Top 20 Chaat Spots In Sowcarpet, Chennai


Sowcarpet is a bustling commercial and residential area in the northern part of Chennai. One of the main reasons Sowcarpet is famous is its incredible array of food options. It is a gastronomic delight for food lovers. The area has eateries and street food stalls offering mouthwatering North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Jain, and Rajasthani delicacies. From chaats, sweets, and snacks to elaborate thalis, Sowcarpet has something to offer for every taste. Chaat is a popular Indian savory treat known for its vibrant characteristics and textures. It is widely available in street food stalls and restaurants throughout the country. Chaat is typically made with crispy fried dough wafers, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and various spices. Each region may have its twist on chaat, and numerous variations exist throughout the country. Chaat is prominent in India for its tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors, making it a delectable and sought-after street food option. Here are the top 20 Chaat Spots in Sowcarpet:

1.Kakada Ramprasad

With three locations, Kilpauk, Sowcarpet, and Velachery, distributed throughout the city, the brand is the ideal representation of tradition, emotion, and celebration. It is a premier location for sweet and savory food in Chennai. The cost for two is approximately ₹400. The store is renowned for its mouthwatering selection of authentic Indian treats. The most popular items include Kesar Badam Milk, Sweet Chutney, Jalebi, Kachori, Peda, Murukku, Dahi Papdi, Namkeen, and Laddu.

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2.Anmol Lassiwala

Situated in a narrow lane with a blend of North Indian culture, the stall sets a perfect ambiance for the passersby to enjoy their lassi. This small shop, run by a trained wrestler, claims to have the best lassi in town. The lassi is made with thick curd infused with ample amounts of saffron, and as if that wasn’t rich enough, it also contains dry malai cream. The standard serving size is 400ml, but if you’re starving, go for the full serving size of 850ml. The cost for two is approximately ₹150.

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3.Rajashree Chats

Since its inception in 1995, RajShree Sweets has provided distinctive and genuine treats of the highest caliber. RajShree Sweets is renowned for its Pani Puri, and customers flock to experience it. It has only one branch situated in Sowcarpet that features an expansive menu of sweets and an extensive choice of chaat to choose from, which includes Bhel Puri, Mayonnaise Puri, Bhujia Sandwich, Paneer Papad, Dahi Samosa, and much more. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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4.Hemanth Chats

With a layout that encourages customers to stand or sit while enjoying their chaat, the shop has a lively and laid-back atmosphere. Hemanth Chaat Shop serves popular chaat items such as Pav Bhaji, Open Cheese Toast, Aloo Tikki, Sev Puri, and Masala Puri. The chutneys and spices used create a distinct and delectable flavor. The cost for two is approximately ₹150.

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Rasoee is renowned for its mouthwatering Sichuan, North Indian, Chinese, fast food, and street food. It’s a great place to enjoy a hearty North Indian meal and indulge in the rich flavors. It provides mouthwatering chaat options. Examples include Papdi Chaat, Dahi Kachori, Pani Puri, Dahi Aloo Chat, and Grill Sandwich. A must-try is the other North Indian dishes like Pyaaz Paratha, Tawa Pulao, and Achari Paneer Tikka. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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6.Ajab’s Ajnabi Mithai Ghar

Unique and unusual (Ajab, Ajnabi) varieties of Indian sweets, chaat, meals, and desserts are available at Ajab’s Ajnabi Mithai Ghar. They serve Kadak Chaat, Sev Cutlet Chaat, Dhokla Chaat, and Churmur Chaat until 10:00 PM, satisfying hunger pangs. They additionally provide a diverse selection of traditional and innovative Indian sweets. The Ajnabi Thaali consisting of paratha, pulao, raita, sweet, and the Chaat Combo, consisting of Samosa, Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, and Pani Puri, are the two notable best sellers. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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7.Golden Chat

Golden chaat is a small stall with a portable kitchen setup, and the chaat maker works behind the counter. Typically, there are no seats available and the shop is completely full. The delightful fusion of flavors and aromas, and the pleasure of indulging in delectable snacks in a lively street-side setting, make up for it, though. The show-stopping component is their spicy mint chutney. Pani Puri, Masala Puri, Murukku Sandwich, and Khakhra Sandwich are among the top sellers. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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8.Surbhi Snacks

The enormous variety of sandwiches available at Surbhi Snacks is well-known. The shop is well-lit with ample lighting and provides simple seating arrangements, such as small tables and chairs or bar-style seating. The focus of the menu will be catering to different tastes and preferences. Expect a mix of conventional sandwiches, like Vegetable Grill Sandwich, Paneer Cheese Sandwich, Garlic Toast, and Aloo Toast, as well as innovative choices, like Banja Toast, Club Sandwich, London Cheese Toast, and Malai Cheese Sandwich, which feature distinct fillings and flavor combinations. The cost for two is approximately ₹250.

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9.Shree Mishti Bhog

Shree Mishti Bhog is a famous North Indian sweet shop in Sowcarpet known for its wide selection of delectable Indian sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Barfi, Ladoo, and savory appetizers such as Chaat, Murukku, Samosa, Puff, Mixture, and Namkeens. The shop’s ambiance is warm and inviting, primarily focusing on showcasing the elegant display counters. Ribbon Pakoda, Agra Dal Moot, Kabuli Chana Masala, Sandwich Bhakarwadi, Cham Cham, Pakiza, Shrikand, and the famous Raj Bhog are among the best sellers. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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10.Poha Wala

Poha Wala is a popular choice for people on the go who want a quick snack or a tasty breakfast. Poha is a popular Indian breakfast dish made of flattened rice cooked with onions, potatoes, and spices. It is frequently served with chutney or a wedge of lemon to add a kick to the dish. This place’s main attraction is its Dabeli. Other popular items include Batata Poha, Kanda Poha, and Khaman. The cost for two is approximately ₹100.

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11.Shree Vada Pav

The main course is, of course, the vada pav. It consists of a spicy and flavorful “vada” potato patty sandwiched between two soft and fluffy pav. Typically, Vada pav is served with various chutneys and toppings such as fried green chilies or a sprinkling of dry garlic. Cheese Jain Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Pattice Vada Pav, Samosa Pav, and Mayonnaise Burst Vada Pav are among the most popular. They also serve other snacks such as Samosas and Bhajis. The cost for two is approximately ₹100.

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12.Mehta Bros Mithaiwala

Mehta Bros Mithaiwala takes pride in offering a wide range of traditional Indian sweets and snacks from recipes passed down through generations. The delightful aroma of freshly made sweets will greet you as you enter the shop. Their specialties include Kachori, Bhaji, Dhokla, Puffs, and Samosas. Mehta Bros Mithaiwala Halwa tastes divine. This mouthwatering Halwa comes in various flavors, including Sandwich Ice, Dry Fruit, Pure Ghee, Sada, and Wheat Dry Fruit Ice Halwa. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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13.Chotu Motu

Chotu Motu is a well-known chaat and cake shop in the heart of Sowcarpet. There’s a cake for every occasion and craving, with classic favorites like Chocolate Truffle and Red Velvet, and exotic options like Mango Passion and Black Forest on display. Dahi Puri, Corn Sandwiches, Sev Puri, Aloo Chat, and Murukku Sandwiches are among the highest-selling chaat items. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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14.Sharma Chat Centre

Customers at Sharma Chat Centre can savor an enticing array of chaat delights that capture the true essence of Indian street food. The Sharma Special Chaat is a medley of unique ingredients and flavors that combines elements from various chaats to craft a culinary delight that keeps customers coming back for more. The menu caters to a wide range of tastes, from mouthwatering samosas and pakoras to refreshing beverages like lassi and jaljeera. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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15.Murali Chat

Murali Chat offers a wide variety of chaat items, each with its distinct combination of ingredients. Murali Chaat serves traditional chaat items like Pani Puri and Bhel Puri. However, their main feature is that they add a modern twist to chaat, such as Lays Chaat, which consists of Lays Chips, Vegetables, Mayonnaise, Cheese, and Pani Puri Pizza, which consists of pizza components filled into a puri. It’s a trendy spot that has left customers wanting more. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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16.Murugan Sandwich Shop

With a reputation for delicious sandwiches and a loyal customer base, the shop has become a local favorite for sandwich lovers. There are a variety of chaat options available here, as well as beverages such as Goli Soda and Soft Drinks to wash it down. Customers can frequently personalize their chaat by adjusting the level of spiciness, adding jaljeera, or adding specific chutneys to suit their tastes. Their speciality is garlic chutney, which is used to spice up their dishes. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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17.Delhi Tandoori Chaap

Chaap is a popular North Indian dish associated with Delhi known for its flavorful and smoky flavor. Tandoori Chaap is a charred and smoky dish made from marinated grilled soya and cooked in a Tandoor. Among the most popular dishes are Afghani Chaap, Pudina Paneer Chaap, Malai Chaap, Achari Chaap Roll, and Gobi Tikka. They also serve a few chaat, such as Bhel Puri, Samosas, and Channa Masala. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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18.Agarwal Bhavan

Since 1980, Agarwal Bhavan has served delightful chaat and snacks, becoming an integral part of the local community. It is a vibrant North Indian thali eatery offering a traditional array of homestyle dishes, sweets, savory snacks, and chaat items. The majority of the dishes on their menu are inspired by Rajasthani cuisine. They serve chaat including Chole Bature, Samosas, Chana Chaat, and Aloo Chaat. Their specialties include Lassi, Lasan Chatan, and Bengali sweets such as Sandeshi and Kesar Bhatti. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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19.Maya Chats

Traditional and innovative chaat items are available on the menu, all made with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. The seating area is simple but comfortable, offering a relaxed setting for friends and families to gather and enjoy their favorite chaat treats. They’re influenced by Jodhpuri cuisine. Among the specialties are Kofta, Jalebi, Fafda, Mirchi Vada, Mogar Kachori, Onion Kachori, and Samosas. The cost for two is approximately ₹150.

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20.Khau Galli

Khau Galli is not just a chaat shop.It’s an experience that encapsulates Indian street food culture. The ambiance is lively, with upbeat Bollywood music playing in the background. The shop is decorated, with colorful banners depicting various chaat items and traditional Indian art on the walls. Among the specialties are Kulle Chaat, Ragda Patties, Ghugni Chaat, and Raj Kachori. They also serve standard appetizers like fries, nachos, and potato pops. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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