Top Twenty Eateries In Jagannath Puri

Top Twenty Eateries In Jagannath Puri

Puri is a famous tourist spot. Many tourists visit this place around the year. Its beaches are animated with many stalls and crowded with many people, its busy markets and beautiful sunset attract thousands of travelers every year.Puri is famous for its Ratha yatra when devotees from around the world visit this city to witness the Rathayatra.Puri has always been a tourist place. Its beaches are lined with hotels, resorts, and restaurants. The city always has what a traveler wants. The fooding and lodging industry is thriving in Puri. Many a hotel and restaurant in here serves lovely breakfast, delicious lunch, and fantastic dinner. Below are particulars of twenty such restaurants that would serve you delicious food in this pilgrim city.

1.Wild Grass Restaurant

It is a family restaurant well known for its food. It has an indoor AC dining hall and also an outdoor sitting arrangement. Here, must-try dishes are tandoori pomfret and chilika crab curry.

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2.Chung Wah

Chung Wah Restaurant Puri is an excellent place to have authentic Chinese food. It has a cozy ambiance, and its interiors are well maintained. It caters to a wide range of dishes. Chung Wah is considered the best Chinese restaurant in the town.

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3.Bhojohari Manna

Bhojohori Manna is a Bengali cuisine restaurant. It is well known for the Bengali food that it serves. The must-try dishes are mutton dakbunglow and basanti polao. The staffs here are prompt and hospitable.

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Dalma is a well-known Odia cuisine restaurant in Puri. It is famous for the different types of Odia delicacies that it serves. Dalma is a must-go place if you want to try Odia food. Non-veg thali or Veg-thali is recommended.

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5.The Grand Restaurant

The Grand is a well-known place in Puri. It is ideal for having lunch or dinner. It is an authentic pure-veg restaurant. It is famous for its prompt service and friendly staff.

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6.Peace Restaurant

This place is well-known for its friendly staff and excellent service. The price of food is affordable here. It serves a wide range of sea foods, on a visit try perfectly cooked prawns and fish curry.

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7.The Fisherman’s Kitchen

The Fisherman’s Kitchen is a multicuisine restaurant. It is famous for the delicious food that it serves. The service is prompt and courteous. Seafood here is a must-try.

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The Fisherman’s Kitchen

8.Agarwal’s Pure Veg Restaurant

It is a house of North Indian and Chinese delicacies. On a visit, nicely cooked paneer and roti is a must-try. A combination of great dishes and outstanding staff is what this place offers.

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9.New Parijat Restaurant

This place is known for serving fresh and delicious veg and non-veg thali. It also serves South Indian dishes. The staffs are friendly, and the service is good.

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10.Nandan Ac Veg Restaurant

It is a perfect place for a superb dining experience for vegetarians. It is located in Hotel Nayak Plaza. They have various food options, including various vegetarian starters, main courses, and desserts. The ambiance is nice and friendly.

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11.Harry’s Café

It serves Indian and South Indian foods. Here, masala dosa and coffee are must-try items. The service here is excellent. Staffs are ready to welcome you every time you visit.

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12.Chandan’s Ac Restaurant

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant combines the joy of eating outside and the comfort of home food. The food it serves is delicious. The service here is prompt. It is a must-visit place for vegetarians.

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13.Orissa Bakery

Orissa Bakery is a well-known place that serves outstanding cakes and bakes. It is a perfect place for baked foods like cakes, pastries, and biscuits. Their perfectly cooked biscuits are a must-try. The service is nice.

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14.Aquarium Restaurant

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Mayfair Hotel. It serves Indian, continental, and thai cuisine. It is also famous for its seafood. It has a neat and clean sitting arrangement, and the ambiance is excellent. The staffs are courteous, and the service is prompt.

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15.Rasoi Restaurant

It is a pure veg restaurant near Puri Beach. They are famous for their delicious food. The staffs are courteous and very prompt.

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16.Honey Bee Bakery And Pizzeria

It is famous for the Italian food that it serves. It has a rooftop sitting area that adds an extra point to the restaurant. It is an excellent place for a change from a traditional meal.

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17.Baker’s Boutique

You can visit this place after visiting ‘Sonar Gauranga mandir.’ Order a table at this place to enjoy tasty sandwiches, pizza, and pies. Good ice creams are also available here.

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18.Bangalir Swade Ahlade Restaurant

They serve Bengali and Chinese cuisine. According to the visitors, the food here is delicious and the menu well organized. Their service also gets a high rating as per visitor’s reviews.

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19.Radhe Krishna Restaurant

It is a pure veg restaurant. The meals that they serve are tasty. It serves food without onion and garlic.

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Radhe Krishna Restaurant

20.Krishna Pure Veg Restaurant

Krishna Pure Veg Restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian cuisine and is a must-visit place for vegetarians in Puri. The price here is reasonable. It is one of the best pure veg restaurants in Puri.

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