Top 20 Street Food for Chennai Teens

Top Street Food for Chennai Teens

1 Pani Poori

“Pani Puri “ is the name where ‘Pani’ refers to water and ‘ Puri’ is a fried crispy ball. It is the most respectable food among all other street food items  and the  taste of the ‘Pani’ is like sour water mixed with a spicy content. It also has a sweet chutney named Meetha which tastes sweet. A simple method to make ‘Pani’ is to dissolve certain quantity of green chutney in water and then it can be served with Puri.


2 Panchumittai

Panchumittai also known as’ kuchi mittai ‘is a kind of super sweet jelly like content which travels through the throat  without its conscious & it can be found in white, half white and pink color. The main ingredients of these foods are said to be sugar, gram flour & etc.


3 Boli (Pooli)

It is often found in the northern part of India, but famous in South India for its taste and its layer, The shape of Boli is round and is said to be yellow in color. Toor dal, plain flour, sugar or jaggery are the major ingredients of Boli.


4 Beach Sundal

As the name suggests these Beach sundal are observed in Marina and Besent nagar beach where it tastes more enriched along with the sea tides and the pleasant aroma of the sand,these sundal generally served in a piece of paper  and the best among Beach sundal is” Thenga manga Pattani Sundal” & the ingredients of this Sundal are white peas,raw mango,coconut and a final touch of coriander leaves.


5 Bajji

Bajji is a dish which is originated in Karnataka but really famous for all Chennai peoples due to its filling layer and mouth warming taste. There are many types of Bajji’s among that chilly Bajji(milagai),onion and vazhaikkai bajji are among top trends. Gram flour is the main and important content of the Bajji’s and other contents like vegetable’s are added according to the requirements.


6 Keerai Bonda

Where there is a tea shop there is a KEERAI BOONDA and it has its own unbeatable taste. The ingredients of the keerai Bonda are spinach, chick pea flour, corn flour and onion it is usually served along with coconut chutney.


7 Dahi Chenna

It a dish which is unbeatable in both taste and texture. It has the main component as Curd and several other components are green chilli, potatoes, coriander leaves and mint leaves on the top.


8 Onion Samosa

It is an official Indian snack which is one of the most popular dishes of the country and it is described as a deep fried dish often served during mid evening and it is generally served hot with mint chutney, green or sweet chutney. The ingredients are onion, chilly powder, Maida and etc.


9 Jalebi

It is a popular dish and is mainly considered as a sweet snack. It is obtained by deep frying Maida flour batter in a circular manner. It has a main advantage such that it can be served both as hot and cold.


10 Muttai Kalakki

It is a dish which is originated from Coimbatore and then became popular among people. As the name refers “kalakki” in Tamil is “to mix”certainly. The contents that are needed to prepare kalakki are Kurma/Gravy and an egg and a pinch of salt.


11 Kalan

Mushroom Fry or kaalan varuval was too originated in Coimbatore but is popular all over Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai and it hardly poses a preparation time of 15 mins. The main ingredients of these dishes are mushroom, ginger & garlic paste, corn flour, oil, chilli powder and salt.


12 Omelette

It is one of the best and the healthy road side dish and hardly takes few minutes to prepare. All we need is an egg, 1 tsp salt, pepper and onion.


13Street fried chicken

Few people do posses a lot of love and caring towards this dish and while other certainly refuse but once it is tasted, people tend to get addicted towards them. It consists of chicken, curd, lemon and flour.


14 Kulfi

It is often known as night food and it is known as a traditional ice cream. It comes under the category of  frozen dairy based Dessert. It was originated in the Mughal empire and the main component for this Kulfi is said to be milk.


15 Bhel Puri

It’s a street food which is popular both in north and south India, It comprises of a variety of vegetables. Puffed rice is added in order to make it look and taste better but it has a condition that it should be served as soon as it is made.


16 Murukku

This snack is often observed in many tea shops of Chennai and it also sometimes acts as a perfect tea time partner. It is said to originate from Tamil Nadu, where the word Murukku in Tamil represents “Twisted” which describes its shape.


17 Atho

It is a noodle dish which is a Burmese origin and it is nothing but cooked plain noodles and the ingredients are sliced onions, chopped coriander leaves and a pack of noodles


18 Parotta

It is a flatbread layer which comprises of Maida flour and it is said to be one of the traditional dishes of Tamil Nadu. The main ingredients are maida, ghee, oil. The types of parotta are Kothu parotta, egg parotta & many more.


19 Pav Bhaji

It is a Maharashtrian dish, but is getting popularized in Chennai. It consists of a thick vegetable curry which is prepared along with butter and served with a soft bread roll. The ingredients are pav, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and mixed vegetables.


20 Mohinga

It is a dish that has the components of fish soup and dried noodles & it is an important dish in Burmese cuisine. It can be served for breakfast and the ingredients are catfish, vermicelli noodles, fish sauce, fish paste, onion & etc.