies. Furthermore, cheese and fruits do not need more effort. You can serve it to your children.

9. French Toast

Who doesn’t like French toast? It is a healthy, less time-consuming, and delicious dish. French toast can be your breakfast partner when you have less time. Also, French toast is good for going on movie nights. French toast has an easy recipe. Hence, we include it in the top 20 lazy dishes.

10. Pancakes

The variety of pancakes has crossed limits. There are many flavors and ways to make pancakes. These flavors make them healthier and tastier. Pancakes are quick to make. Also, they are stomach-filling. A good pancake will meet your lazy craving to eat something sweet.

11. Brinjal Fries

Brinjal fries are an iconic Indian dish. Firstly, Cut brinjal into medium slices. Toss them in red chili powder, salt, and turmeric. Next, coat them with semolina and flour. Lastly, shallow fry it until golden brown. Your crispy and tasty brinjal fries are ready.

12. Omelet

Omelette doesn’t only include egg omelets. Like an egg omelet, one can make omelets using tomatoes, veggies, potatoes, sausage, etc. These are either added to the egg omelet or created in a different one.  A tomato omelet is in trend these days. Tomato omelet is a veg omelet. Also, it is tasty and takes less time and effort.

13. Lentil Stew

Lentil Stew is a super healthy dish. Many doctors suggest taking it for a speedy recovery. Making it easy and less time-consuming. The ingredients in a good lentil stew are available at home. Hence, it is an excellent option to make on your lazy days.

14. Burger

A lazy burger has all the leftovers. Basically, using the leftover patties and some well-heated bun, a lazy burger gets ready. It might not be healthy. However, it is definitely delicious to taste. Burger takes less time to make. Furthermore, you can add your favorite ingredients or toppings to it and do some fun experiments.

15. Waffles

We all know how easy making a waffle is. However, we all retain ourselves from making it. It is a good and healthy option to start your day. Adding some sugar syrup or cream on the side makes it more delicious. Plus, a waffle goes well with chocolate syrup and pieces of fruit. Waffles and fruit are the best combinations of a dish during your lazy days.

16. Shakes And Juices

How much time does making a shake take? Hardly fifteen minutes. Make your favorite shakes and juices during your lazy days. They will fill you up with energy and excitement. They provide much nutrition to the body. Also, they are very refreshing and tasty. Juice is a perfect food item to kick-start your lazy day.

17. Tacos

Ready-made tacos come in handy here. Add your favorite toppings, meats, veggies, and sauces to a taco. Add some crunchy chips too. Furthermore, add some sprouts, leftover chicken or other meat, etc. Add everything you feel like eating on a taco and taste it. Taco with different toppings is a good experiment and a wonderful dish to try.

18. Cup-Cakes

Basically, this is a cake baked in a cup. Many DIY videos feature these cakes. They are trendy amongst our lazy young generation. Here, Choco chip in a cupcake is a big surprise for many. Some prefer adding sprinkles, cream, jellies, and a lot more. In short, making a cake in a cup has become funnier these days.

19. Chowmein

Many will disagree with the fact that Chowmein takes less time to cook. However, in every Chinese restaurant, Chowmein is ready in around five to six minutes. That’s why we add it to the top 20 lazy dishes. Furthermore, it has regular ingredients. It is easy to make. There are plenty of confusing recipes for chowmein on the net. However, a good chowmein requires the least effort and ingredients.

20. Popcorn

Lastly, in the top 20 lazy dishes we have the lazy popcorn. Popcorn is a movie buddy for everyone. Precisely, it takes only two minutes to cook and is tasty. Also, it goes well with chocolate, honey, salt, butter, sprinkles, spices, and almost anything you can name. Therefore, we end the list here. See you soon with some more exciting dishes.