Top 20 Best Dishes In Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean island. This island nation is full of beautiful beaches and gardens. It has marvelous architecture and great monuments. This place has many dramatic scenery and some of the best beaches in the world. It is an exotic place with equally exotic cuisine. It has some of the most delicious food dishes. We have mentioned the top food dishes in this article.

1. Cou-Cou and Flying Fish

Cou-cou is a delicious dish enjoyed in Barbados. It is prepared with okra and corn meal. The flying fish is prepared for the dish and then cooked with onion, parsley, tomato, sweet peppers, and herbs. It has a delicious taste and is an authentic recipe.

1. Cou Cou and Flying Fish

2. Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread is a popular and delicious meal enjoyed in Barbados. It is prepared with sugar, flour, cherries, coconut, lard, and vanilla. The rectangular discs are made and then baked delicately. It has a rich and delicious taste.

2. Sweet Bread

3. Bajan Chicken Soup

Bajan chicken soup is a famous pumpkin and chicken soup in Barbados. Onions are also added along with any chicken part. It is tenderly cooked and has a delicious taste and a lovely aroma.

3. Bajan Chicken Soup

4. White Rice and Sea Eggs

Sea eggs are the sea urchins are a delicious dish popularly eaten in Barbados. These are eaten raw or can be lightly cooked. The lemon juice is squeezed over it, and they are enjoyed with white rice.

4. White Rice and Sea Eggs

5. Bajan Turnovers

Bajan turnovers are a trendy pastry dish in Barbados. The grated coconut is sautéed with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and cloves. It is spread over dough. It is then brushed with egg and butter and baked. It has a sweet and delicious taste.

5. Bajan Turnovers

6. Pickled Chicken Feet

Chicken feet is a popular and delicious meal in Barbados. The chicken feet are thoroughly boiled in salt water. It is served with lots of pickled vegetables like cucumber, bonnet pepper, and lemon juice.

6. Pickled Chicken Feet

7. Rock Cakes

Rock cakes are a unique cake dish from Barbados. It is prepared with a dough made of brown sugar, lard, raisins, cherries, and vanilla. It is kneaded into smooth dough and made into small balls. It is then baked to get delicious food.

7. Rock Cakes

8. Black Pudding and Souse

Black Pudding is a very delicious dish prepared with herbs, grated sweet potato, brown sugar, spices, and molasses. The souse is made with meat and pickled veggies. It is a fresh and delicious meal enjoyed in Barbados.

8. Black Pudding and Souse

9. Conkies

Conkies are a famous dessert recipe from Barbados. It is prepared with grated pumpkin and coconut along with spices, vanilla, and sugar. This mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. It has a fresh and delicious taste.

9. Conkies

10. Chicken Pilau (Browned Down)

Chicken pilau is a popular chicken and rice recipe from Barbados. The brown sugar is used to create a unique taste in this dish. Herbs and vegetables are also added. It has a delicious flavor.

10. Chicken Pilau Browned Down

11. Roasted Breadfruit (Loaded)

The roasted breadfruit recipe is a very famous and authentic recipe from Barbados. The breadfruit is roasted over an open flame and topped with any filling like cheese, butter, pork, or herbs. It has a fantastic taste.

11. Roasted Breadfruit Loaded

12. Salt-Bread

Salt bread is a very delicious and famous recipe from Barbados. It is prepared with water, sugar, salt, and yeast. It has a delicious taste and has a soft-fluffy texture. It is enjoyed as a snack.

12. Salt Bread

13. Currant Slices

This dish is prepared with currant and raisins that are stewed with sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. They are wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden brown. It has an authentic aroma and a delicious taste.

13. Currant Slices

14. Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are a famous snack recipe from Barbados. They are prepared with flour, salt fish, and herbs. They are deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. It is a delightful meal that is enjoyed with sauce.

14. Fish Cakes

15. Barbeque Pig Tails

Barbecue pig tails is a popular recipe from Barbados. The pig tails are boiled and grilled. A special suace is used to dress them and they are then grilled again. It is a very delicious food dish.

15. Barbeque Pig Tails

16. Yellow Split Pea Rice & Salt Fish Gravy

This is a traditional and authentic recipe from Barbados. The split peas are cooked with herbs and salted pig tails. It creates a delicious and thick broth. Rice is added to it to absorb the flavor. Salt fish is added to complete the meal.

16. Yellow Split Pea Rice Salt Fish Gravy

17. Jug – Jug

Jug-jug is a delicious recipe that is enjoyed during festivals. It is prepared with a variety of peas and spices. A lot of meats are also added to it. It has a very soft and fluffy texture.

17. Jug – Jug

18. Guava Cheese

Guava Cheese is a famous candy in Barbados. The seeds are removed from guava and its pulp is cooked with sugar and lime juice. It is formed into a thick paste and is made into rectangles. These rectangles are rolled over sugar and enjoyed as a delicious candy.

18. Guava Cheese

19. Cassava Pone

Cassava pone is a great sweet dish recipe from Barbados. It is prepared with grated cassava, coconut, cherries, and currents. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and brown sugar are added to enhance the flavor. It is a healthy and delicious meal.

19. Cassava Pone

20. Meat Rolls

Meat Rolls is a popular recipe from Barbados. The meat or beef is sauteed in spices and placed on puff pastry after cooling. The dough is rolled into small cylinders and coated with egg and butter. It has a wonderful taste.

20. Meat Rolls