Top 20 Bakery Shops On Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ranchi

Top 20 Bakery Shops On Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ranchi

Cakes! It is the most appealing dessert ever, especially for kids. It is something that adds value to our celebration, symbolizes success, and is an instant mood changer. There’s nothing in this whole World that can beat the power of cake to light things up and make things even more special than they could ever be. Apart from this, some bakery items like buns, rolls, croissants, and biscuits have never failed to be our best evening snacks.

1.Bharat Bakery

Established in 1955, Bharat Bakery is considered the “Master Player” when it comes to the category of Bakery. The quality and the taste never let the customers compromise with their tastebuds. The plus point is that they have been selling eggless cakes for years in numerous varieties.


2.Cakes N Bakes Patisserie

Cakes N Bakes Patisserie is yet another name in the category of Bakery. It has been serving the Ranchi people with its best taste since 2001. Its location above a library has turned it into a student’s hub, which means that if you wish to treat yourself, then it’s probably one of the best options; also, do not forget to carry some snacks for your dearies while you return.


3.The Bistro: Breaking Bread

With four outlets in Ranchi, The Bistro is one of those bakeries that is a café that offers a great ambiance with a lot of good food variety, which makes it difficult for its customers to choose what to eat and what to leave. The best place for sure to enjoy your weekend is because they offer continental, which one should never miss.


4.The Cake Shop Bakery

Serving Ranchi for the past eight years, this Bakery shop has indeed made a positive impact on the minds and hearts of its customers in a short period of time. Its quality service has won their hearts. Choco Truffle Cake from here is “good to go” for me.


5.The Best

The Best is one of those shops in Ranchi that turned its Bakery into a full-fledged Multicuisine Restaurant with South Indian, Chinese, and North Indian, and a great variety of cakes and Bakery items under one roof. Its transformation has amazed everyone with its great ambiance and service. A perfect blend of beauty and taste.


6.Cake -A-Lishious

As the name suggests, we find some delicious cakes here. The menu includes Cakes, Pastries, desserts, and a wide variety of Snacks. In my opinion, it is one of the most pocket-friendly bakeries you will find here in Ranchi.


7.Seven Heaven

Seven Heaven is one of those shops in Ranchi that has never disappointed its customers when it comes to taste. Prices here are pocket-friendly and reasonable. A must-try doughnut for all.


8.Shagun Sweets And Bakery

A one-stop shop for all sweet and dessert lovers, this shop sells great varieties of sweets and cakes. You will find unique tastes and flavors of sweets here with fabulous creations of cake; Mirch Rasgulla is one of them. Apart from this, bakery snacks are also very famous.


9.Tapan Sweets And Bakery

This is one of those bakeries in the city that took a rebirth and conquered the field; from a completely demolished bakery shop (due to a fire catch) to coming back more robust as a complete multicuisine restaurant, this shop is now an inspiration. With immense varieties of cuisine and cakes of every range, this place is one of the favorites of its people.


10.Royal Bakery

“As the name of the game,” this is rightly proven by Royal Bakery of Ranchi. Its unmissable taste has been treating the tastebuds of the Ranchi people since 2014.


11.Cake O’ Clock

Satisfying our toothy cravings is indeed one of the best feelings in the World. This shop is the ultimate solution for all cake, doughnut, muffin, and chocolate lovers.


12.Dorito Pizza Bakery

Sweet and salty go hand in hand; either we crave a salty, tangy snack after too much sweetness or need some dessert after having a tangy meal. So, people like me whose tastebuds have more mood swings should surely visit this place to enjoy a variety of cakes, cookies, snacks, or even some delicious pizzas.


13.The Dessert Station

We all have thought once in our childhood to visit The Choco World at least once in our lifetime. Well, that has been implemented by this shop in Ranchi, which is not less than heaven, especially for kids. This shop has almost covered all the designs and types of cakes on the menu to serve the customers better.


14.Eat Treat

This shop is probably one of the most followed Bakery shops on Instagram, with a variety of cakes. This shop is flooded with customers on weekends from 6 to 9 p.m.


15.Sethi’s Bakery

When we talk about some of the best bakeries and Sethi’s Bakery is not on the list, that’s not possible. It is one of the most highly recommended bakery shops in Ranchi, with the best taste and variety of Cakes and pastries.


16.Aditi Sweets Bakery

This shop is heaven for all sweet lovers, with around 100+ varieties of sweets defining the traditions, cultures, and customs of different communities with a wide range of cakes. You will even find one of the best aloo samosas in town here.


17.Brunch Italiano

The Brunch Italiano is one of the premium bakery brands in Ranchi, established in 2012. You will have a variety of breads, cakes, and muffins. Its exceptional quality is worth experiencing.


18.Bakers Town, Ranchi

It is an amazing bakery with some very amazing cakes, which you will indeed find here. Their price is very reasonable, and the cookies and pastries are the bestsellers here.


19.Banbury Cakes

This bakery is famous for its fair pricing. They claim that their bakery products are a perfect balance of taste and health. Customer reviews suggest that they sell very creamy, smooth, and delicious cakes.


20.Morning Star Store Bakery

One of the budding leaders of the bakery industry, this shop sells a wide range of bakery items along with some delicious cakes. They claim to use homemade ingredients in their recipes, which is an indication of a renaissance in this industry.