Top 20 Most Popular Food Items In Surat!


Surat is full of people who are crazy for food! And when I say crazy, I mean very, very crazy for food. This is the reason Surat offers such a wide variety of food that people love and enjoy. Here is a list of 20 most popular food items in Surat:

1Aloo Puri

The most popular food item in Surat is something that we all can relate to. But as with everything in Surat, this one also has a twist to it. Aloo Puri may soon be declared as the default brunch time meal of India. So, how can a difference be brought to this? Enters the Surati Aloo Puri Chaat:

Do I need to say anything else?


2Surati Locho

In Hindi, “Locha” means some trouble or some problem. This dish got such a name due to the story of its origin. It is said that this dish got made when someone made a mistake and wretched up a recipe that he was intending to make. But contradicting to what they expected, what got made instead tasted so good that it surpassed the original dish. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular street food in Surat, and no “locha” by any chance. A must-have street food from Surat!



Now, Bhajiya is something which is available in most parts of India, but in Surat it has quite a lots of fan following that most parts of India do not have. It is one of the most popular snack time street food in Surat and is enjoyed by one and all!


4Egg Ghotala

Now, this dish is for the non-vegetarians. It is an intersection of half fried omelet and pav bhaji. Yes, it is exactly as tasty as it sounds! A must-try for egg lovers.



Undhiyu is something that may be the most Surat-rooted dish among all mentioned on this list. It uses 8 vegetables that are completely cultivated in Surat itself from start to end. This one takes a spicy turn in its flavor and is the favorite dish of spice lovers. It is a generations-old recipe but only a selected few can pull it off properly.



The first entry of a sweet delight on the list and a well deserved one too! Ghari is arguably the most popular and the most loved sweet dish in Surat. Although very heavy and calorie-overdose, no one can resist not having one.



The staple food of all of Gujrat. This one will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Gujrat well enough. This food item is the one that people in Surat are crazy for, and for all the valid reasons.


8Ponk Vadas

The first seasonal dish on the list, this one is the reason many people in Surat wait for winters! Because they can enjoy Ponk Vadas in winters! This one is a snack time delight and is usually served with some tangy sauce or green chutney.



Another famous dish from Gujrat-origin, and very, very famous among people in Surat. A spicy delight for all in Surat to fall in love with!


10Sev Khamani

This is the dish that you should thank for Lochu. It was this popular dish that went wrong which gave birth to Lochu. The dish that was mistaken here was already a very popular one due to its one-of-a-kind flavor and still enjoys a cult following in Surat.



And, now enters the first liquid delight on the list. This drink first came into picture under Mahatma Gandhi’s movement against foreign products. This one is a perfect mix of apple and grape cider. Around 40-50 million bottles of this drink is consumed in Gujarat and Maharashtra every year!


12Rassawala Khaman Dhokla

Dhokla is as it is very famous in Gujrat. This one type specifically, however, is something that is more popular in Surat as compared to other cities in Gujrat. A tangy and spicy Surati delight!



May be the healthiest of all the street foods mentioned here. Khichu is as simple a dish as it is tasty. This steamed rice flour dish is a must for anyone who loves tangy food items.



The chances are that you would have heard about this one too. A snack time delight form Surat and a complete treat to the taste buds. It is one of the most popular food items among people of Surat.


15Nan Khatai

Enters another sweet delight into the list. I would not necessarily call it a sweet dish as it is more inclined to the biscuit category rather than being a sweet dish. This is a bakery product originated from Surat and is as pleasing to the taste buds as it is to the eyes.


16Ice Paan

If you are from Surat, then you saw it coming. The default after-refreshment for every Surati is nothing but Paan, more popularly the ice paan. It is as refreshing as it is beautiful to look at, and is a total blast of refreshing flavors in your mouth.


17Cold Coco Drink

A very popular liquid delight in Surat. It is a chilled sweet drink which is very popular in Surat. One cannot usually resist himself after only one glass of this heavenly drink and have at least two in one sitting.



Second in line to the cult following of Dhokla in Gujrat is fafda. It is also a light snack that people love to eat with tea or coffee and is very popular in Surat streets.


19Kutchi Dabeli

Last one in the list is a oil-fried fast food street item. The looks of it is mouth-watering and the taste is also as good to the taste buds as one expects it to be. A very popular street food among people of Surat and a must have for anyone!



And the final entry in the list proves the fact that less is more. Simple, yet so effective and so popular, khichdi is the default night time meal for many and has a following all over Surat as much as it has popularity across the whole country.