Top 14 Popular Cuisines of Assam


Assam is the part of northeast India and is renowned for the plantation of tea and silk. Assam is also famous for its cuisine; they mostly eat fish and rice. It is the state of rivers and lakes. Assamese cuisines are very delicious, and they use many ingredients like fish, bamboo shoots, fiery bhoot, Jolokia chilly and various types of meats. It is not necessary that all the dishes are to be made up of these ingredients. There are some foods which are made with simple ingredients too. Assam’s cuisines are mouth watering which provides heavenly feeling.

So, let us start with the first dish.


This is a breakfast dish in Assam which is very tasty and healthy. This is mostly made at the time of occasions. The ingredients which are used to make this dish are rice, jaggery, and curd. It is prepared in few minutes. This dish is served in a bowl which is made up of bell metal. It is mainly served during Bihu festival.


2.Bora chaulor payas

It is a dish which is made up with rice. It is a type of dessert and ingredients which are used to make this are leaves, ghee, sticky rice, gram, and sugar. Milk is also used to make this. Heat the milk and put it on flame with slow heat. Take the mixture and fry it. After sometime, add milk in it.


3.Rice payas

This is a very simple dish and takes little time in preparation. Joha rice is used and made by Assamese people. We need ghee, sugar, bay leaves, raisins, milk and crushed cardamoms to make this heart throbbing dish. Boil the milk and put rice in it with some bay leaves. After sometime, put other ingredients in it. When payas become thick, you can put it on the flame.


4.Xutuli pitha

Xutuli pitha is not a very famous dish, but still it is very tasty. The ingredients which are used in this dish include sticky rice, sesame seeds, and jaggery. Mustard oil is also a very important ingredient for preparing it. Firstly make the powder of rice. Now, mix up the jaggery and powder which helps in making the dough. Make a ball with the help of dough and then flatten the ball and fold it. After all this, put the dough in mustard oil.


5.Gooror payas

Goorer payas is a sweet dish, and you can make it thick and semi thick as per your choice. Ingredients such as milk, jaggery, dates, cashew, and rice are used to make this dish. It is a very pleasurable dish. You can take the milk and simmer it. After sometime, add all the ingredients in it and cook until the rice is not cooked. When it becomes chilled, then serve it.


6.Komolar kheer

This is a very renowned dish and can be easily made within a very short time. It is also known as narikol pitha. This narikol pitha is very delighting and made up of coconut, sugar, milk, baking powder, and refined oil. This dish is very renowned in Assam. People love to eat this. They eat this kheer like a snack with tea.


7.Narikolor laru

This dish is white in colour and round in shape. It is very simple and made with only two ingredients. You need to take only grated coconut and sugar for the making of narikolor laru. Make a mixture of that grated coconut and sugar. Slow heat is used to cook this. After it becomes cool and sticky, make small balls.


8.Pani Pitha

Pani Pitha is a breakfast dish. It is served at morning time, and it is very simple and light food. It is a very renowned dish of Assam and can be digested easily. Prepare a mixture of wheat with either sugar or salt and onion.


9.Poita bhat and aloo pitika

Poita bhat and aloo pitika is a breakfast dish. This dish is prepared in the rural area of Assam. It is a very yummy cuisine which is made up with chilly, mustard oil, and fermented rice. Ingredients used are boiled potato, mustard oil, green chilli, and salt.


10.Ouu khatta

Ouu khatta is made up with elephant apple and jaggery. It is sweet and sour in taste. Firstly, boil the ou and mash-up, then add mustard seed and jaggery into it. It is a very pleasurable dish.


11.Xaak aru bhaji

Xaak aru bhaji is a side dish eaten at lunch/dinner time. It is a vegetarian dish. It is made up with ginger, garlic, onion, cinnamon, and lemon. It is a staple food. Assamese consume this dish on a regular basis. It is a very tasty dish.


12.Maasor tenga

Maasor tenga is a non-vegetarian dish. It is a type of curry which is made with the help of fish. It is cooked very slowly with tomato and lemon. It is very delightful cuisine. Once you eat masoor tenga, you feel to eat it again and again.


13.Duck meat curry

If duck meat is prepared properly then it tastes very grateful. It is generally prepared on special occasions. Its taste is different and its flavor is unique. It is served with rice and generally made with lentil, pumpkin, and sesame.



Khaar is prepared with the help of papaya, taro, and pulses and mainly with non-vegetarian ingredient. It is a type of non-vegetarian cuisine which is served at the dinner or lunch time and eaten with rice. It has very refreshing flavor, because of banana leaves.


So, these were some of the dishes of Assam. To know more about such dishes keep visiting.