Top 20 Places To Get High On Burger

Top 20 Places To Get High On Burger


Monkey Bar

This place’s attraction Burger is MoBar Burger.  What is so special about it, you ask? Well, its patty weighs quarter of kilogram. It has your entire favorite stuffing, including bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and loads of cheese!


Hard Rock Cafe

This place’s main attraction is original 10 oz legendary Burger. This is not something that you usually get. This Burger’s bun is slightly roasted in butter. Its patty is cooked on medium flame. Also, the onion in it are fried until golden brown, and aren’t just raw.


 Fork You Too

This place’s main attraction is Lamb Burger. This place offers some delicious food. Now its new branch, Fork You Too, comes up with a great menu and amazing Burgers. A must try!


High On Burgers

This place’s main attraction is Double Chicken Sausage Burger. It is easy on the pocket. Our vegetarian friends can try the Aloo Patty Burger as well. All the burgers are so good that you will definitely want to come back.



Its main attraction is Bacon Burger. It’s a huge burger and is also called as a big mouth burger. It has tenderloin patty with onions, lettuce, bacon, and mayo. It will definitely strike your hunger and then calm it as well (of course after eating it)!


Cafe Delhi Heights

Its main attraction is Juicy Lucy Burger. It has sesame seeds bun. Its patty is made from tender lamb. All the delicious ingredients together make an amazing dish that is totally worth your money.


Smokey’s Bbq And Grill

Its main attraction is Bacon and Lamb Burger. The lamb patty that it contains is made up from thyme and oregano that result in some unique and delicious flavors. It is served with fries and onion rings. One Burger is enough for a person and you wouldn’t want to eat anything else.


Cooper’s Grill And Bar

Its main attraction is Cooper Whooper. It’s a pretty standard Burger with tenderloin patty, cheddar, and lettuce. But they are different for a reason. Instead of using the regular raw onions in Burgers, they use American styled caramelized onions.


Hungry Monkey

Its main attraction is Goan Chorizo Sliders. It has chorizo with pickles, onions and potato chips. Something, you can munch on, right?


Qube, The Leela Palace

Its main attraction is New York Angus Burger. Apart from all the good stuff it has to offer, it debits your account by two thousand rupees. So if you are one of the burger junkies, who could spare that amount on a burger, then surely go ahead. You wouldn’t be disappointed!


Double Roti

Its main attraction is Burger. It is such a huge burger that we recommend you to be empty stomach before having it. It has all kind of surprises for you and that is the reason it is called burger.



Its main attraction is Red Burger. Their black and white Burgers did not get much appreciation. But their red Burger has got some good reviews. Its bun has been made from beetroot and chilies. So, its time to gear up your appetite, vegetarians.


Johnny Rocket

Its main attraction is The Houston Burger. It is so huge that I dare you to finish it in one seating. It’s a spicy burger loaded with jalapenos. It has pepper jack cheese that lends it its unique flavor.



Smoke House Deli

Its main attraction is Smoked Lamb Burger. It has horseradish and onions. It has Smoky flavors. One cannot simply describe its taste. You need to get up and have it.



The Blue Door Cafe

Its main attraction is Chipotle Cheesy Beef Burger. Its unique flavor comes from the Chipotle Mayo. It has a deadly combination of smoked bacon, melted cheddar, and beef patty.



Its main attraction is The Great Gatsby. It has everything awesome including tenderloin patty, Gouda cheese, tomatoes, onions, bacons, and deliciousness.



Kuzart Lane

Its main attraction is Kuzart’s Special Lamb. This place is not known to many. They have their own special sauce for Burgers along with lettuce, mushrooms, and onions.


Zu Tisch

Its main attraction is Big Daddy Trash Truck Burger. It is handsomely delicious and a huge one too. It will fill up your appetite.


The Big Burp Theory

Its main attraction is Chirpy Fried Chicken Burger. It is called chirpy because its patty is crisp. It has lettuce, mayo, and tomatoes. You are sure to love it.


The Burger Club

We all usually go to McDonald’s and KFC whenever we want to grab a quick bite of Burger. But this place in Tagore Garden offers some really amazing and drool-worthy Burgers. The dip they offer with fries is really amazing.