Top 19 ways To Use Pomegranate (Anar)

Top 20 ways To Use Pomegranate

We all have experienced the taste of pomegranate through eating its direct seeds or by making juice. While there are many ways of using it, we’ll see the top 20 ways to use them.

1Sprinkle in Salads

With their bright Red colour, they give a mesmerising look for the salads when sprinkled upon them. They also add the essence to the salad. When served, they will be very delicious with juices oozing out of them after chewed. It is also easy to topple them because they will float on the surface of the salad without getting drowned. So, they improve the appearance of the salad.


2Cranberry- Pomegranate Sauce

Prepare cranberry sauce with one cup of water and half a cup sugar added to half a cup pomegranate and three-four cups of cranberries. After that, you can simmer it with spices till all the berries burst. Sauce will be the perfect combination of tastes with both Cranberry and pomegranate together.



Pomegranate Syrup

The syrup is prepared by boiling two to three cups of pomegranate juice with one cup sugar until it turns syrupy, then you can stir it in half a cup of seeds. This syrup can be served in latkes, which give a better taste than apple sauce. You can experience this on a dull day and can make it bright.


4Fruit Salad

After the preparation of fruit salad, you can add half a cup of pomegranate seeds and then stir them together, until they mix with each other to form a uniform juice. You can also drizzle it with pomegranate syrup which will be easier to mix in the already prepared salad.


5Stuffing on Sweets

Generally, most of the sweets are dry and won’t have any liquid in them. This is when you feel to add something to them to make it juicy. If you topple them with pomegranate seeds, it not only adds colour to the sweet dish but improves its essence and taste to a higher level.



With sweet potatoes

With sweet potatoes having a great popularity for its taste, you can increase it further more by serving them together with pomegranates. After preparing the sweet potatoes in the usual way, you have to add pomegranate molasses to it and stir until browning appears. You can dot the dish with seeds and have a richer look.


7Pomegranate Dessert

As the seeds have the perfect colour for stealing the eyesight, you can prepare a dessert with them for making your holidays perfect at home. You can mix the dessert with cakes or trifle. They will be shining just as a tiny ornament on the top of them when served.



When pomegranate is mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it turns out to be a perfect combo. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar should be mixed in the same proportion to ensure good taste. Pomegranate should be added of few tablespoons, say, four to five.


9Anti-Oxidant Salad

We all fear to the junk food as it increases the oxidants in our body. With the help of pomegranate, we can prepare an Anti-Oxidant salad which relieves our control of appetite. Spinach, kale, and peanuts are added to pomegranate to prepare this powerhouse salad.



Pomegranate Margarita

With Margarita famous all over the world, we will now see how it can be made using Pomegranate. The fresh juice of Pomegranate should be frozen in the cube trays, and they will be used as sparkling water for a great taste. We can also add these cubes to a blender in tequila to prepare this amazing Margarita.



Pomegranate pork chops

Is this sounding Crazy? But, yes, we can do this. A quarter cup of pomegranate seeds is mixed with a spoon molasses and another spoon olive oil. They are generally mixed in a zip lock bag. Two chops are added and it is sealed and is ready to be shaken. After shaking, it is refrigerated for a whole night. These chops are baked at 200°C for 15 to 25 minutes and then served.



For the preparation of salsa, few pomegranate seeds are to be stirred with very finely chopped red pepper and little orange segments. This salsa tastes best when served over with chicken. You can also serve this delicious course with topping it with roasted, salted or seasoned chicken.


13Pomegranate Pizza

We only prefer spicy pizzas to taste our buds. But, when these pomegranates are added to pizza, it makes it even tastier. Cranberries are also topped on the pizza to make their combination serve well. A little amount of cheese spread makes it look so colourful for eyes that our mouth can’t wait to taste it.



Pomegranate Cookies

Cookies with dark chocolate or white chocolate are mixed with pomegranates and then baked to form tasty cookies that you haven’t tasted ever. Butter and sugar are added to it until it turns creamy. The chips and pomegranate are stirred together and then baked.


15As a Health Drink

When pomegranate juice is heated with a cinnamon stick and apple cider, it forms a great combo. Cinnamon seeds are removed, and then they can be served in a heatproof glass and topped with pomegranate seeds. This not only improves the look of it but also improves the taste by a great extent.


16With Cakes

When pomegranate seeds are added to any cake, they change the variety of it and adds flavour to the desserts as well. They can be toppled over cake or ice cream. They can also be toppled on a chocolate cake with some more pieces of blueberries or raspberries.



The seeds of Pomegranate are also added to varieties of smoothies and juices. To do this, pomegranate is blended by keeping the pomegranate seeds in it until all are squeezed to liquid, and then the resulting liquid is poured through a strainer. Pomegranate wine or pomegranate Mojito can also be prepared with this liquid. It can also be added to a mango smoothie.


18Exotic Flavor to Foods

With Pomegranate seeds in hand, you can do a variety of things. They can be sprinkled on a food, item and thus imparting its exotic flavour to ordinary meals. You can also topple these seeds in your morning cereal or oatmeal. You can also keep them on top of mango cubes during summer. When they are stirred into apple or orange juice or even black tea, they impart a tangy taste.


19Preparation of Soups

We all know that vegetable soups are best served hot. When these pomegranate seeds are added to soups, they provide a variety of tastes depending on the original flavour. You can also prepare a direct pomegranate soup, and you can make it more interesting when you add a few vegetables on the top of it. It’ll be both healthy and tasty.