Top 20 Restaurants With Chilled Drinks And Desserts In Panampilly Nagar, Kochi

top 20 restaurants with chilled drinks desserts in panampilly nagar kochi 1
top 20 restaurants with chilled drinks desserts in panampilly nagar kochi 1

1. East India Street Cafe

Their ambiance, menu, and presentation are exceptional. The unique title specials like the Tom and Jerry classic attract many customers. Some sweet temptations here are the strawberry tower, Chocolate fondue- a combo of truffle, fresh fruits, crunchy cookie and marshmallows, Dual chocolate panna cotta & delicious Banoffee waffles-with toasted almonds, caramelized banana, and tender coconut ice cream. The EISC special Chocolate pizza with white chocolate and macarons stuffed crest and caramelized banana sauce is worth a try. The smoothies range from organic fruit blends to Bango smoothie-a weird blend of banana, mango with yogurt & coconut ice cream. Also, wide seasonal varieties of mojito and mocktails are available.

EIS Cafe

2. Absolute Shakes

Their signature specials include Cheesy confession(a fantastic combo of cheesecake, Oreos, & vanilla cream), Vintage Velvet-A classic red velvet with a hint of coffee, a delicious combo of cold tender coconut with pineapple in one drink, rich, creamy caffeine -chocolate mix. Further, mojito and masala chai flavors into creamy shakes are less of a kind. And the triple chocolate shake(chocolate milk+chocolate cream+chocolate syrup) is yum!

Absolute shakes

3. Happy Cup Cafe

The popular choco peanut butter, lotus delight fruit shake -a perfect blend of crumbled biscuits hazelnut, cream, and fresh fruits. Cold coffees, iced teas, seasonal fresh pulpy juices are also ready to serve. Black current mojito with Mexican quesadillas is a must-try.

happy cup

4. Cold Stone Creamery

The best place for people who can’t choose between ice-creams and desserts. You don’t need to worry, because here they provide cheesecakes, cake batter, and coffee of your preference, into sweet frost of ice-creams. The founder’s favorite with brownie, fudge and pecans, mint, and immense flavors of berries(raspberries, strawberries)ice-creams are also highly recommended.

cold stone

5. Cafe Papaya

The cheesy beef fries, apple salad, and creamy-tender coconut shake must be a satisfying combo for sure! Other cool drinks include mint, passion fruit mojito, pina & melon colada, caramel-banana shake, pure chocolate, oreo shakes, and brownie with ice cream.

cafe papaya

6. Cocoa Tree

The glazing desserts, including Mudslide shake, Raspberry red velvet, Blueberry cheesecake, Banoffee waffle sundae with sizzling chocolate, are perfect for refreshing you on a sleepy Sunday.

cocoa tree

7. Tea Break

A wide variety of fresh fruit juices, lime-fruit refresher combos, shakes (papaya, Sharjah, oreo, date-milks, badam, cashew nut, chocolate, fig-honey)can be taken from here. Chilled Horlicks and boost drinks are also available all in a place.

tea break

8. Down Town Cafe

A café of good vibes and tempting presentation. The shrimp cocktail, milo shake, death by chocolate, lotus cheesecake, Nutella pancakes, all delicious just at their first sight. Watermelon mojito, Passion fruit Iced tea, Oreo frappe, Nutella shake are the other most recommended.

downtown cafe

9. Edam Art Cafe And Pattiserie

A place with good music, vibes, and good people. Smoked Salmon, Bacon cheese & Tiramisu in glass are of high recommendation among the local customers.



Mash Resto-Cafe

It is a small continental resto-café with a passionate staff who serves intense steak flavors like spicy double marinated steak, nacho beef steak) with relaxing sweet oreo, Nutella, brownie, strawberry-banana, mango-mint shakes. Other pleasant drinks can be chili-kiwi, ginger -ale, virgin mojito. Some of the watcher envy delights available here are ‘Burn me on’- made with caramelized fruits, and ice cream on a sizzler plate, brownie fudge sundae- served with a vanilla scoop with chocolate sauce.


11. Waffle Bae

Waffles with your favorite add-ons from peanut Caramel, Raffaello, Cheesy Blueberry/Cheesy Strawberry or Choco Butterscotch. The most Popular Choco Peanut buttershake+mini pancakes are the perfect appetizer for a hungry day.

waffle bae

12. French Toast

A restaurant with classic English toasts of homemade bread and added apple-cinnamon, berries, banana-hazelnut, almond-peanut butter, orange-chocolate toppings are experienced with iced mocha, caramel, hazelnut, or red velvet latte. A slice of Banoffee pie with the intense red & dark layers of mousse is undoubtedly a delightful sight.

french toast

13. Westley’S Resto-Cafe

Exotic burgers, pasta, grills can be attempted with chilled smoothies of banana-blueberries, green apple-mint, and passion fruit. Shakes(peanut butter, Chiku fruit, avocado, cake batter mix ), lemon mint/strawberry fizz, virgin mojito, also choices of gelatos ice cream with bread butter pudding are worth a try.


14. Bench Resto Cafe

Toasts, appetizers (served with dip) are a must-try with the fizz varieties of Aloe vera honey, Mint lemon, nutmeg. With well-tempting presentation is the Russian honey cheesecake. Chunky Passion fruit or peanut butter shake alone is enough as an all in one refreshing drink.


15. Pandhal Cake Shop

If you are a fan of fresh cream and cakes, you should be here. Some of them are Irish coffee cake, mocha chocolate, white chocolate, cheesecakes, and fudge. Most recommended are red velvet, blueberry pastry, butterscotch pastry, and dark chocolate and
walnut brownies.


16. Flycupz

Modern twist shakes include kinder, Kit Kat, Twix, Kesar badam, lotus biscuit spread, raspberry, shakes, fly with pistachio/saffron milkshake. And smoothies of berry, dark grapes are famous here.


17.Joint! Cafe

An excellent place to go with your family in the evening to enjoy little snacks and sodas, fresh juices, and diverse shakes.

joint cafe

18. Fruit Fusion

Banana overload, dry fruit cocktail, coffee cream, Milano chocolate, vanilla waffle shakes, gooseberry chili, raw mango smoothies, jar cakes are indeed worth a try.

fruit fusion

19. 12 To 12 Bbq

From the seasonal fruit juices to lemonades, homely mocktails(blue sea, summer secret, strawberry, mojitos with champagne available here.

12 to 12

20. Cafe Walk-In

Chiku, avocado, chocolate, coffee, Sharjah shakes, famous Iced teas, and brownies are served here.