Top 20 Drinks To Have This Christmas

Top 20 Drinks To Have This Christmas


Sweet Mint Lassi

Lassi is always the best choice to have on any occasion. This Christmas give your loving festival a Punjabi touch by adding Lassi to your menu. Mint Lassi is tasty, no doubt. Mint gives the Lassi a special touch by adding its refreshing quality to the sweet Lassi. The Lassi is garnished with Mint leaves along with Saffron which makes it look even tastier. This drink is best choice to serve your guests after the dinner. It also helps in digesting the heavy festive foods.


Orange Juice

Orange Juice is simply amazing in taste, everyone is aware of this fact. It is healthy and energizing as well. This orange juice along with snacks is the best choice to have on this Christmas. You have two choices; one is to make pulpy juice, and another is to make without pulp. It all depends on your choice.


Chocolate Shake

Chocolate is loved by everyone in every form, whether it is chocolate, chocolate cake or chocolate ice-cream. Similarly, Chocolate Shake is also very tasty. This amazing Shake is the best choice for this Christmas as Chocolate Shake is very yummy and delicious as well. It is well garnished with Choco-chips and cream. It has mouth watering quality.


Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice is amazing to have this Christmas. But it is a seasonal fruit and maybe not available to make juice so, in that case the solution is that there are a number of brands offering Watermelon Juice powder. With the help of Watermelon powder, you can make juice and serve it to your loving guests. This juice has energising quality. You can add Mint leaves to make it even more special.


Masala Lemonade

Lemonade is very yummy and tasty as well. But Masala Lemonade is special category of lemonade. There are many choices in lemonade; one is sweet lemonade, one is salty lemonade, and the special one is Masala Lemonade. The recipe for Masala Lemonade is very easy, and this drink is very tasty. You must add this drink to your Christmas party menu.


Plum Panna

Plum is very amazing fruit with its amazing quality. Plum Panna or you can say plum juice is very tasty and easy to make. The drink is very energizing and tasty.


Banana Ginger Shake

Banana Shake is very tasty no doubt. But Banana Ginger Shake is somehow different from normal Banana Shake and even tasty than normal banana Shake. Ginger gives a strong touch to banana similarly in the way it gives taste to the ginger tea. You must add this Shake along with your other Shakes to give your guests a special drink to have this festival.


Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Strawberry and Kiwi are very amazing fruits, everyone is aware of this fact. Just imagine if the fruits are tasty and extraordinary when they are alone, then what will be the taste of the combination of kiwi and strawberry. Yes, it’s tastier than other Shakes available. This drink is amazing, and you must add this to your Christmas menu.


Watermelon Basil Drinks

Watermelon Juice is tasty no doubt. Watermelon-Basil juice is amazing to have this Christmas. But it is a seasonal fruit and maybe not available to make juice so, in that case the solution is that there are a number of brands offering watermelon juice powder. With the help of watermelon powder, you can make juice and serve it to your loving guests. This juice has energizing quality. The addition of Basil Leaves makes it even more tasty and yummy.


Minted Iced Tea

Minted Iced Tea is very scrumptious and refreshing drink to have this Christmas. On your night Christmas party this drink will be the best choice to have along with your burger, sandwiches or any other snacks. The mint gives this drink a special touch and refreshing quality as well.


Carrot Lemonade

Carrot sounds always boring as the raw carrot is used to make salad only. No one wants to have just the salad, or you can say dieting healthy food on Christmas Eve. But as the carrot is very healthy you must add this to your menu to stay healthy and make your digestive system work well. Carrot is rich in fibre content which helps in digesting heavy festival food. So make Carrot Lemonade which is very yummy and help you in digesting food also.


Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry is everyone’s favourite fruit by default. Strawberry ice-cream, strawberry cake, strawberries are very tasty no doubt. Strawberry Margarita is amazing to drink to add to your menu in order to give your menu an attractive and special touch. Strawberry is very tasty, and the Margarita is even tastier.  Your guests will be pleased after having this scrumptious drink.



Cocktails are very famous in festival seasons especially in Christmas as in Christmas people prefer to have drinks along with cakes. Mojito has a special taste and strong taste as well. This drink is simply perfect with the amazing quality of refreshing, and energizing quality. The refreshing touch is given by Mint leaves, and the energizing touch is given by lemon.


Chocochip Shakes

Choco Chip Shakes are a way similar to the normal Chocolate Shake, but the speciality of this drink is its garnishing part. It is well garnished with crushed Oreo biscuits, cream, chocolate pieces, and caramel as well. This gives this drink an amazing touch and taste.


 Chiku Shakes

Chiku is famous among children. Kids love Chiku very much. This Shake is mainly for kids as they would first prefer chocolate Shake and after that, they must go for Chiku Shakes. And this is very good for their health as after consuming chocolate they have fruit Shake.


 Rose Shake

No doubt, Roses are simply amazing. Their beauty, their grace, their fragrance is just out of the world. Rose Shake is very royal in look and taste as well. Yummy Rose Shake garnished with beautiful rose petals is all you need to serve to your dear guests. This Royal Shake is just out of the world.


 Apple Juice

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, this phrase is very famous but doesn’t worry this apple juice is also for your doctor, medical friends. Apple Juice is very tasty and healthy as well. So what are you waiting for, go for this amazing drink and add this to your menu for this Christmas Eve.


 Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is very healthy fruit. You can say it is even the healthiest fruit among all fruits. The colour of this amazing drink is simply beautiful and attractive as well. According to me, one has to consume Pomegranate Juice daily. The taste of Pomegranate is very yummy, and the juice is tastier than the fruit. You must have this amazing drink thus Christmas.


 Kesar Pista

Kesar Pista is very famous in India. Kesar milk and Pista milk are also very famous in India, and the combination is just simply out of the world. Saffron gives amazing colour, and Pista gives it amazing taste. This Kesar Pista milk is very yummy and healthy s well.



Butterscotch Shake is very famous in Delhi. The Shake of kaventers in Connaught Place, Delhi is very tasty and famous as well. The speciality of this Shake is caramel. The caramel added to this Shake gives it a special touch and taste. You must add this amazing drink to your Christmas party menu.