Top 20 Authentic Cuban Drinks

Top- 20- Authentic- Cuban- Drinks

Cuba is an island nation that consists of many other island countries and archipelagos. Cuba is located at the meeting point of the Northern Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is famous for salsa and other Cuban dances. The rum made from sugarcane and the cigars produced in the country is also great attraction. Cuba also has vibrant drinks that are very famous around the world. In this article, we will look at some of the best drinks from Cuba.

1.Café Cubano

Café Cubano is a very famous Cuban Espresso. It is a pre-sweetened coffee with demerara sugar and drops of espresso. It is considered a cultural practice to enjoy this drink.


2.Culto a la Vida

Culto a la Vida is a famous Cuban cocktail recipe. This drink uses dark rum, cranberry juice, and lime juice. It has a potent and more robust flavor. It is served cold with ice and lime wedges.


3.Batido de Trigo

Batido de Trigo is a famous Cuban drink made with wheat. It is a milkshake with wheat cereal, sugar, and whole milk. This drink is served with a spoonful of ice cream as a treat.


4.Coconut Water

Coconut water is a widely famous drink from Cuba. It is the most loved drink on hot summer afternoons. The cold and refreshing flavor of this drink will make you refreshed. In Cuba, it is sold with an addition of rum.


5.El Presidente

El Presidente is a Cuban cocktail named after the former President of Cuba, Gerardo Machado. This drink has the ingredients like grenadine, dark rum, vermouth blanc, and orange liqueur. It is served chilled with ice.

el pre

6.Havana Loco

Havana Loco is a famous orange cocktail in Cuba. It uses Havana rum with fresh orange juice. It is drunk as an energy drink at any time of the day.

havana 1

7.Piña Colada

Piña Colada is an exquisite Cuban cocktail. The top ingredients of this drink are pineapple juice, lime juice, Havana club white rum, and coconut cream. It is garnished with a pineapple wedge.


8. Daiquiri

Daiquiri is a famous Cuban cocktail drink. Rum is the main ingredient used to prepare this drink. Along with rum, fresh lime juice and sugar are also used. This is one of the trendy drinks from Cuba.


9.Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is a famous rum and coke drink from Cuba. The main ingredients are cola, rum, and lime juice over ice. It is traditionally made with Coca-Cola and Bacardi rum. It is a trendy drink enjoyed all over the place.


10. Mojito

Mojito is a famous drink in Cuba. It is a mint cocktail that is loved by all. It contains white rum, sugarcane juice, soda water, lime juice, and a local mint. It is a refreshing and sweet drink.


11.Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca is a trendy drink in Cuba. It is created by Bacardi, which is an oak-aged white rum. It is a sophisticated rum with a light alcohol content with an almond and vanilla flavor. It is one of the most iconic drinks in Cuba.

bacardi carta blanca

12. Canchanchara

Canchanchara is one of the oldest Cuban cocktails. It is a traditional drink dating back to the Cuban independence fights against Spain. It is served chilled with ice. It has excellent taste.


13. Saoco

Saoco is a trendy Cuban coconut cocktail. The main ingredients of this drink are Havana club rum, lime, and coconut water. It is a cheap and accessible drink readily available to the poor of the country.



Cubanito is a rendition of the famous Bloody Mary. The main ingredient of this drink is rum. Cubanito is prepared with tomato, lime juice, and Havana Club rum. Sometimes, Worcestershire sauce is also added to enhance the taste. It is a trendy cure for a hangover.



Cojito is a famous Cuban cocktail prepared with coconut (C in Cojito stands for coconut). It uses coconut-flavored rum along with sparkling soda water, lime juice, and mint. It is beautifully garnished for serving.

cojito 1

16. Hotel Nacional

Hotel Nacional is a popular hotel in Cuba that inspired the name of this drink. This place is one of the most famous cocktail destinations in Cuba. The favorite drinks of this place are white rum, apricot brandy, syrup, lime juice, and fresh pineapple juice.


17.Cuban Breeze

Cuban Breeze is a vodka cocktail in Cuba. This drink is prepared with pineapple juice, vodka, and amaretto. Pineapple juice can be substituted with lemon or orange juice. This drink is a crowd pleaser.



Fanta is a hugely loved soft drink in Cuba. It is a carbonated beverage that usually comes in an orange flavor. Other than this, flavors such as cherry, mango, and grape are available. It is a refreshing fizzy drink.



Bacardi is an authentic Cuban cocktail. It has a sweet and refreshing taste with its main ingredients consisting of rum, grenadine syrup, sugar syrup, and fresh lime juice. This authentic drink is made with Bacardi superior rum.

bacardi carta blanca


Materva is a Cuban soft drink. It is considered the main ingredient in Cuban cuisine. It has a flavor similar to cream soda or ginger ale. A unique component called Yerba mate is used in this drink. It is a type of herbal tea. This is one of the most famous drinks in Cuba.